“We’re not Alone” Suggests Apollo Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, Clandestine Groups Prevents Truth

Edgar Mitchell

In a strange turn of reporting events, Edgar Mitchell, an Apollo astronaut has recently made rather unbelievable claims in 2015 that an alien spacecraft would on regular occasions, disrupt nuclear testing by shooting down the missiles in an attempt to thwart any technological advancements in high yield nuclear devices.

Hmmm. In the somewhat dubious claim by the MIT graduate, Dr Edgar Mitchell, where it appears his display of irrationality is unfounded, may require a closer look at what he says before completing dismissing him. This man, the 6th astronaut to walk on the moon, holds two degrees and an MIT doctorate, and is somewhat logical in the Spock sense of the term.

As you can see in the clip below, the man himself is explaining about the department held to investigate UFO sightings under military rule, and the nature of ET sightings and security.

“What’s the nature of the universe we live in?” Mitchell asks, rather logically, exploring the insights of our “known existence” and to understanding the “phenomenon [UFOs].”

“They’re seems to have been over the last 50 years at least or more, a great deal of secrecy surrounding the so called UFO event. It’s a very complex subject; we’re not dealing with something simple here…’ he says. ‘We have sightings of all sorts…[some of which] seem to be well documented events that represent flying craft that do not match anything we have… validated…that they are ET craft. We have to rely upon that [people who have been there, interacted].”

Let’s rewind a moment: Edgar Mitchell, a known and respected astronaut who has earned his badge of honor through his logic and intelligence, claims that aircraft have been recovered; reverse engineering has also occurred and a “clandestine group – people who have some quasi-affiliation with government” control this knowledge, preventing the public from fully grasping the truth through the spread of “disinformation.”

He won’t name names, or maybe he can’t. But he does say “Yes, there has been ET visitation and there may continue to be.”

It’s hard to dismiss the solid logic coming from this doctor’s mouth. The question remains, though, is why is he bringing attention to this?

The words he speaks are no less than that of whistleblowing action, calm and quiet as they may be. However, as quick as he suggests there is a “mountain of evidence” locked away from public scrutiny, he is careful to add the proviso “if” there is ET life in the last moments of the interview. In fact, he chops and changes between “if” and “there is” like a personality disorder patient with first and third person.  

But what he does say is that UFO information has always been out there, in the nature of “disinformation” – trying to lead the public up the garden path.

What it comes down to, Dr Mitchell says, is that the “mountain of evidence” suggests that we really are not alone – and haven’t been for a very long time. He also pushes the importance of understanding where we fit in the universe, something, he hints, may very well keep us safe from our own future demise. 

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  1. once you experience a real UFO in broad daylight. There is never looking back. We are like fish in a pod. Extra terrestrial life has no interest in communicating with us. It would be like you trying to communicate with a slug.


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