Meet Annie Dookhan, the Government Chemist Who Purposefully Sent Thousands of Innocent Americans to Prison



In 2013, Massachusetts state chemist, Annie Dookhan, pled guilty to falsifying the results of over 40,000 drug tests that ultimately sent thousands of innocent Americans to prison. It has been more than four years since Dookhan’s crimes were uncovered, and yet numerous people are still locked away because of her corruption, many of which have no idea she was the one who brought about their horrid fate.

In this report by Filming Cops:

Imagine being locked in a cell and knowing you’re innocent. Imagine how you’d feel as you watch the prime years of your life taken away from you — all because of a vicious government chemist, along with the low-IQ cops who willingly enforce the corrupt “war on drugs.”


Dookhan had intentionally forged signatures and tampered with evidence to further both her career, as well as many prosecutors who she had close relations with. She would also invent fanciful job titles for herself, such as “special agent of operations” and “on-call terrorism supervisor,” and would then testify in court as an “expert.”

Prosecutors adored Dookham, referring to her as being a part of their “dream team,” and even taking her out for drinks. In one email with a prosecutor, Dookham said she wouldn’t be able to give her “expert testimony,” to which the prosecutor replied, “No no no!!! I need you!!!

An email provided by the Boston Globe shows the close friendship Dookhan had with one particular prosecutor by the name of George Papachristos:

Glad we are on the same team,” he once wrote Dookhan — including one day in May 2010 when he told her he needed a marijuana sample to weigh at least 50 pounds so that he could charge the owners with drug trafficking.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!” he wrote, punctuating each sentence with a long string of exclamation points. “Thank you!”

Two hours later, Dookhan responded: “OK . . . definitely Trafficking, over 80 lbs.” ­Papachristos thanked her profusely.


Dookhan had sent another email to Papachristos in which she told him she needed a man “to love me and make me laugh.” In other words, some of her victims went to prison because she had a crush on their prosecutor, and what an interesting prison story that makes; what are you in for? A hormonal chemist who was hoping to get laid.


Norfolk County District Attorney, Michael Morrissey, has been set on the task of reviewing thousands of files to determine who was wrongfully prosecuted.

I don’t think anyone ever perceived that one person was capable of causing this much chaos,” Morrissey stated. “You can see the entire walls full of boxes… in one of these cardboard boxes, there could be hundreds of cases… in each box.”



Norfolk County District Attorney, Michael Morrissey. Source: Tovia Smith/NPR


What does Dookhan have to say for herself?

I screwed up big time. I messed up. I messed up bad. It’s my fault. I don’t want the lab to get in trouble.”


After sending countless victims to prison, many of which have been behind bars for years, she was only given a three to five year sentence. Anthony Benedetti, chief counsel of the state public defender agency, stated:

Sadly, the saga continues for the thousands of individuals who have borne the impact of Dookhan’s misdeeds, and the lab’s scandalous management.”


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  1. why do you allow these people to infiltrate the best jobs whilst suppressing your own people, because you are afraid of pc. This just pisses me off, bet you she gets off lightly, horrid lying cunt that she is and so too are the others for conspiring with her to give false readings and tell abominable lies, tampering with evidence, miscarriage of justice by them all…..filthy lying no good scum

    • What do you mean “these people?” Are you insinuating that the race or ethnic background of the perpetrator is important here? That’s just racist. She, and not her entire ethnic group, is responsible for her actions. This should have no bearing on the hiring of people in the future. Unless you’re racist.

      • Or you’re inventing racist bullshit where none exists because ‘these people’ clearly meant ‘elitist government agents who believe they are above the law.’

        Do YOU think that kind of behavior has a racial component Ms. Projection?

        Wait, weren’t you JUST ABOUT to defend your decision to lie like a rug by putting words in people’s mouths with your accusation?

        • No, racist is wrong, bigoted is correct.

          If he didn’t mean her race/color/ethnicity he would not have used PC and said this, “why do you allow these people to infiltrate the best jobs whilst suppressing your own people, because you are afraid of pc.”

          Yeah, that’s pure bigotry. Oh, and I don’t know what her background is, but it appears to be of far Eastern background, or more specifically, of a group that would be considered more intelligent and educated than the average white American.

    • You mean authoritarian right-wing jackholes who don’t care who they hurt as long as it helps them personally and who blindly support the war on drugs claiming that they are the ‘good guys’ and that entitles them to ‘do what is necessary’ (which usually means whatever suits their personal agenda)

      I think it’s mostly a birds of a feather flock together kind of thing. If you goose-step in time to the bossman, he gives you a pat on the back and writes you great reviews. As long as you’re making him look good, he’s happy. He wants to live on the backs of others as bad as you do.

    • Don’t be ignorant racist dear it doesn’t matter what color or where she is from. She have degrees that’s why she got the job no one do her a favor to get the job it’s her career. Who is educated and have the best jobs in America it’s the people from other country because they are not lazy ass like Americans. And 99% people do their job perfectly and with trust but this one was just a piece of shit who have no heart and faith to do this cruel thing to innocent people period.

  2. What punishment was given to George Papachristos? Coconspirators are equally guilty. If she’s doing 3 to 5, he should be too …along with any other prosecutor who asked her for a specific test result. Any prosecutor who submitted anything to that lab, with the understanding that the results would come back ‘enhanced’ to be evidence worthy to convict, should be convicted himself.

    • That may be a bit extreme, but I would agree wholeheartedly on life sentences for her,and all of the co-conspirators.


  3. Evil cunt ! Plain and simple ! Pour gas on this wench set her on fire! Her highway to hell has now begun! Peeps do not want to hear your worries ! Burn Bitch!

  4. Only 3 to 5 years??? After falsifying FORTY THOUSAND tests? She ONLY got 3 to 5 for that??? She got a MAJOR sweetheart deal!!! Must be a perk for being on the Prosecutors side.

    • This is the sentencing you get if you have been “playing ball” with the prosecutors and delivering the kind of “results” they want, and she did. She should have gotten at least a year for each charge she falsified. That still would come out to 40,000 years or somewhere thereabouts.

  5. Interesting how many misogynists there are. It is the actions not the biological gender of this person that are wrong. – and indeed they are. What is even worse is that even once her actions are known the people who have received custodial sentences are still in prison. Land of the free my arse.

    • The fact that at least some of her actions were a direct result of her attraction to the prosecutor sort of does make her actions partially about gender.

      • Interesting analysis there, Rob. So in your world, all women are attracted to men only, lesbians don’t exist? In your world, men never do stupid shit just to get laid — this isn’t the prevalent stereotype? Weird fellow you are… and by weird, I mean below-average in terms of ‘critical thinking’. But then, there is a scientific link between susceptibility to prejudiced thoughts and lower intelligence, so it can’t be helped, only pointed out.

        On-topic: Agreed with the comments that assert justice is half-baked, the punishment is too light for the crime, every knowing conspirator must be tried, amnesty or retrial for all 40,000 victims, etc. The takeaway, I think, is this: The more people’s lives you ruin with a crime, the lighter your sentence. This may have to do with the fact that the more lives you hold in your hands, the more /power/ you have. You are probably either rich, powerful, high-status (in this case being a college-educated chemist) or all three. Compare Wall Street thugs to street thugs as further evidence of this axiom.

        • WOMEN ARE MORE EMOTIONAL! Fact. Bet you wouldn’t find a man being this bent on pleasing a woman that he put hundreds in jail. He might do it because he’s a sociopath. Not because he’s a giggling school girl. Get a grip. Sex/gender matters. Not saying women should not be in this position, but to ignore the facts that militated against her doing her job well is not responsible either.

  6. Agreed, it’s the actions that are wrong..

    Although, out of the 11 comments. Yours is the only one that makes the fact that she’s a woman an issue..

    No one said a word..

  7. The woman should be detained and questioned until every last person who is in prison because of her is released and compensated, and every last person who knowingly conspired with her occupies the vacated cells of the people liberated.

  8. idea’s of false security, ideas of justice, so sure it won’t happen to you.

    i am so not shocked by the actions of this woman.

    she should, she did, etc.. wake up or don’t.

    i am ashamed of my selfishness to have brought children into this world… 4/5 were sexually assaulted by 13, statically we are a privileged and educated family, living the dream… too late for coulda shoulda woulda and wish i knew now what i didn’t know then but even knowing back then would not have made me believe, only experience can make one believe.

    enough of my random nothingness

  9. So…she pleads guilty in 2013, sentenced 3-5 years…could she be out already (with good behavior)?


    Btw, gotta love the racist jab that she was hired because it was pc…kinda like he only got his job because of white privilege.

  10. Why is no one asking what happened to all those put away with falsified evidence? Their cases should either be looked at again or at the very least their sentences should be quashed and paid recompense, at the cost of the lab and all those involved in the fraud. Then her and her coconspiritors should be put away for as long as all those she set up have already spent inside combined.

  11. they ALL should get sentenced to the maximum, at the very least equal to the amount of years they stole from these peoples lives

  12. This is appalling! Ruining the lives of 40,000 people at the behest of her so-called “CRUSH?” Under the jail works for me. Every. Every last co-conspirator should join this “heiffer,” ESPECIALLY those in the prosecutor’s office, & every single law enforcement officer who was a participant in ANY way as well…

  13. This type of people should be locked up for life and she should be in general population, this way she can feel what is like to be screw up in life

  14. Well I have one even better comment my husband was one of the people that she tested the evidence for he ended up getting 6 years and the worst part is he is from Haiti he requested an interpreter and never received one and his lawyer was dirty and end up making him sign a waiver saying that he wouldn’t testify or go after Dookhan and now after his six years is over they are deporting him i will never see my husband again in the United States I have contacted several attorneys trying to get this overruled but it never happened if anyone has any advice for me please let me know

  15. perhaps she is to be placed in a cell with a female pschotic ex-murderer with many tattoos, (and note that this cell “mate” has a penis) for about a decade or 2, so she can live out her life in hell as she made it for many others.

  16. I contend that she’s a scapegoat, higher ups knew (and should be imprisoned first) and whatever measures that are enacted will have loopholes so that an even bigger truck of injustice can drive through.

  17. she should do 5 years plus one year for each case proven that she tampered with. these people have lost so much, there is no real way to pay them back.

  18. Her name literally means: “One who is”

    Her name means: One who is:

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  19. I think she needs to be sentenced to prison for as many years as all her victims combined.

    This ENTIRE government is nothing but lying corrupted pigs that are beyond evil.

  20. All she got was 3 to 5 years for sending 40,000 people to prison by tampering with evidence to make her self look good. She should have gotten 3 to 5 years for each of the 40,000 people she wrongly had put in prison.

  21. Blind ambition can corrupt,especially when one has refused to acknowledge the precepts of God her justice and punishment will be internal she has to wake up every day living an internal torment full of guilt and shame because nothing is hidden from all knowing and just creator.some people are so slick that they need greasing

  22. Her national status is important. Is she East Indian? There are all types of people committing crimes of course, but right now in one southern state an Indian owned Clinic falsifies mammograms to make more money, brings doctors who are supposed to be interning while they spend those hours in the Caribbean. I’m n the same state and city, there is an East Indian doctor trying to insert Stents into people who do not need them, for money. One was also caught stealing blood from healthy seniors, for the love of money

    Just saying.. They do not understand their patients, nor do the patients understand them.

  23. well just more and more proof, that the Prosecuting attorneys r corrupt. They also need to be sent to jail. The lives they destroy. They don’t care.

  24. This is horrible and 3-5 doesn’t even fit the crime..she should be in prison for life..The lives she destroyed in irreplaceable. .Rot in hell you p.o.s.

  25. I have been lied about by a psychiatrist who interviewed me for a megans law crime i didnt do. He declared I said stuff totally off base, and I looked bad. I called him up after seeing his lies, and he said he had done the best as he could with his expertise. THe dumb fk couldnt tell a man of integrity from a pervert, or was he in cahoots with the prosecutor?

  26. Annie Dookhan’s sentence should have been at least as long as the maximum sentence meted out to her victims. I’m sure that would be more than 5 years.

  27. And people wonder why many don’t want to do jury duty. How can she get 3 yrs while her victims still serve??? The judicial system is flawed, flawed, flawed!!!


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