The Mysterious ‘SSSS’ Code You Do NOT Want To See On Your Boarding Pass


Traveling used to be fun back in the past, but these days getting through the airport security is a pain. And now, it is going to get tougher for travelers who find ‘SSSS’ stamped on their boarding passes. In the simple terms, airline passengers flying into the United States will face extra security checks and delays if “SSSS” is printed on the bottom of their boarding pass.

The passengers whose boarding passes bear SSS are pre-selected to undergo additional security screening process – which can involve bag searches, pat downs and validating identity and take up to half an hour – before boarding their flight.

A TSA (Transportation Security Administration) spokesman told Business Insider in a statement:

“SSSS stands for Secondary Security Screening Selection and it appears on a passenger’s boarding pass when they’ve been selected by TSA’s Secure Flight system for enhanced security screening.

“Secure Flight is a risk-based passenger prescreening program that enhances security by identifying low and high-risk passengers before they arrive at the airport by matching their names against trusted traveler lists and watchlists. Secure Flight is also used to prevent those on the No Fly List and the Centers for Disease Control’s Do Not Board List from getting on planes.”

The system was introduced after the 9/11 terror attacks to help security officials monitor potentially dangerous individuals from entering or leaving the U.S. The TSA insists travelers who receive the ‘SSSS’ are selected at random, but some have claimed they are pulled aside most times they travel.

Passengers may be able to tell they will have to undergo additional checks if they are unable to print their boarding pass at the airport’s self-check-in. Out of many factors that might get travelers the SSSS, a few notable ones are:-

  • If you book the ticket via cash.
  • If you buy a one-way ticket.
  • If you are flying to or returning from a high-risk country.


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  1. I have been going through this violation of American citizens rights since 2008. My only possible fault to earn this honor bestowed upon me by the Israeli designed and controlled Department of Homeland Security (DHS) which is a carbon copy of Israeli airport authorities when someone is flying for Israel, was that I challenged an illegal extortion Israeli organization known as United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) with who is who of the State Department, the CIA, the AIPAC, the ADL, and great many Talmudic Zionists paid and owned swines of our own sold out government and non-government officials as the Board members of the criminal foreign agents group called UANI. Without exception, each and every Board members and its Israeli staff are all devout and certified Zionists who believe that the United Nations must be gradually disbanded so all the dozens of UN’s Security Council’s Resolutions against Israeli apartheid genocidal government regime’s crimes can be swept under the rug for rest of the impotent masses of the world to be lined up for Israel’s national political and religious ideology known as “Oded Yinon Project” or Greater Isreal Project” but in the USA we are fooled by naming the same Projects by the same Israeli Zionists who wrote “Oded Yinon” in the early 80’s, as Project for New American Century (PNAC). Since the creation of Oded Yinon/PNAC, American liberties and the American people have systematically undergone a ruthless transformation from our traditional freedom loving democracy and country of laws to a criminal genocidal renegade country despised and hated by the world as well as our own citizens who know the facts outside the realm of control of the Fake Mass Media that is also wholly owned by the same Talmudic Zionists as the ones now controlling Israel and its policies in each and every capital of the world governments through their banking cartel under the diehard Rothchild dynasty!
    So if we Americans, by our old american habits, try to express our views under a barely empty shell of so called “freedom of expression” we are bound to be subjected to special interrogations not only at the arrivals and departures from our Israeli controlled airports, but we often end up having the honor of the visits by the Zionists indoctrinated FBI and other Zionist organizations hidden behind all sorts of American names only to continue their purge of any American who still foolishly believe in the blacklisted “US Constitution”. And if one takes a fooloish stand on US Constitution, your name will be in the Blacklist of Americans as the “right wing nationalists” also known as the “enemies within” or the “domestic terrorists”. As you can tell by my expression of the disgust of our American government under total occupation by the Talmudic Zionists, why my boarding passes still earns the honor of “SSSS” every time I enter or leave the American Airports. I thought to share this little pertinent info with the readers as well with the criminal cabal of the Talmudic Zionists controlling America with their criminal tight fists!

  2. Cry me a river… I’ve been groped every time I’ve flown since I got out of the Army and while I was in. And don’t blame this administration for that one, that crap started with Clinton and got stupidly worse under Obama’s reign. Ol’ slick Willy said in more than one campaign speech and SOTU speech ever so subltly.. “change is coming”. Don’t believe me, go find archive footage and watch.. he always slips it in there. That jackoff even said it to us at a little “welcome home speech” when I came back from Somalia. If you think it’s the Jews behind this you’re an idiot, it’s just the rich wanting to be richer and have more power at the expense of standing on the necks of us everyday citizens. Ben Franklin once said, and I’m paraphrasing, those who would give up even a portion of their rights and freedoms for a semblance of security deserve neither.. And we have blindly given them up, one little adverb after abverb at a time for years. Remember the tense of a word can change the whole meaning of a sentence. I mean, come on, they edited Tom Sawyer because the vernacular of the day didn’t fit our societal norms of today and it might hurt someone’s feelings reading it instead of teaching the difference between times. And as far as the TSA thing goes, last month I got the 4S treatment and I’m white.


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