One Of The BIGGEST Secrets Kept From Humanity: The Pineal Gland!


By anonews


Humans are bestowed with a certain part of their brain known as the pineal gland or also known as our third eye. The reason as to why it is called pineal is for it’s shape, like a pine cone.

A tiny pine cone that is in charge of producing serotonin derivative melatonin that has to deal with our hormones that affect the modulation of sleep/wake patterns, including our seasonal functions.

This tiny pine cone can be found near the center of the brain in place between the two hemispheres.

The reason as to why higher up’s keep this information from people is so they do not find out the fullest potential that this part of us has.

The pineal gland is essentially the portal between the physical and spiritual world for humans. When activated, the sensation of euphoria and oneness fills the persons mind, giving them a sense of all knowing. One can achieve this activation through yoga, meditation and variety of other occult methods.

Once activated, that person is able to freely travel to other dimensions, or otherwise referred to as astral projection or remote viewing.

Through ancient methods and advance practices, one could even control the thoughts and actions of other people in the physical world.

All though this seems impossible, the former Soviet Union governments as well as various shadow organizations have been researching these effects for a really long time, keeping the information under lock from the public eye.

The reason we are unable to achieve this amazing feat within our brains is because of the amount of sodium fluoride we digest on a daily basis. The pineal gland absorbs most of the sodium fluoride that enters our bodies.

This essentially dumbs the pineal gland down by no longer being able to balance our hormonal processes in the body.

In fact, the United States water supply contains 90% of fluoride and other various components. Not even the water filters you buy at the super market are able to filter out fluoride.

One way to combat this is reverse osmosis or water distillation, water distillation being the cheaper option.

Not to claim ourselves as conspiracy theorists, but mainly our deep concern for the disconnect between our spirituality and reality all together.

Rick Strassman, M. D. believes DMT is highly connected to the pineal gland:

I was drawn to DMT because of its presence in all of our bodies. I believed the source of this DMT was the mysterious pineal gland, a tiny organ situated in the center of our brains. Modern medicine knows little about this gland’s role, but it has a rich metaphysical history. Descartes, for example, believed the pineal was the ‘seat of the soul’ and both Western and Eastern mystical traditions place our highest spiritual center within its confines.”

Inspired by: Spirit Science


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  1. To all the Anonymous writers
    All your posts and write-ups are really very interesting. For me, a person who has been interested in such sort of theories from his childhood, the posts have been a delight. They help a lot to make aware to people about the truths kept secret throughout history. I am just 16 but I still do research a lot in these fields.
    Anyways keep it up, many may dismiss what you say but ofcourse they too are trapped in the net of lies spun around them.

    • Don’t take everything posted on this site for granted, much of it cannot be trusted.
      One example in this very article would be:
      “In fact, the United States water supply contains 90% of fluoride and other various components”.

      This would mean only one 10th of what you think is tap-water, is actual water…
      That is just too much to be at all plausible or even possible.

      Either this is an outright lie or they have twisted the facts to sound more shocking than it really is.

      I’m not saying everything they say is the same, but some of it is, just keep your eyes open and research statements before accepting them as “facts”

      • What is meant by that is 90% of the flouride supply is found in drinking water, not 90% of drinking water is flouride. this would mean rather quick death. lol

  2. “Once activated, that person is able to freely travel to other dimensions, or otherwise referred to as astral projection or remote viewing.”

    Yeah, and we’re ruled by alien nazi lizards who can travel in time and scan our brains with their satellites, right ???

    -> 100% B*llsh*t !!!

    If wants us to believe the political posts here – and some are interesting -, they’d better be careful about what they publish and sack this kind of lunatic gurus. They have nothing to do here, whatever they say is just trash. They had too many drugs back in their hippy days.

    • Yeah, i agree, this article is definitely one of the “aluminium-hat” ones…
      By knowing physics, I am pretty fucking sure that you cannot travel to other dimensions with just your body! The tl;dr of this article is:
      There is this part in the brain that is resposible for some hormones. By meditation one can take influence on this and achieve breakthrough expieriences (extremely crazy hallucinations/dreams). Consuming DMT helps with that since its produced in tiny amounts anyways (for dreaming).
      If you phrase it like that, Its much more plausible, less conspiracy theory-like and nothing new to me. Oh and if you are not like a tibetian monk you probably wont be able to get a breakthrough just by meditation.

  3. Why don’t people just go research it for them selves instead of writing long irrelevant comments. Think you’ll be surprised what you find… check out ”DMT’ also. 🙂

  4. Our minds are capable of so much more than being used in today’s world. When I was a little girl I remember my grandmother, aunts, uncles knowing so much more by instinct than any of the kids today. The saw things we never see now (before TV). One time driving by BSU I just knew this car was going to turn in front of me, I braked to nearly a stop before she hit. I can be playing cards & just know which card is next, not all the time but quite often. I know several people that see things and are what we call Physic now. You can get in touch with this 3rd eye IF you learn how & really want to.


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