New Poll Shows: Most Americans Say Inequality Sucks


The New York Times, in collaboration with CBS News, conducted a poll that shows Americans are becoming increasingly displeased with the ever-increasing economic gap. According to the results, more than six out of ten people across party lines think the wealth of the nation should be distributed more evenly.

The survey covered three areas—economic inequality, workers’ rights, and international trade. Common Dreams put it in abbreviated terms, showing that Americans:

  1. Recognize and dislike current levels of economic inequality and want something done about it.
  2. Think low-wage workers deserve a significant raise, paid sick and parental leave, and better workplace protections.
  3. Don’t know much about the pending “free trade deals” which are being negotiated in secret and largely ignored by the mainstream media, but what they do know, they don’t like very much.

As far as policies that can help reduce inequality, 68 percent of respondents said they would support raising taxes on individuals who make more than $1 million a year.




In regards to workers’ rights, nearly all strongly supported extra protections, better wages, and increased worker benefits. More than 71 percent believe the federal minimum wage should be raised to $10.10 per hour from its current $7.25; 81 percent believe employers should provide paid parental leave, and 85 percent think an increase of paid sick leave for workers is good. Less were in support of fast-food workers receiving $15 an hour, however, people believe they should have better protections.




Although many don’t understand the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and Fast Track authority that would “give the Obama administration (and his successor) the ability to rush through the TPP and other corporate-friendly deals like TTIP and TIS in the future,” support for the deal is low. The fact that these deals have rarely been reported on in the mainstream and corporate media has worked against the government as the public doesn’t trust things they are left in the dark about.



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  1. Tides are changing and it’s looking like americans are finally waking up to the bullshit that is the elites of the world. Note to the those that stand against fairness and equality, we are coming for you and we won’t be stopped, no matter how many of us you kill or try to destroy our reps. Your time is at an end and you will all suffer serious consequences for the destruction of our lives for your profits.


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