NSA Classifies Israel as ‘Big Threat’ To US and British National Security


 Written by: S.Leech

The recent release of top secret documents provided by Edward Snowden has shed new light on how the U.S government has directly enabled Israeli military attacks in Gaza. The secret involvement is indicative of the American government’s fear of detachment from Israel as they are assumed to be “…the third most aggressive intelligence service against the US (quote from 2008 confidential GCHQ planning document)”.

Latterly, the NSA has increased tremendously its assistance in providing surveillance data to Israel, the Israeli signals intelligence or SIGINT has included information that is used to target Palestinians. The extent of the U.S. relationship with the Israeli SIGINT is concerning to say the least; with the release of the document, we get insight to the goals of the two organisations, including one particular paragraph entitled “problems/challenges”.

“But even as the NSA and its partners are directed by political branches to feed the Israelis surveillance data and technology, they constantly characterize Israel as a threat – both to their own national security and more generally to regional peace. In stark contrast to the public statements about Israel made by American and British officials, the Snowden archive is replete with discussions of the Israelis as a menace rather than an ally.”

The new document entails an important fact; the violence committed by Israel would not be possible without the constant support, protection and financial aid of the U.S government. This is found to be more than just an attempt to keep both countries on good terms, but an act of aggression by the United States.











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  1. My heart bleeds for the poor NSA who is entrapped by their own shenanigans with the Hill, the Pentagon, the CIA, Mossad and the FED headed by two Zionists. Shame….poor NSA. Well I quite like the though of they and their whole security complex, to include the IMF and World Bank, crash in flames like a Zeppelin on Penis of the Dragon and incinerate it’s 13 balls to ashes. BRIC’s along with Germany and Austerity-Europe will ignite the Barbeque for the World’s feast on Reptilian balls. VIVA!

  2. When are “We the People” going to put an end to the “Federal Reserve” I hope every American realizes that the American dollar is not backed by anything but – American dollars spent on international oil market – Every baby that is born into this world is already in debt by 50k dollars. The Federal Reserve controls the worlds interest rates and what country gets more inflation. The Federal Reserve is in control of Inter-National bankers. They control the world because they control the money. Money = Power. “We the people” can change this but we gotta work together

  3. Wow this has really opened my eyes. I’m in the military and I didn’t even know about this until recently and this post has opened up more details to my eyes. I have recently decided to start reading up on and checking out you guys (anonymous) and I must say I really find your work and cause quite honorable and I will stay tuned to your page so that I may learn more. Thank you for the eye opening revelations that I have received from your page. We must stop this meddling in other country’s business but I fear that we shall never do such.

  4. I’ve seen in other ANON vids that you are asking we “The People” to do our part, join, help, make a stand, etc etc. Plz give me info on date & place I can meet others from Anonymous. I missed the last meeting @ Hart Plaza, Detroit.. National Day Of Rage

  5. It is time I’m sick of political correctness why can’t we be correct everything that used to be wrong is now right and everything that used to be wrong is now correct. I can no longer stand for what is wrong I am standing for what’s right in this world my eyes were opened when I saw leaders of countries murdered on TV or without a trial for there crimes we are not God but they are thinking they are makes me sick that my eyes and heart were hardened to let what’s happened happen I don’t know what or who to believe because I chose to think our nation was good we have good people in the world who have no voice who are more suppressed then the nations they they are supposedly sending billions and trillions of dollars to while being robbed it’s never to late to make right what’s been done wrong I am hot

  6. Of course that was already expected, since most of the US pilars are Israelis ! Music industry is owned by Israelis , US media is controlled by Israelis and USA as a country is really dominated by them . so this is not surprising at all !


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