‘Monster Marijuana’ To Become Reality As Monsanto Patents GMO Pot


We don’t want your franken-joints!

Monsanto announced that it had patented the first genetically modified strain of marijuana. This news has far-reaching consequences for drugs policy, since cannabis is still an illegal substance. Many believe Monsanto’s interest in the market must mean that full legalization of the drug for recreational purposes is on the horizon, but at what cost?

This Next News Network video from February last year accurately predicted that Monsanto would try to cash in on the cannabis industry, and asks: Would you smoke GMO pot, or would you prefer to smoke nature’s finest?


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  1. Does no one even try to source anyrhing anymore?! It’s almost as if these “newsblogs” arent really reporting news.. Oh wait. they aren’t.

  2. Nature’s finest is called hemp.It doesn’t get you high. The stuff you smoke did not come from nature. It came from humans breeding for more thc. and no monsanto doesn’t have a patent on g.e. pot. But, I hope they get one just to make you loonies scream and cry.

    • Breeding for thc..content is ok, it’s not the samething as what Monsanto wants to do. Your an idiot…but it’s ok maybe you can work for Monsanto killers of nature company we love hemp too of course…

  3. Monsanto announced that it had patented the first genetically modified strain of marijuana. OK, well show me the patent number. If this article was true you would do some research and include a link to the patent. Until then I’m not believing it.


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