Pollution In China: 20 Shocking Photos


From skies shrouded by filthy layers of gray smog and smoke, to the trash-strewn Great Wall of China, to oil and garbage-filled rivers; China is paying a heavy price for being the world’s largest supplier of goods, forcing millions of its residents to seek refuge behind surgical masks.

According to a report published by Global Burden of Disease Study, air pollution in China was a contributing factor to 1.2 million premature deaths in 2010, almost 40% of the global total! In 2013, in Beijing alone, levels of dangerous particles less than 2.5 micrometres across, known as PM2.5s, were 22 times what the World Health Organization considers safe.

China has had to declare ‘war on pollution,’ as rates of environmental toxicity crossed the danger threshold – authorities have introduced emergency measures to thin traffic and shut down polluting industries. The State Council approved 10 anti-pollution measures aimed at reducing emissions from the industries which contributed to the country’s stupendous economic growth.

Cutting emissions per unit of GDP in key industries by at least 30% by 2017 is one of the main objectives, alongside curbing the growth of high-energy consumption. To help tackle the environmental danger, Beijing has also promised to focus more on solar energy.

Despite these measures, pollution in China remains largely unchecked and as a result the country contains some of the dirtiest air in the world, home to polluted, unusable waterways, as well as swaths of garbage-infested land. These shocking photos reveal how bad China’s pollution problem has become…

1. Fake Hong Kong skyline for tourists.


2. A man looks at a contaminated river in Cangnan County of Wenzhou, Zhejiang province.


3. THIS is THE Great Wall Of China.


4. Children in Dalad play in piles of sand near the Dalate coal-fired-electricity-generating station towers.


5. Tienanmen Square filled with smog.

6. A resident walks on the banks of a polluted river filled with dumped garbage.


7. A child drinks water near a stream in Fuyuan county.


8. A heavily polluted river, Zhugao in Sichuan Province.


9. A polluted river in Wenzhou in Zhejiang Province.


10. A child jumps over trash at a village in Jiaxing.


11. Plastic bottles surround a river polluted by reddish dye.


12. A factory in Yutian, 100km east of Beijing, fills the air with toxic chemicals.

13. Beijing surrounded by smog.

14. A child swims in a polluted river filled with garbage.


15. The Great Wall Of China, once again…


16. Waste water being released into Yangtze river.


17. A woman wearing a mask walks through a street covered by dense smog in Harbin, northern China.


18. Fishermen walk through the muddy bottom of a polluted canal in central Beijing.

19. Over 300 pigs fished out of Huangpu river.


20. A morning in Beijing.


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          Though some of your other “facts” I tend to agree with!

    • typical chinese they dnt give a shit about anything or anyone. if thats wot china is like they can keep it, look at the yhangze river and how they pollute that,they had a species of dolphin only found there in the world…. where are the dolphins now? oh wait they are extinct!

  1. Most of these photos (of Beijing) are taken from past. It’s much better now in Beijing both in winter and summer time.

  2. Hi,
    Do you know pls a petition I can sign (and share on FB) to stop this?
    Many thanks – I’m just shocked…
    Best regards,

      • Also bullshit. None of what you said wont change any of that. Two reasons. 1: We are humans and we are naturally hunters, simple as that. To stop eating animals is bullshit as they contain the nutrients our bodies need, and there is a reason for why animals have them inside of them. We have been hunting for a long time way before that shit vegan and vegetarian existed, so thats bullshit reason number one. 2: Stopping to buy things “Made In China”, isnt quite as simple as you want it to be. You see, even if you or alot of people stop, doesnt make it so they stop producing things, thats not how it works. By simply not buying anything, like you said not eating animals and not buying the meat, wont stop the industries from producing what they always do. However, a solution to this might be to change their overall technical systems. Filters, power supply, assembly and to get a cleaning service for the country, would help instead. Please dont try to change people into not eating animals, something we actually unfortunatly need, and if you want to stop buying things “Made In China”, then do so, cause i see that you use a PC or Phone or whatever you use, and guess where that its materials or even its whole is from, yes, CHINA!

        • We dont need to eat animals for the nutrients we require…. I do eat animals but it’s perfectly possible to get all the nutrients we need from fruit and vegetables alone….

        • Studies have shown that humans were originally herbavores. While the introduction of new proteins caused our mental evolution we are now intelligent enough to get those same proteins from plants and have the means to transport them. While I do eat meat I only purchase what my family needs and avoid being wasteful. America is a horribly spoiled place where we raise animals to kill them and throw them away. It is so possible to not eat meat. To think other wise is ignorant

        • you are pretty much a system slave yourself without the capacity to imagine the many ways humanity could solve this, I believe. Alice is right, you dont need to eat meat at all, its bad for the brain as well and it does lead you to defend useless killer habit already expired a 120.000 years ago. And yes stop buying things from China everybody please, especially everything related to plastics, chems and tainted textile garments. The chinese government got to reconsider what kind of industrial development they really do want to be involved with rather than opening every year 350 new coal mines to keep the toxic industries up and running on domestic energy.

          • I will stop buying things from China along with USA, and most of the EU countries, because all of you are the fucking pain in the ass of the world. China is polluting the world yes!, but you fucking americans and allies are fucking the rest of the world for oil greedy monsters, you are not better than them!.

        • Just how many animals have you hunted down and ripped apart with your teeth LokeYourLord? Must be hard to resist that natural urge…

      • What are you going to do when you need to replace the computer you’re writing on? Buy one of those great new computers made in Boise, Idaho?

        • Yes indeed Scott, do not talk nonsens because all computers and hard wares being build by US and EU companies in the beginning and Japan following like a copy cat. And than came Taiwan with the first big waves of outsourcing. If, by consequence, we go back and produce all equipments in Idaho, Germany or England we would do a lot good to this world and not only because of environment restrictions followed. The chess play of globalization is a much bigger danger because this driving force applies the speculative background of our first enemies ever.

          • You deluded idiot, US and EU companies?, Japan does better things than you guys, and not to mention Germany that’s other big name (forget VW). Keep eating your grass, you are proving is bad for the brain retarded bald guy!.

      • Large scale farming of vegetables is as hard on the planet as large scale animal husbandry. Small scale local and sustainable farming is the answer. Raising animals sustainably is a benefit to the planet.

      • Stop eating factory farmed meat. it is factory farmed meat that is destroying the world. Buy local grass fed, free range meat the only way to farm sustainablely.

      • The rivers are running red from the blood of all the cats and dogs that you people have slaughtered in your so called “Yulin Festival”.

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  4. The vast majority of Chinese people don’t care and will never change their disgusting habits (fact). Why would anyone want to visit their filthy dirty country and add to the pollution?

    • Please specify how many Chinese do u know in your life and which habit of them makes you feel sick.
      Please give example which Chinese city have you ever been and how it makes you feel disgusting.
      If you had never seen China by your eyes and know nothing about Chinese culture, you are only qualified to say something about POLLUTION here!

      • I know plenty and they are gross…so I am not shocked they treat their own country like this. So f@ck off. Japonese people are 100 times better.

        • Apart from the air pollution, which I have not ersonally experienced myself so far in China (still would like to travel there), I can only advice you not to condemn all Chinese people together. They are wonderfull disciplined people and they show a great hospitality. They have great traditional music, delicious recips of cooking and fascinaing literature. I have meanwhile met only well educated, very decent Chinese friends. They would never judge over Europeans or other countries, as so many Europeans or American do ,too fast. If you accept Chinese traditions and listen to their culture, you can experience a very interesting enrichment. In my opinion they are 100 times better than the “nose-high” Japanese. I hope China will soon abolish their air polluting factors. But it might be late, anyway, becz Fukushima from Japan has already destroyed our planet for ever and ever.

    • that is not true. being an american born chinese i see how many people view china as dirty and how the chinese are dirty. I admit i can see why they think that. But u cannot judge an entire country by seeing a couple of people. In fact i have traveled all over china and it is much better and its actually very beautiful. Many of the pictures were taken years ago and china has greatly improved. It is not a ‘fact’ chat the chinese people dont care and have disgusting habits

      • I agree with Eric…Lovely people the CHinese and wish I was that fortunate to visit that country. Lets just pray that the Chinese government do something positive about the pollution. Wo ai ni

  5. Dear Annonymous,

    are you true hackers? Can you hack me plz? Thanks 🙂 – Looking forward to a broken laptop if your true to your word

  6. The president or any other countries should help them because soon China will die out and people will have No were to go except other countries and then those countries will be overpopulated and soon the president will have to think of a way to lower the population and we don’t know how we can’t Just kill people like a purge…If China has been vacated by all the people most likely they will come to the U.S. because of our slogan “Freedom” Just think about it…

  7. Those pictures are absolutely horrible! If they don’t stop polluting right away they’ll be dead before they clean it up! They are already putting bodies in the ground because of it, and those children will reach toxic levels of contaminates in early adulthood.

    America was on the path to the same place, until it changed back in the 1970’s and being a polluter became a bad thing. We had to build the American companies that have developed technologies to clean up dumps, recycling, waterway cleanup, and air pollution abatement systems. We had to force industry to adhere to rules of conduct when using materials that have byproducts of a toxic nature. It has brought us to where we are today, with some of our biggest urban areas having good air and waterway quality again after many years of work. We are still cleaning up after our own industrial revolution, now it is China’s turn.

    Dumping and Polluting have to become a National problem, with ‘nobody’ willing to dump anything. Government, industry, and the people themselves all need to change. America should send those companies with anti-pollution technologies over to assist. It is going to take 50 years or more to clean that up, but it starts when somebody picks up their street.

    I wish the people there the best of luck in cleaning that up.

    It’s so bad I wouldn’t go without a hazmat suit!

  8. Plastic pollution is in our oceans. Demand and supply. China as well as any other country had people in it with terrible habbits and don’t care about our world. I wouldn’t just blame china. Have you been to Tijuana? Have you seen other places? I have and its not just China. These are great pics to use to show the world but it be nice if they didn’t just put China on blast.

  9. Nothing will change and nothing will stop. There will be ppl talking about reform and change and trying to fix things but nobody does it. Does who want to help make the planet a better place are mocked in the news and media. This companies control the area by providing clothes, energy and money to the city. Money is what is stopping some to try to help. Its sad to think about this but we will never change because we are not united, one simple plan cant unite us. For all the great achievement china has it is stuck in the idea that nobody tells them what to do like Russia. I live in California and this drought thing is serious but what did you expect, too many ppl and they all need water……Its not just china its everyone, we are not conscious about what we do to this planet because we don’t care.

  10. Might I inquire about using the pictures in public spaces and on social media? Understandable if it’s not an option – they are extremely poignant.

    Thank you for your article.

  11. It’s the same old answer. There’s just way too many people in the world for it to be sustainable. 1 or 2 child policy worldwide would eventually fix all this

  12. This is China yes, and of course like many we can offer critiques and condemnation but to put it all in perspective consider what the garbage dump in the mid pacific looks like. And nothing to do with China as far as I can tell. Before you condemn a particular race/nation have a look in the mirror!

  13. And environmental groups freak out about the little pollution happening in the US. It’s statistically zip, like a lot of nothing.

    We end up choking on China’s waste after crossing the Pacific, while we send near pristine air to Europe.

    The Fukushima debris and radiation, although not Chinese nor intentionally created, is as well horrifying!

    Incompetence is just as bad as intentional action/inaction. The Fukushima Daichi reactor meltdown was a direct result of incompetence.

    This rampant pollution situation in China has got to be fixed, and fast!!!

    Stop buying Chinese made crap. Do everything in your power to buy more locally sourced products (LSP), if at all possible.

    When you cannot find what you need as a LSP you must DEMAND these companies produce stateside using your wallet.

    DON’T BUY and then TELL THEM WHY!!!

    We must encourage our companies to make stuff here in the US.

    We must support with buying, even if it costs a little bit more.

    It all comes back around, works well in the end, when the loop is closed.

    More jobs, more money, can afford better stuff, thus more jobs…etc.

    It’s simple economics folks!

    Then slowly need for welfare drops, taxes drop, everyone flourishes.

    Our Democratic Republic is a beautiful thing. It allows you, me, everyone to live better lives and enjoy more amenities.

    It’s true. Think about what our poor have to their names, then compare to say, Ethiopia. Nuff said?!?!

    AND…At least here in the US we tend to heavily control our atmospheric pollution!

    We control pollution as best we can, and we have great scientists, so it’s always improving!

  14. I really can’t feel sorry for the fact that China is going to hell in a hand basket (or waste basket by the look of it) they have “strive for perfection” for so long in the industry business that I don’t think their government even realizes that their country has gone to shit now. And if they have they don’t care. I mean seriously China has enough money to last for the next two centuries but that’s not good enough for them. Nothing is ever good enough unless it is absolute perfection. It’s sickening what they’re doing

  15. Ok pollution I can see Awful!!!
    But these Chinese are also as disgusting as the British.. Filth everywhere
    No one can hold on to their garbage till they see a trash can?? I bet the Chinese Public toilets are as disgusting as the British ones.. One wonders if mom or dad ever taught them proper toilet etiquette … would rather dump on the street than use a British Public toilet And Chinese Now too..

    • Hold on… Where are you from? The U.K. Is not like that at all you dick! Fucking hell in comparison, we are almost spotless
      And if your a yank don’t even bother to reply! Never can like any thing or any one British .. Only American !

  16. When most of the US and Europe outsourced their manufacturing to China, the pollution associated with manufacturing was also outsourced to China. I can’t call this balanced reporting because China also has pristine areas and has made significant improvements in many areas. Thailand also has some very nasty areas, but since it’s part of US_COLD (United States Community of Lapdogs) it gets a pass, and India has 12 cities with worse air than Beijing, which can get awful since it’s located in a basin, like LA, which also was terrible not too many years ago.


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