McDonald’s Transparency Campaign Reveals Toxic Ingredients


Written by: Alek Hidell


American’s awareness to health and diet issues prompted McDonald’s to put forth a campaign of transparency.  What was found will disgust you beyond belief.  It is no secret, fast food restaurants cut costs by taking short cuts. These short cuts lead to the use of preservatives, flavor enhancers and a slew of other chemicals.  While McDonald’s was trying to expose that their product aren’t as bad for you as purported, the result was not what they hoped for. mc donalds transparency campaignThe multi-billion dollar company has created a series of videos, available on their website, hoping to show the public how their food makes it from the farm to the restaurant. We have all heard about the legendary “pink slime”, a meat filler used by most fast food chains. McD’s has publicly stated that they no longer use pink slime, but the sad thing is that pink slime might be the least scary thing you eat at McDonald’s. So what will you find in your daily trip to Mickey D’s?


1) Aluminum Sulfate: de_aluminiumsulfat_fluessig

used in bread production but also used in fertilizer and pesticide.


2) Silicone Oil:mcdonalds-2

used in chicken nuggets, it is also used to make contact lenses.


3) Cysteine-L: 


a protein synthesized from human hair and duck feathers used to enhance flavor.


4) TBHQ: Screen_shot_2010-10-11_at_3.50.33_PM_original


a petroleum byproduct used in most of McD’s menu.

Image: The dosage and amount of Mc Nuggets that, when consumed (within some hours) can lead to death.


5) Propylene Glycol:


used in fast food and a number of consumer products, such as anti-freeze.


6) Prescription Drugs:


a sampling of McD’s food showed residual traces of the antibiotics and even antidepressants, which were fed to their livestock.


7) Dimethylpolysiloxane: o-SHAMPOO-facebook

Don’t worry, I can’t pronounce this one either. You’ll find this in anything McD’s cooks in a frier. It is also used to make shampoo, silly putty and a number of other non-food related products.


8) Carminic Acid: tg

a food dye which comes from Cochineal beetles.


9) Cellulose:


a filler which comes from wood pulp, it is the least harmful ingredient (out of this list) though.


10) Silicone Dioxide:


an industrial sand used to keep substances from clumping.

One of the most shocking revelations about McD’s and the majority of processed food manufacturers is the use of citric acid. While citric acid is produced naturally in things like citrus fruit, that’s not where it comes from when used by these mega-corporations.  The citric acid used comes from a GMO Black Mold excretion. safe_image

The transparency allegedly put forth by McDonald’s has only brought up more questions.  The videos and information on their site does not address problems which activists have had issue with.  None of the information provided addresses the fact that the majority of the beef used by McDonald’s comes from antibiotic treated cows who are fed GMO corn. Nor does it address the fact that all of McD’s eggs come from caged chickens. While transparency is a good start, McDonald’s continues use these horrific, cost-cutting practices that puts profits over people.




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  1. I don’t patronize McDonalds, and I won’t defend them. But I would like to point out logical fallacies in this piece. Where a chemical comes from, and what other uses it has, has no relationship to whether or not it is toxic. These may all be toxic, but you have not provided any evidence for that, except for TBHQ and the drugs. In both of those cases, you have provided no evidence that they are in any way harmful in the amounts consumed. Trace amounts of the drugs are by definition trivial and can be ignored. As for the TBHQ, one might deduce that if X amount is fatal, then some fraction of X amount must be non-fatally harmful. But this is also a fallacy. Everything is fatal in large enough amounts, even water or oxygen. Again, I’m not saying any of this is wrong; I’m only saying that this information, as stated, does not support your primary assertion.

    • Trace amounts of ingredients that are consumed by the human body that cannot be properly processed are turned into and stored as fat. There have been studies that have shown that through the food chain, these “ingredients” as McDicks calls them get passed through the food chain and -will- lead to complications in further generations no matter how large or small the dosage in the food. Trace amounts are not trivial. If you found trace amounts of cocaine or fucking meth in your 12 year old daughter, I would love to see you say that -that- is trivial. Because Coke and Meth are the same to me as any of the crap McDicks puts in their food shown in this article. Because I fucking love my Carminic acid from Cochineal beetles. MMMMMM CARMINIC ACID! I’m LOVIN’ IT!

      I’m kidding.

      • Your 12 year old daughter probably does have trace amounts of all the things used to make meth in her system. That doesn’t mean she smoked meth. Mark MW comments are unbiased and correct, your response is emotional and uninformed.

      • Lyall, if u have any proof of all these chemicals being present in MacD and in what amount then pls open your pie hole. otherwise shut the hell up.

        • there is proof you must be in special ed and ate to much mcds growing up and it should not be the amount but the fact that stuff like that is in our food

          • Look into the research. There’s a reason why these are in most items in the grocery store. Quite frankly, aside from the Silicone Oil, which I have not previously come across, these are standard food additions in the US that you will find everywhere from Trix to Arby’s to Outback to grahm crackers.

    • Hee, allow me to assist you in being informed. “Published in Frontiers of Behavioral Neuroscience, the study outlines how GLA, one of the most widely used herbicides in agriculture is harming neurological health.”

      In this study it shows how chemicals from major pesticide developers is still noticeable in our food and it is also directly linked to autism… The same food that McDicks serves people.

      • “it is also directly linked to autism” is completely unsupportable statement, scientists have not established any scientific certainty of any causes of autism. It is still a scientific unknown. So remember that a postulated link, is not “directly related to”. Also remember that additional research has shown that the majority of scientific research is later proven to be incorrect by later research. Latching unto a single paper postulating a link, not showing a link, is not proof of anything.

      • What’s it like to be that stupid? Is it exciting because you can just make up your own reality, or is it boring because you never understand what’s going on?

    • ^^ I was thinking very much the same throughout the article. Propylene Glycol for example is common in electric cigarette fluids which are arguably saving lives.

    • This is why I no longer eat at fast food restaurants. I used to eat their food daily. I would always feel like shit afterwards. No freaking wonder I felt horrible. I was on the brink of getting Chrons disease and after I changed my diet, all the symptoms and stomach problems instantly went away, no treatment. Blew my mind! Your diet is what keeps you alive. Choose wisely!


    • THIS. Thank you so much for saying what I thought while reading this article. It’s using the exact same ignorance that anti-vaxxers are using for the ingredients in vaccines, such as aluminium sulfate.

    • Hey Mark, since you’re so into McDonald’s, how about you go every day and eat their food until you become fatally sick and die, and than we’ll see how much you continue to support this evil giant. So before you decide to go spew out ignorant words to spread your ignorant opinion, maybe you should get your facts straight first. Also, don’t try acting smart by using words found in the deepest parts of the dictionary, when clearly, you are more ignorant than the whole team at McDonald’s are since they can’t stop proving their food is garbage but yet continue to try and make people buy their garbage.

  2. I don’t even know where the fuck to begin with this bullshit.

    1) Lost all credibility when your “sources” are anti-GM scientifically illiterate propaganda.
    2) EVERYTHING is toxic if you ingest enough. Try swallowing a bottle of aspirin ya fuckin busta CJ.
    3) NO FUCKING DATA. Let’s see some mother fuckin numbers mother fucker. As in concentrations of these chemicals.
    4) NO FUCKING METHODS/PROCEDURES/TECHNIQUES used to gather the information. How the fuck do you know whats in the food?
    5) It DOES NOT matter a single fucking bit what other substances these chemicals are found in. Cellulose is made in plants that you eat CJ you motha fuckin busta.
    6) It DOES NOT matter how the citric acid was produced. lrn2chemistry
    7) The meat you get from the store was likely made from animals that were given antibiotics, and the doses are too low to have any effect unless your fatass eats a fucking cow and a half. lrn2biology
    8) “I can’t pronounce this one either” this speaks for itself. lrn2sciencewritingCJyafuckinbusta

    • Potential extra danger: Liking mc D to the point of defending them on a website – suggesting you eat there a lot? – makes you say fucking a lot and has a strange effect on your capslock use. Wow. Thats weird. Just kidding, you had some good points there. I liked the article, but some of the named ingredients really aren’t that shocking or bad. Nonetheless, they don’t really need to use toxic ingredients to keep me away. Its just tasteless junk…

    • I concur, please post citations, scholarly sources, and/or references to your statements author of this article.

      This article is edging dangerously towards the Alex Jones conspiracy moron type of journalism. If us anon’s let this type of shit go published we will lose face as conspiracy nutcases like the infowars douchecadets.

      Scholarly sources, citations, references or gtfo! We are better than this, expect that.

      but fuck rotten ronald, somethings up at the golden arches!

    • I concur with this statement.

      This type of shoddy, terrible, Alex Jones conspiracy moron style journalism has to stop!

      Scholarly sources, citations, references or GTFO!

      Us anon’s should not stand for this atrocious article. The fact this crap has actually made it to the anonhq makes me question the moderators qualifications. This article is spin, propaganda, or just plain bullshit. This type of journalism is what CREATES the problems, not solves them.


    • You poor dumb fuck… Go right ahead and continue eating your chemistry there. In a couple of years you’ll cease to exist anyway. Will be better for the rest of us. You don’t need studies to realize that this sort of junk food/drinks makes you feel ill, have stomach aches, farthing like a pig, pissing phosphorescent green, getting fat like the cow that you mentioned. You must be really retarded to try to deny the(at least) “possible” causes of these symptoms.
      AS FOR THE 2nd RETARD LEIA: Till death do you part 😉

    • Dimethylpolysiloxane…. Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) belongs to a group of polymeric organosilicon compounds that are commonly referred to as silicones. PDMS is the most widely used silicon-based organic polymer, and is particularly known for its unusual rheological (or flow) properties. PDMS is optically clear, and, in general, inert, non-toxic, and non-flammable. It is also called dimethicone and is one of several types of silicone oil (polymerized siloxane). Its applications range from contact lenses and medical devices to elastomers; it is also present in shampoos (as dimethicone makes hair shiny and slippery), food (antifoaming agent), caulking, lubricants, kinetic sand, and heat-resistant tiles.

      Dude, Americans believe in angels… you expect them to also understand chemistry?

  3. 100% chicken breasts the nugget’s are not then??.And from their T.V adverts they only use free range eggs from chicken’s that run free,how misleading of them,but they will jot be the first or the last to do this I’m sure.

  4. This is stupid.

    You need iron to live. You know what else iron is used for?

    Construction of buildings, cars, and just about any large thing that has metal.

    Chemicals? Dihydrogen monoxide is a chemical. It’s the chemical term for WATER.

  5. as commenters above said, the substances may look yucky but they aint necessarily bad – need to demonstrate how they are harmful to human beings or other beings within the production chain

  6. The Carmicinic Acid is not even harmless, the usual Fanta Exotic you drink has it in, pretty much every single fizzy drink that is red has that in it.

    • Exactly. And that crap is terrible for you. Misinformed much ? What happened to whole foods without the chemicals? Your body isn’t designed for that. And wtf drinks FANTA?!

  7. I think other posters have put it quite well: this is a bullshit article. There’s no notes on your data collection, or the abundance of any of these additives/compounds in the portions served by McDonald’s. And your sources? They’re a joke. Try some .edu’s, perhaps? You know, academic journals where scientific findings are proposed and substantiated? If you’re going to make scientific claims, you are required to present scientific evidence.

    And as other posters have mentioned, a plethora of chemical compounds/elements are used in a variety of culinary and non-culinary applications. Simply because a compound is prevalent in a different, non-culinary product does not mean that its presence in a culinary product is any more misplaced than compounds that have no place in industry. Your entire article is a series of logical fallacies, penned by a scientifically illiterate buffoon.

    And, to top it all of, you called L-Cysteine a protein, and purported it to be a potentially toxic ingredient. But, let the record show that L-Cysteine is one of only six essential AMINO ACIDS necessary for the biosynthesis of all other necessary amino acids required for human protein synthesis, and without it, we would die. Moreover, you put the laevus designation (meaning a left-sided enantiomer) at the end of the amino acid name, which is not how enantiomers of chemical compounds are labeled. There is also the fact that, of the two possible enantiomers of amino acids, ONLY the laevus (or left-handed) forms exist in any protein that the human body will ever synthesize. So the inclusion of that chemical designation is ineffectual, and most likely just muddles most peoples’ understandings of the chemical compound.

    The worst part? McDonald’s food most likely is terrible for you, but terrible articles like this make other, potentially more legitimate articles less credible by association. Please just stop.

  8. Expose their asses annonymous! Thank you for your great chivalry, the day we start caring about health rather than profit is the day i might get in to a mcdonalds restaurang but until then FUCK THAT PLACE XD

  9. McDonalds is gross, yes. Still, to say Propylene Glycol is bad because it is used in anti-freeze is a fallacy. Propylene Glycol is carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. It is used to make anti-freeze LESS toxic if swallowed by children. It is in every ice cream you enjoyed on a hot day and in the wedding cake your Aunt Marge made for your wedding. I have a great deal of respect for the information Anonymous puts out there. Let’s keep it that way. If you are trying to break Americans from being blinded sheep, do not treat us as if we will not notice how information is presented.

  10. Just because chemicals are found in common store products doesn’t mean it’s healthy for us. We see the results everywhere of these unhealthy products affecting the nation. look at the fact that people are having all kinds of deficiencies that lead to various ailments. We shouldn’t be blind to these facts we should utilize the information to help create a better tomorrow with healthier people worldwide. The children to come after our timein this dimension deserve a chance to life without disease being such a worry. It’s just odd that after these disgusting practices that cancer, thyroid problems etc.. start popping up everywhere, while using the lie that some of these are HEREDITARY which is a obvious lie, so wake up and help promote a better tomorrow

  11. Bullshit article or not, this company produces rubbish food with little or no nutritional value, pays minimum wage to their already poorly treated employ while reaping almost unfathomable profits yearly, has been lying to their so called valued customers for decades, and treats animals used in their production lines like garbage. You all can put up with this and eat there if you want. Fuck that

  12. to the defender of mc squirts. Go ahead eat the garbage every day. I will stick to organic and local. I probably will never be notified of your diseased body being found someplace. Nor will I care

    • Organic? You know you need much more space to grow organic food because of higher natural losses? Space we don’t have? If we all switch to organic, we will starve a large proportion of the world.

      Also it is hilarious when people say “synthetic chemicals are bad” (or, in your case, something less intelligent). This totally ignores the wide-ranging toxicity of thousands of plants which have evolved to kill you, and on the corollary the wide-ranging man-made chemicals which save lives or are replicas of useful, natural ones. Where it comes from means nothing.

  13. I love all these comments it let me see all those people who have no idea what they are talking about, bad mannered foul mouthed and ignorant of what Brian Wells is trying to put to you, all he seems to be doing is showing what these big companies pass over as wholesome food. I’m sure everyone realises that some additives are added to preserve the food, but when all said and done, don’t eat the bloody food at Mcds

  14. Regardless of your belief of whether or not these chemicals are potentially harmful, think about the fact that they use PETROLEUM BYPRODUCTS. Now refer to the fact that McDonald’s is the largest fast food chain corporation in the United States and the world. To think that this is a coincidence is naive and arrogant. Arguments previously posted are irrelevant to this article.

    ANONYMOUS posts articles to expose secrets kept from the public. Things we deserve to know, things we have/need to question, things we (without their help) would never know about. To argue online defeats the purpose of their effort to publicize these issues.

    ANONYMOUS is an ACTIVIST organization. If you’re not going to ACT then you might as well practice getting back in line, following your orders, and keeping your mouth closed because it will help you in the future when this world reaches the destination it’s heading. Or: You can ACT by sharing this article, demanding questions, and not let McDonald’s continue to pollute OUR world with their filthy secrets.

    Anonymous has how many followers?
    Enough to make a fucking BOYCOTT. Why is no one considering this?

  15. I’m a smart-ass and I noticed the following:
    L-Cysteine is not a protein, it is just an amino acid, a constituent of proteins. If you eat meat or other protein-containing food, proteins are degraded by your body and broken down into individual amino acids, for example L-Cysteine. These amino acids are then assembled into the body’s own proteins. So L-Cysteine is not toxic at all and it is part of (nearly?) every protein. It can also be produced by the human body itself. Amino acids are not toxic, they are filtered by the kidney in excess.
    (Cysteine-L is a misnomer, it’s called L-Cysteine).

  16. Some facts: None of the chemicals listed here are toxic (in the used concentrations).

    Cellulose is the biggest bullshit in the list. Cellulose is part of every plant cell wall. It has no impact on the body and can not be digested by humans. It’s just a chain of glucose molecules, so it is a sugar. You can eat as much of it as you like, in the end it is excreted undigested. When you eat something vegetable, you take up large amounts of cellulose. And of course wood mainly consists of cellulose.

    L-Cysteine (not Cysteine-L!) is not a protein, but an amino acid, a building block of probably every protein. It is also produced in the human body. But I wrote about it before.

    Antibiotics in meat are bad because they can cause drug resistance. But when the meat is heated, the antibiotic is destroyed by the heat.

    Polydimethylsiloxane is not toxic at all.

    And without all the other additives listed here, I would not eat at McDonalds, because otherwise mold or bacteria would proliferate very fast in the food.
    The substances are approved as food additives and are found only in low concentrations.

  17. The best way to change McDonalds and other fast food places is to stop eating at them. These are businesses and they have to make a profit or they die. McDonalds has already noticed that people are eating at them less and less because of their high fat content food. As they watch the drop in customers they will change. If no one purchases an item on their menu like chicken nuggets they will stop carrying that item. If more people go inn and get the small green salad instead of French fries or burgers guess what they will carry more salads. You have power in what you purchase

  18. I have had allergic reactions to red dye made from insects and was taken to hospital by ambulance and had hard time making them believe it was not the colour red but the insects it is made from. next time there was one ER nurse who knew what I was trying to tell them. All ER people should know about dye reactions. I am careful because each time the reaction is worse. I do not eat any fast food, they all use these chemicals and they are dangerous, we do not need them and they do not need to add them to any food. All boils down to greed for more money !

  19. Water – used in sodas, also found in cow dung. Instead of saying where else these things are used, why not say how they are hazardous to human (or any other) life. We need facts on this site, not fear mongering.

  20. Frankly, I am not too sure that this crap is even true. It seems like you always hear about this stuff, but do you ever really get the evidence to support it? And besides, why is THIS, out of all things, one to be on Think, at least for a moment, would you guys?

  21. Frankly, I am not too sure that this crap is even true. It seems like you always hear about this stuff, but do you ever really get the evidence to support it? And besides, why is THIS, out of all things, one to be on Think, at least for a moment, would you guys?

  22. I work in the vegetable oil field and we make oil used for making buns at McD’s .. in a 48000 lb tanker we put 3 tablespoons of methasilicone in it , and add THBT known to us as “Enhance” … this shit cannot be good for you …………

  23. The effects of chemicals on the human body are also related with how the body and mind are related. The placebo effect shows us that the mind has power over the body. If you think something is good for you, it will probably be that way until someone shows you otherwise. If you think something is bad for you.. well there comes the placebo again. The human body is an amazing machine and it has an uncanny ability to return to “normal”. If you suffer from mental or physical problems then stay away from everything lol.

  24. I believe all the posts trying to explain away the injustices that this corporation like many other that are contributing to the obesity and unhealthy life styles of the masses are irrelevant. Education and information is what everyone needs to pay attention to. I believe in supporting local shops instead of large chains.

  25. That’s a profoundly discredible and ludicrous source mom, I get the impression that you’re using this as proof? That’s dangerous. One of the pitfalls of American free speech, is that most people can say anything they want, and put it up online and claim it’s true, they can even make claims that they’re doctors, or researchers. This post you’ve made, is one of the worst I’ve seen to date in the history of my life.

    This thing is so over-the-top outrageous, that I had to question myself for a long time, as to the seriousness of it. Is the author serious, or is this a joke?

    There are many lies in here, which seem deliberate, and there are huge loop holes in the logic, which makes no sense what-so-ever, cut black and white.

    1.) A chemicals origin, and what other’s uses it as, has absolutely no relationship to whether or not it is toxic or not. That’s a scientific fact.

    2.) There is no proof that Mc Donalds has these chemicals in their food, the author simply says they do. A real writer would tell you why it is toxic, and prove why it is, even after their first year of college. They would tell you why they think it, and then offer proof. He does none of these things.

    2.5) He’s plagiarizing. You’ll notice no citation, and some of this is not paraphrased.

    3.) The author writes a lot of propaganda, look him up if you don’t believe me. He writes psycho-babble, he’s nuts.

    4.) The author claims the multi-billion dollar corporation uses pink slime which is said to contain Ammoniated meat. They don’t use Pink Slime, that is a lie. I can say that it’s a lie, because they stopped using the slime method in ’11, and this article was wrote in the middle of ’14. Once again, he’s misleading you.

    5.) The FDA allows companies to use the slime. Go after the FDA, they’re the super-criminals in our nation. They’re the ones killing you and everyone else. They’re the ones making Kratom illegal, and went after Kava too. They’re evil!!

    6.) The “author” says Mc Donalds uses Aluminum Sulfate in the bread. Go to Winco, Safeway, Altersons, and any other chain, you’ll find that almost every sliced bread contains this crap. You cannot find real bread at the store, you simply can’t. Real bread is virtually non-existent. I used to be able to find it in New Plymouth, Idaho, but it would go bad a couple days later. Real bread isn’t obtainable for the majority of Americans, and most of it has Aluminum Sulfate in it too. That would make the claim against Mc Donalds moot in this regard.

    7.) The Silicone in the post you cited, is actually in the oil, not the nuggets, and it’s used to stop fires, splashing, and other issues that would hurt the Mc Donalds staff. The World Health Organization is a credible source, and they are not government funded, they are not tied to any government. They claim it’s safe to use, and Mc Donalds uses it in such minuscule quantities, so even though it’s in there, the point is also moot. Let us say that it wasn’t moot though, and play the devils advocate. It’s also needed for safety. Everyone is doing it too, not just Mc Donalds. It is not “silicone” per say either. It’s 100% inert. That’s why hip joints are made out of it, fake breasts, boobs, etc, and other things that go inside the body. If it was bad, the body would become inflamed and the body would reject it. Our bodies usually don’t interact with it, or see it as a forieng object, because it’s inert, like Gold. Our body simply passes the substance through. It’s totally inert, inflammable, and we’ve been using it since around the turn of the 18th century. There is A LOT of scientific data that has been collected, unlike GMO’s, it’s time tested, and time approved. The FDA approves a lot of GMO’s, but it’s ran by the former head of Monsanto. Well what the hell?! That’s like hiring a U.S. drug lord as the head of DEA. Monsanto owns most of the worlds GMO’s!!!

    8.) The author claims that the L-cystine is synthesized from animal and human hair/feathers. This is word play, made to make the reader, who isn’t critically thinking sometimes, that it’s “synthesized”, which a lot of people think is bad, because it’s not natural. I previously wrote before that this is scientifically proven to be false. Well…you’re body is MADE OF this stuff. Amino acids are important, you will die without them. Furthermore, the amino acids they’re talking about are not relate-able to that in human hair and duck feathers and other stuff like that, because Mc Donald’s doesn’t use it, so the point is also moot. It’s just another lie. Their source has nothing to do with human hair and feathers.

    9.) L-cystine occurs naturally in your food.

    10. ) TBHQ – That stuff has to go, it’s in our food and it is killing us. He got this one correct.

    11.) Their live stock was not, and never has been fed anti-depressants. Anti-depressants are in our water. Pharmceuticals are so complex, that they have an incredibly difficult time being broken down in treatment plants, and since you’re drinking your own pee and poop-moisture….well….cattle are too, that’s where it’s coming from. The Antibiotics, that’s true. Animals get infections too, and without treatment, it can cause a massive, multi-billion dollar collapse of the Beef and Chicken industry In a residual trace test, you will be able to find pretty much everything in your blood, even Uranium from our atomic testing. It’s another play on words, meant to mislead the reader, on purpose.

    12.) The Antibiotics are in a lot of your everyday products you buy, but in small quantities, and Mc Donalds doesn’t put it in there. Every store has this in some meat products. You can’t escape that, because animals get sick. It isn’t tied to Md Donalds though. They actually lobby to reduce the amount of anti-biotics!

    13.) Number seven talks about “Dimethylpolysiloxane”. This is the same thing as the “Silicone”. He just made a double post! See? He’s lying to you all!

    14.) Eigth says this: Carminic Acid. They almost make it sound bad, but is it? No…we just don’t generally think of eating bugs as good. Honestly though, lipstick, and other cosmetics contain bugs too. That goes all over ladies faces and lips. Bugs are the future. Gross, maybe, but efficient, cheap, and healthy in a lot of cases too.

    15.) Cellulose. Also, this is not a bad thing.

    16.) Silicone Dioxide. I hate this one, it’s in everything. Even our bread. It’s hard to escape this one. I’ll let the author have this one.

    17. ) The last issue blends two things together and tries to pass it off as one, or so it seems to me. This might be one last lie.

    About 80 – 95% of the claims here, are completely fabricated, or deliberatly misconstrued by the author, or are in some other way, not logical, or false in another manner.

    Lastly,t he Author is a quack. Google him. I don’t think he does any serious writing, and his lack of writing ability scares the shit out of me. He’s just another member in the fear-peddling media, who knows that fear sells. I also think he’s an exceptional asshole, as in he surpasses the average asshole. What a terrible person.

    Please don’t buy into this mom, don’t drink his cool-aid. Hate Mc Donalds for the right reasons, not because someone tells you too. Make informed decisions  

  26. Man are all of you so retarded. Tell me honestly do you want your food pure or with additives than even untested can harm you in the long run. And then you tell your kids to eat healthy. Can you tell me why US and Britain are 2 of the most overweight nations in the world. When the Chinese come to America , the second generation of kids are 3 times more overweight than staying in their country. Even since MCD enter China the % of overweight kids has signifucantly increased. Ever hear about vegetables and healthy soya based foods.Read the facts. Animal farming is the number one cause of climate change. Not cars.Animal farming = overheated planet = unhealthy consuptions of bad fats.

  27. Even if the doses of whatever aren’t high enough to leave damage immediately, over time they have lasting effects. Have you ever felt good after eating their food? I doubt it. It’s as simple as listening to your body. In my experiences with fast food, immediately after eating I felt tired, nauseous, and had extreme stomach pains, even had headaches. FYI your body knows what’s up–if you’re eating something toxic you will feel it.

  28. I studied molecular biology and I have no problem with eating McDonald’s food. There’s nothing on this list I would hesitate to eat at these levels.

    I don’t know what is more alarming, our level of scientific ignorance in this country, or our perfect willingness to publish strong opinions on topics we clearly know nothing about. We’re so stupid that we can’t even tell that we’re stupid.

    Anonymous has enough issues with credibility without putting tripe like this on the web. This article is really nothing short of idiotic.

    Someone should explain to Alek Hidell that beer has formaldehyde in it. All meats, eggs, cheese, soy and other legumes, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, peppers, onions, garlic, etc., contain L-cysteine. If you removed this from your diet you would become very ill. We should Alek’s daft “reasoning” methods to scare him off all his favorite foods one by one until he starves due to his own stupidity.

  29. I am 45 years old. I honestly never ate a Big Mac or Whopper. I don’t like all the stuff they try to bury the burger with. I like to know what i am eating. with all the rumors I have heard over the years maybe that’s a good thing. I also like to taste my food, not artificially with chemicals. If I want a burger i’ll cook it on my grill.


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