Police Officers in Germany Look on as Anti-Refugee Protesters Assault Newly Arrived Refugees [Video]


Videos and pictures posted on Social Media appear to show anti-refugees protesters attacking newly arrived refugees in the German town of Clausnitz, as police officers looked on unconcerned.

Since the refugee crisis started in Europe – due to the ongoing fighting in the Middle East, especially in Syria – Germany has received more refugees than any other European country. Totaling more than one million refugees entering Germany in 2015, the country’s Chancellor, Angela Merkel has urged other European countries to open their borders, too. Observers have predicted that more refugees will enter Germany this year, than in 2015.

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In 2015, right-wing protesters took to the streets, protesting against the country’s pro-refugee stance. There have also been reports of counter protests from pro-refugee movements.

This latest incident of refugees coming under attack from right-wing protesters, is said to have happened on Thursday night. The BBC reported that the interior minister in the Clausnitz area has described the incident as “deeply shameful.”

One video showed the police watching on as angry protesters attacked tired refugees who had traveled many miles to reach Clausnitz. One video even showed the refugees’ bus being blocked on the road from entering the town.

Other videos also showed the police assaulting and pulling refugees from their bus, while the protesters can be heard in the background, shouting and chanting with joy, in support of what the police were doing.

According to the Revolution-News, a similar thing happened to refugees in the town of Heidenau last year. Anti-refugee protesters have announced on social media that they will prevent current refugees in the town from moving into their shelters.

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The situation was said to have resulted in chaos, as there were not enough police officers to bring the incident under control. In 2015 again, it was reported that refugees were abused, and even tortured, at a police station in the city of Hannover. The police said they were investigating the incident, but nobody has been brought to trial over the allegations.

In this incident also, it has been alleged that the protesters had announced their intentions on social media before acting. Since the incident, the police in the area have come under intense criticism. The police chief in the area reportedly said on Facebook that there were only 30 policemen on duty during the incident, and that the police had to stay neutral during the attack.


However, Micheal Funke, the mayor of Clausnitz has said that the protesters did not attack the refugees, but were only interested in finding out the identities of those entering the town. His account has been disputed by the video footage posted on social media.


Polizei Sachsen in #clausnitz … Umgang mit verängstigten Flüchtlingskindern. #kaltland

Posted by Frank Stollberg on Friday, February 19, 2016

Pro-refugee movements in Germany have also accused the police of showing bias, when dealing with them in demonstrations. Pro- activists said police harass their members, but when the anti-refugee movements demonstrate, the police are happy to support them by providing adequate security.

Even local media outlets in areas where protests and counter-protests on refugees take place are not left out in the chaos.


Some local journalists have said that the police do not protect them from anti-refugee protester attacks when they demonstrate. Recently, a media outlet from the city of Leipzig announced that it will no longer cover an anti-refugee movement known as Legida, due to the attacks on its journalists by some of the more radical protesters.

Pro-refugee movements are therefore calling for a thorough investigation from the police high command, regarding the attitude of officers in handling refugee related issues.

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  1. It makes it difficult to have a positive outlook on humans when you see stuff like this. Shame on these people including the police. Whether or not Germany can handle more refugees doesn’t matter… This isn’t how you treat people. These fascists make a respectful country like Germany look shameful.

    • STFU u stupid cunt. over 800 assaults on woman have been reported and mainly proven by those Arabic scumbags pretending they are refuges. They have been invited and treated well…they didnt liked that and betrayed Germany, now they have to pay. Everyone!

  2. Omg this almost makes me cry, they get so much hate you can hear it in there voices. they went from one war zone to another, just look at the horror on there faces when they realize that. it makes me feel so sad for them.

  3. Im German and sorry for that but we shouldn’t forget why people have so much hate. Its because of the media, the politics and the government ! NO german hate any refugee but we want be part of the decision where and how many come ! Its wrong to bring many into a small City without asking the residents. We have over 1 MILLION refugees now … other european countries not even accept 1000 !!! The german Police nerver trained how to handle that kind of situation so they just follow orders. The whole Management went wrong. Who pay for all ? The german workers with their taxes ! We do that because of our shamful past ! But we can’t do it alone. There is no Europe, its 90% Germany … why there is WAR in syria ? Why millions of syrian flee ? Because Assad and his Army destroy their whole Country ! Why nobody kill Assad ? Because now Putin Support him ! Why Obama dont care ? Because no Oil in syria ! Whats next ? 5 Million Syrians more ? Sorry, it dont work that way.

    • How many wrong things you have said there…
      First of all – those, who were responsible for German nazi past are long gone. All that generation is either dead or out of politics and even social life, so don’t keep pouring ash on your head. Your country and your people are not responsible anymore for that, specially after so many apologies and dramatic changes in everything after war. So stop it! This is completely different story, different times and measures that has nothing common with your past. Don’t listen to the bunch of ignorant, dumb retards shouting here something like “fucking nazis”.
      Secondly – Germany and ALL the EU must say “ENAUGH!” to all this bullshit. Close the borders and FILTER the flow of the migrants (most of them are no refugees!). It is nothing bad to help people in despair, but most of these deserve a fucking kick to their asses. And for your own good – make Merkel STFU with her welcome messages.
      Until that – enjoy paying for them, your women abused and raped and so on.
      And you cant say that there is only Germany alone in this. Italy, Greece, Hungary and other countries that face this mob of arabic and african invaders.
      Honestly – I think this is going to get even worse on both sides. More bitches pretending to be refugees and more radicalism from locals.

      • sorry to say but u talk like a NEO NAZI ! filter people ? say enough ? arabic mob ? african invaders ? Give them the basics of life lik a safe home, schools for education, work for earning money, freedom and peace … then NOBODY will leave his country and come to europe or germany … thats the way of life 😉

  4. It proves that Germany have not learned anything from their past Nazi history as they pretended. Now they just have a new victim. From Hating Jews to Muslims. Shame on you. Maybe whole Europe should think twice before invading a country and devastating people homes and lifes that it will have a consequences. When u want to invade a country to make peoples life better as you claim. Why cant you than take these peopele witj open arms and help them. It is such a hipocrisy and dobbeltstandard. I am shamed to be called european.

    • stop talking stupid and come to germany … its same multicultural as for example france or united kingdom ! in big cities u have 50% caucasian and 50% other races, just in some easernt province its different! we have millions of turkish ppl here because Erdogan is almost like Assad ! people want freedom and safety but one country cant handle all alone. look what east europe do … NOTHING ! because of our bad history now we have to take care of the whole world ? thats no solution and the wrong way … they just need a free and safe SYRIA 😉

  5. Ugly stuff and things can really turn bad if the political powers keep fucking it up

    pepol really have to rember that the E.U is in a recession and and the general public is allready moving to the right..

    Last time in the Yugoslavian war pepol in EU where very positive about taking new people into there country…

    This time its different, pepol are stessed loans maxed out and they are scared of the future, this will be used by political right wings to push there agenda, we have seen it before and its a super dangeroush path to go down..

    What can we do, dont be jugdemental, try n understand the reasons and use that to make your local enviroment better, talk with your familie and friends you next door neighbor and tell him everything will only get better if we the PEPOL stand together and talk with eachother


  6. Truth is, Europe has too many strong beliefs and proud people to make it a good place for refugees. This is seen as an islamic invasion and if it keeps going, I’m sure it’s not going to end well.

    • the only truth is that euopeans and especially Germans just get what they deserve for doing NOTHING against WAR in SYRIA … we are are guilty and now we have to take the consequences … whats the sense of our life if others must flee from their country because of war ? its nonsense and just fake happiness ! 5 or even 10 MILLION syrian should come to europe maybe then the governments will do something against ASSAD.

  7. these people have left their homes looking for safety.. and this is what they are led to.. the darkness in peoples hearts have NO limits..

  8. Whatever else one thinks about our genetically challenged elites, we have to admit that as far as mass production goes,they have few equals. From fast food to tailor-made fanatics their skills are extroadinary. Of course in all their ventures they depend entirely on the unquestioning support of the rank and file, and it is for this reason they go to such lengths to misinform and stupify the common man. If, through their oversight, functioning critical facualties were left intact, from their point of view the result could be disasterous. It’s certainly a pleasing thought but judging from the ease with which they have arranged the ongoing confrontations between desperate refugees and noisy mindless defenders of ‘our way of life’ both ‘sides’ have been totally outwitted. With no more than a handful of us fully understanding that this crisis has been a deliberate set-up from the word go, what on earth are our chances of teaching our unhinged elites a painful lesson?


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