Obama’s Drone War Death Count Surpasses Spanish Inquisition


Written by SM Gibson at theantimedia.org


Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Obama’s covert drone war has done something in 6 years that it took the Spanish Inquisition 350 years to accomplish. It has killed more than 2,400 people. In fact, the president’s death count by drone has reached a staggering 2,464. The kicker is that these deaths have all occurred outside of U.S. declared war zones.

The man whom many consider the leader of the free world ironically stated last month,

“Humanity has been grappling with these questions throughout human history. Unless we get on our high horse and think this is unique to some other place. Remember that during the Crusades and Inquisition, people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ.”

The statement was said in response to the Jordanian pilot who was recently burned alive by ISIS and was intended to reference the hyperbolic western media that stirs unwarranted and reckless fears against Muslims worldwide.

While the President may have been correct in stating that all religions have blood on their hands, it must have slipped his mind to glance down at his own hands before making such a bold statement.

In 2004, the Vatican published their findings after a six year long study into the notorious Inquisition. The research concluded – in an 800 page report – that only 1.8% of those investigated by the Spanish Inquisition were actually killed. Given that 125,000 trials took place over the course of the historically ill-famed inquiries, that would account for an estimated 2,250 killed over the 350 year Inquisition. That is approximately 200 fewer deaths than have been carried out under the orders of a Nobel Peace Prize winner.

Speaking of high horses, Mr. President, I can only hope you aren’t afraid of heights.

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  1. well.. i’d say that there was roughly a million kiled and tortured during the inquisition, you must understand that the Church will do Everything it can to sweep as many Deaths under the rug as possible.. I’ve been studying the inquisition for quite some time now and ive come to find its up around the million mark in Deaths/tortures.

  2. How humorous. The leader of the free world is talking about killing for freedom. Does he not consider that we are killing others who believe in their own freedom. It is not kill or be killed. But he and the leaders of other countries make it this way. He has the most blood on his hands. He should wash them…

    We must investigate. We must act. We must help.

  3. Misinforming. The spanish inquisition executed between 4000-5000 people, the number is unknown, but is believed to be much higher. However approximately 150.000 were tortured by the inquistion, but not executed.

  4. im from Norway and it was a shock to see
    Our priminister at The time, giving The price
    To such a person.! Now that he became general secretary
    Of Nato it all makes sence.! The Stoltenberg family
    Have huge ties to rockefeller, The father of Jens and Jens
    Both have Been to bilderberg meetings,
    The sister is on The board of our National board of health,
    Wich is funded by millions from The rockefeller
    Foundation, with no audit obligation, my dream is to
    Get The evidence of The Stoltenberg familys secrets.! Its well known that The former priminister has wealth exeeding millions of dollars in taxhavens. His father was on The board of The trilateral comission for years.! His sister recomended that The norwegian goverment bought 9 million doses of swine flu vaccine, for 5 million people, where of 2,5 million took The shot.! You Do The math.!
    If We Get evidence of rockefeller greasing up that family,
    Lots of things should change.! And also We got a corrupt goverment running at bilderberg meetings every year.!
    I love my country but our goverment is selling weapons to Israel through america as We have signed a deal not to provide rockets(m72) to forign countries.! We Are also One of The largest investors in lockhead Martin, monsanto, nestle and much more.! I hate to know our country taking advantadge of poor countries.! And Statoil (our Goverments oil Company is always amongst The first to Get into countries that The us invades, stealing resourses..! Do some digging into norways role in The global agenda and be shocked..


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