Meta-Skin Invisibility Cloak

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Let’s face it, there was at least one point in time during your younger days where you wanted to be invisible. As we grew older, situations arise in which being invisible was necessary. Well, the wait is finally over.

Invisibility Cloak
Source: India Times Website

Scientists have not only created blueprints and crunched the scientific calculator enough times to create such a master piece, but they have also developed an all net “Meta-Skin.” The flexible, stretchable and tunable Meta-Skin can protect the surrounding objects (in human cases bodies), from radar-detection. This new technology holds a high yield future discovery for providing countries with Next-Gen Stealth Technology!

The team currently developing and researching more information into this stealth technology has chosen the name “Meta-Skin,” as the name derives from meta-materials. The meta-materials are actually components that have taken properties not found in a nature setting, and are able to manipulate electromagnetic waves. By utilizing the stretching of the materials, the polymer Meta-Skin can be tuned in order to assist in reducing a reflection of several frequencies given by radar equipment.

When everyone hears the term ‘invisibility cloak,’ we often reference the popular block-buster hit movie series Harry Potter. More specifically, in the first part when Harry Potter has obtained his very own invisibility cloak, Ronald knew exactly what it was.

Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak

The researchers from Iowa State University had wanted to prove that electromagnetic waves, even smaller wavelengths of light molecules, will be able to be suppressed with the technical advances of the flexibility tunable liquid-metal. The researchers designed a series of rows that included the usage of split ring resonators that they embedded inside the layers of each silicon sheet. They then filled the electric resonators with Galinstan (a metal alloy in which becomes a liquid at room temperature, and is less toxic than other known liquid metals). Each resonator that is used within the cloak has an outer radius of 2.5 millimeters, with a thickness of a half a millimeter.

In between the resonators, there is a 1 millimeter gap in which essentially creates a small curvature segment of the liquid wire. The rings then create an electric inductor, while the gaps in between will create the electric capacitors. When combined together, they actually create a resonator that is able to trap, and even suppress, radar waves at a certain frequency.

As of now, the researchers goal is to take their new and exciting technology, and be able to shrink the size of it. Once they have accomplished this feat, they will then proceed onto furthering the advancing of producing better stealth technologies. One major concept will include the invisibility cloak portrayed from the Harry Potter films. However, the researchers are aiming to provide the technology and sign contracts with government agencies; assisting in the transportation of vehicles, aircraft, and complete bases.

Sources: India Times, SCICOMMLSU, Toxel

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  1. Uhm, at least we can say the picture from India Times is fake, I mean if one thing is invisibility through light reflection which makes some sense, and other is see-through which is the case of the picture above and that makes no sense with the concept at least. Unless someone can explain how invisibility through reflection and see-throughness work together. I’m all eyes.


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