Muslims Fight Back: 70,000 Muslim Clerics Issue Fatwa Against ISIS And Other Terrorist Organizations


The self-proclaimed Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has managed to somehow increase the perception of non-Muslims especially people in Western Nations that Islam is a violent religion.

With what happened in the French capital, Paris last month and the recent mass shooting in San Bernardino, United States, hate and Islamophobia have increased significantly in Western Nations.

In the United States, Donald Trump who is aspiring to occupy the country’s top office has called for a halt to all Muslim migrating to the country, basing his argument on the attacks of ISIS and other radical groups.

But despite all these odds against the majority Muslim population who are suffering as a result of the few bad nuts among them, some have taken it upon themselves to publicly condemn the actions of the bad nuts, and tell the whole world that their actions do not represent Islam.

Saudi's Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz al

At a recent religious gathering of Muslims in the city of Amjer, India, over 70,000 Islamic clerics issued a religious fatwa condemning ISIS and other terrorist organizations that are hiding behind Islam to commit heinous crimes against humanity. Fatwa is the term for the legal opinion by an Islamic qualified jurist pertaining to the Islamic law.

The fatwa slamming the terrorist organizations was issued at the annual Urs festival. The festival is a yearly gathering of Muslim clerics to commemorate the death of Moinuddin Chishti, a Sufi Islamic cleric and scholar.

Also, the clerics made a passionate appeal to the Global Media, especially the Mainstream Media to stop referring to the terrorist groups as Muslims. According to the religious leaders, true believers of Islam do not support extremist perversions of the religion.

The clerics said extremist groups in Islam are hated in almost every country with large Muslim population. Recently, a research conducted by the Pew Research team also confirmed what the clerics said.

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The Time of India reported on the gathering that “On the last day of Urs-e-Razvi of Dargah Aala Hazrat, nearly 70,000 clerics came together and passed a fatwa against terrorist organizations, including IS, Taliban and al-Qaida. These are “not Islamic organizations,” the clerics said to a sea of followers, adding that the members of these outfits were “not Muslims”. Noori said he would like to request the media to stop calling terrorist groups “Muslim organizations”. Hazrat Subhan Raza Khan, chairperson of the influential Dargah Aala Hazrat, said that following the Paris attacks, it was decided that a fatwa should be passed at the Urs this year, so the message went out loud and clear that the Muslim community condemns terrorism”.

 Meanwhile, the Free Thought Project reports that across the globe, many true Islamic groups are fighting back against a perception that Islam is an extremist religion. One of the world’s largest Islamic groups, Nahdlatul Ulama which claims membership of over 50 million, has come forward to rebuke the extremist ideology followed by ISIS known as Wahhabism.

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Wahhabism is the ultra-conservative reform movement based in Saudi Arabia that advocates for puritanical laws from the time of Islam’s origins. According to Islamic scholars, Wahhabism rejects the modern notion of religion as a purely private activity and the separation of church and state. Particularly for ISIS, the group is highly committed to Wahhabism principles, using its religious textbooks and embracing its hardline tradition of killing unbelievers. That is why ISIS is persecuting non-Muslims in territories they control in Iraq and Syria.

However, concerned observers of the recent Islamophobia unfolding in Western Countries say rather than allowing corporate media and politicians to sway public opinion through fear and panic against Islam in general, individuals must reject these broad assertions and labels by understanding that the overwhelming majority of Muslims reject these extremist doctrines. By doing this, and treating Islam with respect like other religions, the extremists will be defeated.

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  1. Yeah, but the Quran also says it’s okay for them to lie and deny for the greater good of their religion. So is this just a lie they are stating? Who knows.

      • I’m sure the people doing the beheading would say its for their own good and the good of (what they perceive to be) their fellow muslims. Jeannette is not wrong to have concern such as that, being as the quran *does* specifically prescribe deception, thievery, and murder of so-called non-believers (that would be me and most other westerners or even muslims of a slightly different persuasion). The issue with the media is that there is so much fake information which is readily circulated that it’s impossible to tell who is doing the lying. The thing is, *someone* is doing the lying – we can certainly see that much.

        • Are you one of those doing the lying? certainly brainwashed people like jeanette or yourself can’t realize that and simply talk about the quran on and off subject, and presume it’s all true, so maybe check what you’re reading, and double check it until you find something that doesn’t relate to islam as a barbaric cult, and then we can talk more …

    • That one is really funny. Anything muslims say against terrorism is now a lie. I see that you are CHOOSING to believe a certain point of view.
      Is Daech or ISIS or anything else representative of the muslim community worldwide?

      Why are YOU choosing to believe in ISIS or Daech?

      In the verses where the Quran mentions that muslims can lie, there is mention of compulsion. Have you noted that> Or are you inclined to ignore this part as well?

      Would you be truthful and act in such a way that your family and yourself face a life threatening situation as a consequence of your act?

      Instead of deceit, one could see that exception of a general rule ( not lying) is made as a sign of mercy. One is not required by the Quran to place one’s safety at risk when there is danger. That’s just my take on the verses you might be referring to.

      Have a nice day.


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