President of Russia’s Chechen Republic: ‘ISIS was created against Russia’




Ramzan Kadyrov is the president of Russia’s Chechen republic, one of the more restive regions of Russia; it has already been at war twice with Russia, and they have proven to have been particularly adapt at fighting their non-Muslim countrymen.

“If we think that the Syrian issue will be resolved quickly and will not affect the security of our country, it is not true. I am sure they will show up. ISIS was created primarily against Russia,” Kadyrov said during a press conference in Grozny.

Whether ISIS was truly created to sow chaos in Russia is debatable, but it would not be a far stretch for recruits from the Chechen Republic to become further radicalized, bringing back the ideology as well as fighting prowess to push for one more war. Indeed, this line of thinking might explain why Washington has “mistakenly” supplied ISIS or Al Qaeda in Syria so often with weapons, tanks, humvees and trained soldiers- a situation that might be compared to how the CIA had funded Al Qaeda in order to push back the Soviets.

To deter and neutralize such returning citizens, he has offered to impose harsher punishments than Western countries were willing to:

“The death penalty should be introduced for those who recruit, distort the [Muslim] religion, misinterpret the Quran, and terrorists. These people even in prison have a connection, and they continue to recruit,” said the head of the region.

Russia’s State Duma, or the lower house of the Federal Assembly of Russia, however has stated that it has no plans on back-tracking on a ban against the death penalty for the entire country.

“At the present moment the issue of introducing the death penalty, including the death penalty for terrorism, is not being considered in Russia,” MP Raphael Mardanshin.

Kadyrov has also spoken out against those who condemned Russia for bombing ISIS:

“Many countries have imposed sanctions against us anyway. The West and Europe do not need a strong state. They need a state that can be ruled. My deep belief: If necessary, the President will submit to the State Duma a draft law and the deputies will support him.”


Sources: RT

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  1. When will we get some brains? And just side with Russia to take out all these little upstart terrorists. But instead we go EXACTLY the opposite direction. As if the cold war didn’t teach us enough.


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