NSA – Quantum Computing to Crack Encryption


Thursday July 24, 2014

Written by: FLU5CH


The internet uses and depends on a secure and uncrackable encryption method.

Without it people’s data could be easily seen, altered, traced and stolen including online purchases or money transfers. But there is no need to worry as this encryption is practically impossible to crack. The most common encryption method is RSA. RSA uses public keys and relies on the difficulty of computers to use a bruteforce type of method to keep on randomly trying different numbers until it gets the right one, the larger the prime number the longer the longer it will take a computer to get it correct. The prime numbers used in RSA range from 1024 to 4096 bits making the time to guess the answer near to infinite.Unbenannt

The RSA encryption method comes from how classical computers work, in a classical computer data is stored in electronicle states known as bits and is shown as either a 0 or a 1 each bit only stays in one state at any given time and this is what results in making brute force attacks considerably longer.

Now let’s talk about quantum computing, “the strange and counterintuitive behaviour of particles is used to encode and compute data sets”, quantum results such as super positioning states and entangled states to allow quantum computers to encode data in Qbits instead of regular bits. Qbits is basically a bit that can exists in multiple states at the same time allowing you to carry out multiple operations on the same bit. This allows the computer to now carry out mathematical algorithms.

Shor’s algorithm is an algorithm that allows the factorisation of prime numbers which cannot normally be done. This allows a cracking method that can much more easily crack any encryption method that relies on prime numbers.

The NSA’s $79.9 million program named “Penetrating hard targets” researches quantum computing and uses it to their expense. Currently the largest integer to ever be factorised with a quantum computer was 143 in 2009 by Nanyang Xu at the University of science and technology of China in Hefei. Whilst this is a long way from cracking a 1024 bit system it is practical that the NSA with all their time and money could make this happen a lot sooner than expected. In the future we will find out if the NSA manages to build a quantum computer and if they manage to crack a 1024 bit system.

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  1. I don’t understand. It’ the NSA ‘National’ Security Agency. Why do they function out of the nation? Why do other nations permit them to spy on the citizens?

  2. my damn question is why does the NSA need to see everything mind your own damn business if people encrypt something its because its personal or of use for them Dont try to peek in everyones business

    • I want to protect myself from the NSA and their “security”. Can someone send me a link to a good free trustworthy VPN that wont track me? Thanks so much in advance. strength comes in numbers. long live anonymous.

  3. There is one way how we can destroy all this.How?… many people would say, very easy shut down the INTERNET.If you do this you would be the greatest computer experts that have ever been exist.
    Fuck NSA

  4. Stay anonymous…but I see here you’ll ask for my name, an email and website. Your hackers so how anonymous could I remain? Here’s my real thought…if your so apt at hacking why don’t you put real information out there. Like which congressmen are taking bribes and kickbacks…take money from these offshore accounts and give it to the poor…publish the names,addresses and phone numbers of the corrupt?

    • Yeah, I say take down and expose the corrupt politicians anywhere and hack steal from the NEW World Order and transfer money to regular peoples accounts. Shut down the NWO by taking their assets! They target us, then engage them. Make their names public. Publish the names and addresses of the NSA also.

    • Anonymous is NOT a hacking group, it is an activist group, well we call ourselves a hacktivist group but that is because we have hackers with great potential amongst the community. Also the reason we ask for your name is to show everyone who is speaking but nickname would be better said, do not post your real name! also your email is mostly just for your profile and nothing more


    • >implying most people put actual email addresses and names instead of sock accounts and random names.

      When it comes down to Anonymous its very hard to say just how many can hack, how many can DDOS (LOIC is low end scale of that) and how many are purely anon to be edgy. The knowledge is there to do all these acts of justice but so is the risks that come with actually doing said acts. Only an idiot would think these acts will have no negative consequences.

  5. Thanks for the information. This website is better than most newspapers. I hate the stupid NSA. It’s sure that I could get hacked or spyed on any time. However, the NSA does that legally even outside their own country. The USA may have some really dumb favours in “helping” with stuff they aren’t involved in but this goes too far. I actually even have something against cameras in trains or busses. But sending all my information into a “NSA-cloud”, we could say, makes me really mad. What’s about human rights and freedom of speech? I am so done with these guys and don’t really get why Germany (my country) didn’t give Snowden asylum. He is a hero. Of course, Germany does not want to break the relationship to the USA but doesn’t this whole spying stuff already breaks everything? Sure, it’s not the people themselves. Nevertheless, there is no trust anymore… Spying is wrong.

  6. Well it’s an interesting thought quantum computing but u have to realize ddosing them won’t do much good in the long run that’s a short term solution for a problem like this we need a long term solution and a constant flow of information

    • yeah. you’re right. a DDoS wont do much. we are the 99% and we can overcome and design a lot more than the 1%. either way that has to happen sooner or later before they get even worse. they are bad now. but what about 10, maybe 20 years later. I think that a beam of information is necessary. kinda like a jammer. but that will disable computers. perhaps maybe a small constant EMP? that’s what I am thinking. its just a suggestion

  7. Maybe we could build a beast computer to create 9999999999999999…TB crypted file and release it on internet and Watch The Quantum computer freeezing like shit for years 🙂

  8. nsa is now over playing , i think this is best time teach lesson “power of humans and power of ANONYMOUS” to them. they wont war, we can give that to them. we fight to last one for protect humanity and human rights

  9. We are not the voice to elect a king
    We are anonymous

    I am not the one you want to convene because I question everything
    I am just a voice of honesty as degenerates overtake my home
    Life in the wake of calamity cast on a pile of bones
    It’s the New Order of the Ages
    Welcome to the fall of Rome

    We are broken beyond repair, slaves for all we have
    As they divide our families, we ignore another false flag
    As history repeats we are kept under control
    When the enemy speaks that enemy grows

    The Beast controls our lives impeding our ability to thrive
    Induced into a system designed for wealth, power and lies
    A circularity that deviates from its path is not a circle anymore
    A price is paid for not conceding to an affirmation worth repeating
    As I join the enlightened ones and wage a massive war

    We are broken beyond repair, slaves for all we have
    As they divide our families, we ignore another false flag
    As history repeats we are kept under control
    When the enemy speaks that enemy grows

    They will invoke internal and external threats then establish many secret prisons
    Slowly restricting the freedom of press while surveying ordinary citizens
    Chem-trails from government jets will be dismissed as urban legends
    Mandatory vaccinations designed to lower intelligence
    Radio-frequency identification chips mandatory for men, women and children
    Man-made global pandemics separated for segregated sterilization
    Espionage becomes the new word for criticism
    And dissent will be the new word for treason
    In the name of self-preservation they will subvert the rule of law

    We are broken beyond repair, slaves for all we have
    As they divide our families, we ignore another false flag
    As history repeats we are kept under control
    When the enemy speaks that enemy grows

    We are not the voices to elect a king
    because we are anonymous

    -T͖̃h̠͐ḛ̾ ͍̇W̪̒h̨̆i̬̍t̤̅ė̳ ̜̂R̦͂ȁ͉b̬͑b̛̘i̺͂ṱ̏

  10. Les choses vont changer a partir de 2015. J’en suis sur.
    Nous sommes Légion. Nous ne pardonnons pas. Nous n’oublions pas. Redoutez-nous.

  11. I’m not anonimus nut who’s going out on 5th of november power is going down everything is going to be :-… Wear masks and go outside

  12. it happened with the FBI, its a matter of time before it happens to the NSA, get a trojan in to their network, but instead of ransoming their files, delete them, all of them, least we can do is slow them down for now. they have money behind them, we need to take away their time

  13. Let’s say hypothetically the United States has been collecting and storing metadata alongside other forms of data that can be stored indefinitely. Now ad the fact that not only could a quantum computer be used for hacking into secure systems of encryption but also provide a perfect scale of the multiverse using quantum mechanics as well. Now could it not be possible to make a program that would in effect be able to penetrate all known modern computer systems using classical forms of encryption? In turn making a “quantum spider bot.” Would this not then be able to transform into a “oracle” system in where they could accurately predict events based on the moniterization of the entire populace? Which would then allocate how to “guide” the world? Just a thought I had but not sure if it’s relevant or even possible

    • This is not a weird thought. I had a similar thought. My thought added the presence of a real, strong, A.I. running on that Quantum machine, who will become the new god. Movies come from the minds of people, and are not as far-fetched as many think. Current developments in quantum computing allow a decent system in the next few decades. But A.I. development is not there yet. At best we’ll have an advanced chatterbot, at worst they figure out how to put the spirit of a fallen angel (satan for instance) into this machine.

  14. Fascinating. I’m not that tech savvy, however I do respect people who put effort towards advancement in that which they have an interest in.


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