The Prophet Muhammad And The Truth About Pedophilia Allegations


The long-running accusations against the prophet Muhammad, are no surprise to any Muslim. The majority of these accusations are initially unrecognizable due to their utter absurdity, and many Muslims would think that those claims belong to someone they barely know.

In this article, I will be talking about the “pedophilia thing” that every/ignorant person is so obsessed about, but before we get into that, a little bit of history to refresh our minds. I quote from source [1] the status of the women before Islam, and from [2] their status after Islam.

Arab women before Islam

Women, as a general rule, had virtually no legal status. They were sold into marriage by their guardians for a price paid to the guardian, the husband could terminate the union at will, and women had little or no property or succession rights.

The women after Islam

Muhammad improved things quite a lot. By instituting rights of property ownership, inheritance, education and divorce, he gave women certain basic safeguards. Set in such historical context, the Prophet can be seen as a figure who testified on behalf of women’s rights.

Pedophiles prey on the weakness of their victim—either mentally or physically—and this man secured women’s rights, making them equal to men in duties in the 7th century, giving more rights even to the animals.
Now, I may not be an expert in criminology, but if this tells you that the prophet Muhammad had anything to do with that “thing,” then you need to leave a comment below 😉
It is paramount to mention that the prophet Muhammad, and those who followed him, had suffered a tremendous amount of torture, prosecution and humiliation, which puts him on the top list of activists who lived in the 7th century, and his ideas and teachings are still practiced by more than 20% [3]of the world population.

Furthermore, I would like to quote a gentleman who goes by the name of Yusuf Estes[4].

I wasn’t sure about the transcript made for that video by “google,” so here is mine [5].
The relevant points are:
+ She was betrothed at an early age, but she only got married when she was old enough.
+ It was a healthy relationship and a happy family.
+ She didn’t have children from him…
+ She never said anything bad about him her whole life and never remarried another man after he passed away.

[1] Arab women before Islam
[2] Arab women after Islam
[3] Muslim world
[4] Yusuf Estes
[5] transcript:
The first time that happened to me, I was in George Mason University giving a speech. After the speech, one come up to me, he's not Muslim, he was old man actually, and he knows Arabic and came in my face and he said: "What do you say about the 53-year-old man that has sex with a six-year-old girl?"

Wow! When he said this, I almost passed out cause I couldn't believe anybody would talk like this. I couldn't believe someone would say something like this. I know what he meant by what he said. I was so upset I started taking my coat off, and I will give it to the cheekh (scholar) who was with me, I said: "You know, just hold my coat, I'm gone go on this guy," and as I was taking my coat off, I looked at him and said: "It depends on your question. If it's a rhetorical question or if you're insulting my prophet, in which case I'm gone take you out back and beat your head of your shoulders." He said: "No no no, it's rhetorical." I said: "In this case, it doesn't need an answer."

Obviously what he said no Muslim would support this idea, because our prophet(pbuh) never would do something like this. Our prophet did not do what this man said, but the way he said it people would think 'ah' this is Muhammad. Our prophet(pbuh) was the example for us, and he was the mercy to mankind. I had to go to the scholars and ask them:"How do I answer the question?" They said: "First of all, you don't get angry." This is in the hadith (saying) of the rassoul (prophet)(pbuh), he said: "Don't get angry." Somebody said: "Give me an advice," and he (prophet) replied: "Don't get angry, don't get angry, don't get angry," take it easy, keep it cool. The second things is, when you don't know something, just say I don't know, but be kind to them, maybe they will listen to the answer.

So the next time I saw the same guy again, I'm ready. This time, he started with another question, it's nothing but insult the way he said it, but this time I said: "Thank you for asking me about my religion," and he was like 'huh'. He didn't expect that. He thinks I'm going to get angry... not now, I know we shouldn't do that. "Thank you for asking me about my religion" and then say this: "As a Muslim, I cannot lie, if I lie I can go to hell, and if I don't tell the truth, if I make a mistake, you can check it out anyway because everything in Islam is preserved 100%." The Quran and Sunnah, we still have it today as we had it centuries ago. So it's there. So it's easy. We can find the answer. But by the way, and here it comes, are you listening? "If while you're listening to my answer, you like the answer so much that you say: 'that's better than what I have', are you going to be ready to make a move to something better?" He said: "Yeah," and then I began to give the answer. First of all the hadith are in (bukhari) and it's two, one said that Aisha was six-years-old and her mother comes to her and takes her into the house. She is playing in the dirt, her mother takes her into the house to her father---so far did you hear the word sex in there? 'No...,'---and her father is doing a tradition which is a part of the Arab tradition forever, he's offering his daughter in marriage to his best friend, someone who is a leader, someone who is very important to him, and saying I want you to marry my daughter. But then what, she's back outside playing in the dirt, yes or no? 'Yeah!' Where did you hear sex then? I think you've been standing in the checkout line at the grocery store, looking at the tabloids with that word s.e.x. 'Wow wow' it's all you're thinking about, this is not our prophet(pbuh).

The other hadith she's older, the mother is taking her to the father, the father is offering her in marriage, and look what it says in the Quran chapter 4 verse 19. Very clear it tells:
"O you who believed, you cannot inherit women against their will," and in order for a women to get married, she has to be old enough to know what's going on and understand it, and old enough to have children, otherwise, she can't get married. It's not a legal marriage in Islam, yes or no? So what do you think? It gives us the example that even though she was betrothed at an early age, they didn't get married until she was old enough.
The man standing upon (said): "I didn't know that, I didn't know that."

It happened again when I was in Chennai, same subject come up and I told another one the same way, he said: "Really!" And I said: "Yes!" But I wanna ask you a question, everything we know about their marriage is coming to us from her. Read what she said, and think out of 2200 sayings or hadith from her, she is saying only what? The best things about her husband Muhammad(pbuh), yes or no? And all that she said again and again, she is praising him, loving him, caring about him. She talks about when she was young, she used to race with him, and used to beat him. She said: "I got older, I got heavy and then he used to beat me in the races." She used to tease him. She used to play tricks on him. We know from the Quran, some tricks that she played, 'wow' watch out, but still he was a very caring and loving husband to her, so much so, when he died (pbuh), he wanted her to be there. He died right in that house, with his head in her lap. And what was the last thing that she did? She used a toothstick and she cleaned it up for him and open it up and put it in his mouth, because she knew how much he liked it. And in this way, in this condition, he passed away. And for the rest of her life, she narrated from him and never said a single bad word about her husband. Do you know any woman today who can go their whole life and never say something bad about their husbands? 'Hello!'Do you know a woman who can go even one year, or one month, a one week, maybe not even one day, and she is saying something about her husband. Aisha (ra) never said a single bad word about her husband, yes or no? And she never even considered to look for another man for the rest of her life. In her heart and her mind she is still married to Muhammad (pbuh) and they will be together in Janna (paradise), and live there happily ever after.

I'm asking you a simple question: "Is this the best love story you ever heard or do you like the story of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet?"
On valentines day, talking about 'oh what a love story', Romeo and Juliet; two young lovers--- one preteen, maybe 12, and one 14, something like this---very young, from separate tribes that didn't like each other.They hate each other. They were fighting. So Capulets on one side, and the other family on the other side, and they hate each other, and they don't want the children to even know each other, so they sneak behind their back, did they get married? Noooo. What did they do? I don't wanna mention. And then what? One of them commits suicide and then the other commits suicide.

According to the Jewish religion, Christian religion and Islam they go to hell; compare that to the story of Muhammad and Aisha, and tell me what you think is really the story of romance, and he said "I testify there is only one god but Allah and that Muhammad is his prophet and messenger."

Just remember this, no matter how harsh the questions come, you have a responsibility to represent Islam in the best way. Don't try to be Ahmed Deedat, or don't try to be Zakir Naik, don't try to be Yusuf Estes, be you, be yourself as the best Muslim you can be. I swear a god---and I don't like to swear in Arabic cause I'm not Arab anyway, but when I say this, I really mean---I wish all of us will just use what Allah (god) gave us and be the best person you can be. This will destroy cheetan (evil) on this planet, he (devil) wouldn't have a chance, may Allah (god) guide us, Amen.

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  1. They married at age 6, but he waited until her first period at age 9 to have intercourse. Resulting ages 56,9. Still pedophilia, sorry m8

    • Watch the video again, she needs to understand what marriage is for the marriage to be legal, ask a 9 years old girl if she knows what marriage is then we can talk ;), I doubt a 16 years old girl would even know, sorry but you’re wrong m8.

      • That is pure conjecture and it is simply you speaking from modern ignorant bias. It is impossible to truly gauge if someone “understands” an abstract concept like a social contract binding you to another person. If they spent a month instructing the young girl on the concept of marriage I’m sure they could justify this as her “understanding” so the fact that you keep saying he “waited” to have sex with her until she was “ready” is vague as fuck and doesn’t say anything about if it was pedophilia or not. The people who founded our religions were human beings who did terrible and amazing shit. Stop being so sensitive and just accept that bad shit happened without impotently trying to explain it away with apologist logic. It doesn’t mean Islam needs to be disbanded as a religion. It means its founder fucked some children. It is what it is.

        • I may have said he never had kids from her, I’m pretty sure they invented condoms a few centuries after that, but who knows maybe people can’t accept the truth, because they have some pride left, so they keep on denying, or maybe they will lose a eye or and a leg, if they admit to being wrong. But I’m glad someone attempted to say something smart finally.

        • Well there you go then…. As long as a man doesn’t fertilise a 9 year old while having sex it’s not peodophilia… How messed up are you? Obviously if a man has sex with your 9 year old daughter it would be OK? It doesn’t matter about religion to know that this man was twisted. Too know our creator is EVERYTHING. To worship Mohammed is wrong. Find out who Allah really is takes some time and effort. If you really think that a man having sex with children is ok” even back in the day” then you are a fool and someone who has a twisted mind. Study the scriptures and the answer is there. But believe that Muhammed was not a peodophile…. Ha ha, good luck twisted one. I AM WHO I AM. I will openly have a conversation with someone who has the intelligence to converse without a bias thought about Peodophilea, but please be aware that having sex with a 9 year old” just is not acceptable ‘. END OF

      • Also the argument that he expanded women’s rights and therefore couldn’t be a pedophile is so ad hom it’s a goddamn joke they instantly removed any journalistic legitimacy this article held. “Would a guy who did that do this?” Is pure stupidity. Social activists are not immune to being pricks in their personal lives. Find a better and more academic line of argumentation. Or continue to be a parody of theological debate.

      • In Biblical times people were married at a very young age.
        Girls were usually betrothed before they reached puberty – majority of the time the marriage would have consummated when the girl reached puberty, and that was usually between the ages of 8, 9 or older.

        Scholarly sources prove that marriage in ancient Israelite times took place at a very young age, sometimes the girls who were married off were pre-pubescent. There was no law against a pre-pubescent girl being married off. If you are able to read ancient history in a focused way, you will come to realise that the Mishnah gave approval for a man to have intercourse to a betrothed girl, any-time after the age of three years old.

    • Pretty much everyone practiced the `old enough to bleed, old enough to butcher` principle back then, Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Jews, Buddhists. Women were treated badly by everyone then….You have to ask when did the statutory rape law started… Funny how people only talk about the guy and his alleged abuses.

      • Here’s a thought…. If I have sex with children who are 9 years old and know their minds, as long as I tell everyone that I agree with what women want and like, then it’s ok and I’m not a peodophile?…. Islam is the most messed up religion in the world. If you are going to argue a religion, then please don’t base it on paedophile and false teachings. ALL RELIGIONS have been twisted by time and mind control. HOWEVER, there is only one religion that is based on peodophilia, ISLAM. Did Jesus ever have sex with a minor…NO, Did Buddha, Krishna or indeed any other so called prophet have sex with a 9 year old? Of course not.. FUCK ALLAH YOU MESSED UP FOOLS

    • Do you believe in God? If you do then you must also believe that jesus is the son of god (which we ‘muslims’ have a different prespective about). Nd you must also believe that mary(RA) was a virgin. Nd if i ask you as to how could that be literally possible? Nd start questioning a very few miracles of christanity. You would say it’s god he can do anything and his miracles don’t need to be questioned!
      We too believe in the same ideology!
      Nd when it comes to the little girl that he married, possibility is that maybe god made her even more mature both mentally nd physically just for our prophet(pbuh).. whatever it maybe few miracles can not be questioned. Because it is God! Nd he can do whatever he likes and wills.
      Hope my justification, fulfills your doubts.
      May the peace nd blessings of god be upon us! 🙂

      • Or you can just tell the truth and say none of it makes any logical sense because it’s made up baloney. Religion is all the same. You believe people’s word and interpretation of events and ignore your own!? Think for yourself rather than listening to words of some guy written so long ago that go against nature, logic and science. Times change. People didn’t know what they were talking about back then. Meteor falls, oh look it’s God pointing at something… Get a grip and catch up with the time guys

    • It has to have been at 9 as it’s the only consistent number and was left out of the discussion again. I was a very strong supporter of Muslims being able to defend their beliefs as few days ago until when asked about the young marriage the fellow defended the prophet saying until she was 9 he only rubbed himself against her. Then they had sex. Both are awful and only molesting the child is not a defence. I have been talking to many Muslims and trying to find out but mostly they leave out the part when she had sex at nine, quite a few just talked about not touching a woman during her cycle and most said it was ok at 9 and when I said it’s wrong I was told I would burn in hell. I really am trying not to be a bigot and make an uninformed judgement but there being mentioned many times the age of 9 then it puts face any claim of the prophet being a holy man and turns everyone who prays to him a supporter of child abuse. I don’t want that to be the truth so can someone please direct me to where I can find a straight answer without turning the attention away like here with Romeo and Juliet? Two teenagers together doesn’t equal an old man and nine year old girl. And you cant call pedophilia a love story. I’m not trying to be offensive as everything I have found so far I’ve tried to ask nicely and get a true answer. I don’t want to have to ban my Muslim friend from being near my kids for worshiping something like that so please help

  2. From the 20th century onwards, a common point of contention has been Muhammad’s marriage to Aisha, who was said to have been six or seven when betrothed to Muhammad in traditional Islamic sources and nine, or according to al-Tabari, ten, when the marriage was consummated.

    D. A. Spellberg, Politics, Gender, and the Islamic Past: the Legacy of A’isha bint Abi Bakr, Columbia University Press, 1994, p. 40

    Karen Armstrong, Muhammad: A Biography of the Prophet, Harper San Francisco, 1992, p. 157.

    Barlas (2002), p.125-126

    Sahih al-Bukhari, 5:58:234, 5:58:236, 7:62:64, 7:62:65, 7:62:88, Sahih Muslim, 8:3309, 8:3310, 8:3311, 41:4915, Sunan Abu Dawood, 41:4917

    Tabari, Volume 9, Page 131; Tabari, Volume 7, Page 7

  3. It’s strange that people are commenting here and on facebook and they didn’t even read the article, I expected more interesting comments 😉

  4. Only an idiot would try to cover up an historically documented child marriage by coming up with ridiculous excuses. The truth is that Muhammad, a 50+ year old man began sexually violating a 9 year old girl. Today this is deemed a barbaric and savage act. 1400 years ago it was OK in the eyes of a bunch of uneducated, uncivilised and savage Arabs whose only joy was to attack “non-Muslims”, massacre their men and enslave their women and children. Given that Muhammed was the leader of this gang of barbarian murderers, there is little doubt about his paedophilic actions. And let us not forget the sexual molestation of thousand upon thousands of underage girls that those Arab savages took away as slaves. Aysha is simply one such case that has been rather well documented. She herself has reported about her terrifying experiences from Muhammad’s unstoppable sexual intercourses with her. Like most Arab men, Muhammad was also a sex maniac.

    • I can see that you’re not fond of the man , so no more explanation is required in your case, I dare you to show me any hard evidence of what you’re saying, enjoy life while it last 😉

      • Okay, you want hard evidence?

        No problem.

        Allah says (interpretation of the meaning):

        “And if you fear that you shall not be able to deal justly with the orphan girls then marry (other) women of your choice, two or three, or four; but if you fear that you shall not be able to deal justly (with them), then only one or (slaves) that your right hands possess. That is nearer to prevent you from doing injustice”

        [al-Nisa’ 4:3]

        Raping your slaves is legal under islamic law: those that your right hands possess. This means the slave girls that you own.

        Further info:

        • Excellent john, thank you! that was gone be my next article, I’m sure it will blow your mind ;), How much that verse is being misinterpreted, also it’s marriage, not rape, how could you possibly think that was allowing rape! he can marry a slave, but that was at the time, now we can barely handle one XD.
          With that said this seems to be off topic but I hope you got the answer that you’re looking for.

  5. Wow I usually find anonymous articles very interesting but this one is terrible! I’m not saying that Muhammad was a pedophile but this argument does little to prove it wrong. Of course his wife is going to say nice things about him… He’s the prophet Muhammad! She doesn’t want to go to hell! Also,just because the Quran say’s that they waited till she is “old enough to know marriage” (whatever age that may be) does not mean that it is true, just like how the Bible said that Mary was a virgin when she was pregnant to Jesus. More rationale and logic is needed to prove this argument, especially against the growing athiest population.

    • You can check the sources I posted, I only quoted a few lines, I wanted to keep the debate going, If you check further you will see that some sources suggested that she was 16 at the time of marriage, and women had the right to object and go to the judge if something was wrong, according to the hadith when she was mad at him she used to call him “abou alqasim” (related to his son) and when she was happy she used to call him “the prophet of god” so yes she used to get jealous, mad or happy, but he was always kind and forgiving to her, I hope this answers your question, and everything is documented if you ever need.

      • I checked your sources and all of them are from Wikipedia so none of them are actually sources. Since I’ll assume you went to college I assume that you know better than to use wikipedia for any kind of scholarly info seeing as anyone can edit. Would be happy to look at any real sources you have. That being said even if he did have sex with a 9 year old, you cannot judge someone based on a morality with 14 hundred years of difference you have to judge if what he did was wrong for the time he lived in.

        • If you insist 😉

          What I’m trying to prove here is that he wasn’t a pedophile, so let’s try and focus on that, and there is a huge difference between marriage at young age and freaking pedophilia, I hope Wikipedia is good enough to check the very definition of pedophilia because people think they can easily throw that word at anyone without any evidence or proof.
          Many reason could lead to marriage at a young age, some of which is adoption (orphans), if next of kin is not available, politic, to unite between two tribes and was one of the most popular kind of marriage at the time, and last but not least Love!

          • I’m not saying he’s a pedophile, honestly from what I remember from learning about him he always seemed like a pretty good guy for back then. The main thing people should remember is that you cannot apply your own ideas on morality to this, you have to look at what was and wasn’t right for back then so if a marriage to a 9 year old was wrong back then (it wasnt) only then could you judge it as immoral

    • People are just opening their eyes. Religion fuels wars, hatred on others and all sorts of other negatives. That’s one of the reasons why people are turning away from it. Also because times change. People understand now that most of what religions preach is beyond our understanding and logically is impossible.

      Peace to all.

      P.S. The most atheist countries also have the lowest crime rates so think about that for a while guys…

  6. You cannot talk about Islam or anything about Islam without including Sharia Law. Because Islam is a Theocracy the religion is the law and the law is the religion.
    I would like to know why anyone would want to defend such a barbaric belief system much less convince other people to accept it. If you are blind and need the writings of a book written by men for guidance, keep it to yourself.

    • I’m sure that justice dictates that you can’t blame a person for what others did, let alone if this person died 14 centuries ago, everything so far is circumstantial, and no one gave me a hard evidence, just a few doubts, self-projections, and non-sense.

  7. So the truth is he married a six year old and had sex with her when she was nine.thanks for clearing that up. Nothing to see here, move along.

      • What most of you ignorant mofos don’t understand is the fact that age categorization is a modern concept. Consumerist markets have forced society to create definite age categories to market to them. There was no such thing as a “ohh that’s how teenagers act!”. There was a child, and they were taught and moulded to become adults when they hit puberty. There was no in-between. Boys became men who would start working, and behaved like adults. Girls became women and behaved like adults.
        If you apply modern day societal constructs to 1400 years ago, it doesn’t work.

  8. “Its not pedophilia because the girl didn’t mind. So its all good, debate over.”
    Uh, this is the worst attempt yet at justifying Mohammad banging a 9 year old. Kill yourself.

  9. According to the bible, god stuck it to Mary when she was 12. If not god, then Joseph. Either way, she was only 12. Christians are being hypocritical.

  10. How you can write suck a bad things before you search on the not write anything before search and learn.and be sure.after i will think about you idiots. That time womans got no age before they get their regl period. For example mother aisha was 6 years old that is true but it means after she get regl period.then after 12 or 13 years old she is gettin period till then she has no idiots aisha was 6 years old means 12+6 =18 years old it is enough for a marriage.and world is change you have to know something about religions.i know christians, you believe father,sun,holly spirit yeah? Where is holly woman? Where is mother? You believe virgin mary? is she virgin? There is no holly mother or woman cuz church does not like womans, all the popes like pedofilia,everyone news.and learn some killed more than 20.000 woman,burned and hanged why because they said womans are witch.try to be confident search learn be sure after talk about something.

  11. I have no issue with Muhammad or Jesus Christ and their beliefs. My issue is with the perversion of the religions of the current day “followers” of both.

  12. Amen.

    Thank you very much for this article, the story of the prophet Mohammad(pbuh) and Aisha(ra) is the most beautiful story.

    God bless you.

  13. 9 year old brides. Fuck your prophet! 1000 books that worship the sun it’s still the same truth! There’s only 1 Devine source call it want you fucking want. Don’t bring that radical shit to America. The average American is a good hard working person who respects the woman. The woman is Devine she’s the closest to God! She is the carrier of life. You come to America and instill you ideals on American men you will face gun fire.

  14. what a carefully contrived piece of sophistry. most religions have very little proof of their claims and to wast time debating it is stupid. there is only one true religion that can provide evidence and continually tries to prove itself right and wrong at the same time SCIENCE

      • dude, you just won the internet with that comment. Science STARTS with theories and those theories get proven as facts over time. Pretty well all of the science so far are facts. Not saying we have proven everything but the majority of science that we study is factual.

        So to correct your statement: Much of science is fact, except for unproven theories.

  15. Everything writen here is pure lies. Lets start with poor Aisha who claimed this – i have not seen anny woman suffering as much as the beliving woman, she was comenting on the treatment women gets in islam in Sahih al-bukhari 5825

    The guy in the video claims that because he`s a msulim he cant lie, i call bullshit! (and so does the Quran) Taqiyya (also spelled taqiya, taqiyah, or taqiyyah) is a form of Islamic deception. The Quran (16:106 and 3:28) allows Muslims to lie in order to protect themselves or to protect the Muslim community. Protecting the Muslim community, however, involves lying about jihad and portraying Islam as a religion of peace.

    i could go on forever abouth this but it is not of importance, the important part is that i proved that the author of this post is full of shit, lying throu hes teeth and spreading missinformation to what agenda i dont know,

    and yes, he did marrie aisha at age of 6, and he completed the marrige when she was 9, that is peddophelia as hard as it gets, so piss off you ant

    • I don’t mind if you read the whole hadith to see how it ended (Sahih al-bukhari 5825) and I haven’t found anything about lying or taqiya whatever that is in your sources?! I’ve never heard of taqiya before this moment, maybe because I never had to use it, I don’t have enemies to lie to in the first place, but clearly you think we are enemies, It’s just a hallucination, and you should maybe open your eye and wake up.

          • Islam is a cult. period. off topic? so what. All the evidence shows that he had sex with a 9 year old. That is not good in any century.

            I have to laugh when you say that you cant lie or you will go to hell. That is to say that anyone that follows Islam never lies. Saying that you never lie…is a lie.

            Point being that there are so many holes in your arguments and your sources are not reliable enough to be called actual sources. Pure amateurism. Nice try though.

  16. So she was married at 6 & apparently consumated the marriage at 9 yrs of age, I don’t care if that was acceptable within the Arab or muslim culture , to the onlookers Mohammed was a child molesting pedophile.
    Di you know that Mohammed is mentioned in the quoran about 4 times & nothing really special is written about him , but Jesus Christ is mentioned about 25 times & talks of his miracles . Yet they still deny Him & His righteousness . Thier is no such place as paradise or heaven for those that deny Christ , especially those who worship false gods , every person that has lived will stand before God & give account of thier life , the only exception is those that have passed before the age ofunderstanding , young children , what will you say when you are face to face with God .

      • sorry but your comment depends on whether a person is muslim or christian??? Seriously?

        Ken is a bit wrong about this no heaven for Christ denyers though. Before Christ you get into heaven without acknowledging Christ, but as soon as we have the New Testament, you have to ack Christ or no heaven. Really? So the new rule comes along and it is not enough to believe in God anymore. smh

  17. Looks like Anonymous have been infiltrated by Islamists – Sleeping with a 9yr old is Paedophilia – you can angle it anyway you like but its wrong.

    • Idiots always think about sex, it’s called self projection, I respect that you think it’s wrong (if it was about sex), but clearly it was nothing like that.

      • if not about sex, then what? He just took her to the park and fed pigeons? You have to have sex to consummate a marriage, do you not?

        Sexual deviants always think about sex. idiots dont think, or they think about things and make bad choices.

        Look, I get that you are trying to deflect and deny, but at some point you are going to have to accept that you are wrong.

        • I think you need to check the evidence especially the one that talks about pedophiles in Wikipedia and check what the man did in his life time, and you will see the difference if you care, you may think that you’re right, but you’re the one who’s wrong, I have provided reasons for marriage above so read the comments and stop trolling.

  18. Tje Quran experiment
    May be you all should watch this and read a Bible as well .
    These books were written by men after after the fact that these religious and spiritual leaders were long gone , in some cases even 100 t0 150 years.
    There is a lot in Bible as well , if read properly and thoroughly it will probably make you question Christianity and its believes .
    World was a different place in 7th century and before when Jesus was around, In India girls at a very young age are still married off to adult men . This practice is still alive in different parts of the world.
    Enjoy the video

  19. Vibe – are you by any chance the famous Saudi preacher Bandar al-Khaibari? If so I congratulate you on turning the whole of western science on its head by explaining that the sun revolves around the earth and not the other way round. Flawless logic as always – how can anyone possibly think that Mohammad was a kiddy fiddler. I guess tyhe same can be said of Gary Glitter as his pop career in the 70s and 80s clearly demonstrates he is not capable of such things.
    For those who have missed the roppling of Gallileo, Isaac Newton, et al., here is a potential nobel prize winner in action –

  20. The ‘prophet’ ‘Muhammad…so who says he was a ‘prophet?’ Well, Muhammad himself of course, and only him, as no-one else was present when the alleged visitations by an angel happened. If someone today told us that he had been visited by angels he would probably be sectioned under the Mental Health act.
    And, ironically, if Muhammad came back to life today the muslims would certainly kill him, because they wouldn’t believe him when he told them: ‘I am god’s messenger.’
    All religion is nonsense, Islam is particularly so.

  21. This is total propaganda shit. Anon HQ, you are loosing readers with this propaganda garbage and you conspiracy theories. Have some credibility and at least do a Google search before posting this stupid drivel.

  22. It’s incredible how someone who is so important can be discredited with a story that cannot be proved. I guess that’s why Jesus’s personal life was always hidden by the “holy” church. By the way Mary was only 12 when he was born… who was the rapist then…? Joseph or god?

  23. Why is this article on this website? What does this have to do with anything other than Islam? If I wanted to learn about Islam, I wouldn’t visit AnonHQ…. the fact that I even see this article and video posted on this site, disturbs me so greatly! I see Anonymous as an entity, a collaboration of great hearts and minds that have come together (like other organisations) to help the people by giving power to individuals and taking it away from insatiable narcissists. I have been greatly abused in my lifetime – instead of remaining a victim I speak up for others. I recognize grooming when I see it. I recognize imbalances of power when I see it. The truth is, we all hurt each other in varying degrees… abuse exists in many forms and many degrees. But it is always with the same goal; power over a person or a group of people. Any religion that does not treat men & women as equals, or teaches their believers not to treat women as equals, has a MAJOR imbalance of power at its very heart!

    My former abuser could be nice to me. He was so charming, magnanimous and thoughtful. He still abused me so badly most people wouldn’t believe what torture he put me through. Just because women’s laws were improved by Muhammad means nothing… even my abuser threw me a bone or two here and there… that’s how you trick them into thinking they’re good – that they’re NOT a predator. Anyone that actively seeks an imbalance of power is an instrument of destruction.

    You control a population through religious control, through fear, through culture and tradition. Most people are not logical beings – incapable of separating base primal emotions from higher functioning. Add in lack of experience of the world (sheltering), lack of education, and years of compliance all around you, you’ve got them. Add in economic strife and you’ve bagged them for life! If they pop out kids to keep the cycle going (which you know they will because they HAVE to indoctrinate their kids because its the law – boy, what a racket!) even better!!!!

    Its easy enough to control a whole group of people. Most people want to work well with others, so they’re already willing to give it a shot. Segregate the women and men from each other and they start to regulate themselves – you won’t even have to, they’ll do it for you. Oppressing the women means the men feel like they have a bit of power; your men (laborers & warriors) will be happier and more complacent. If men and women were equal, they could band together and overthrow those in power. Dehumanize the women, men take their frustrations out on them and it won’t matter – plus the women pamper the men, so the men feel better. Women can’t do anything other than what they’re told because of the law, because of their own husbands/fathers/brothers, and they likely have children as well… If you were a woman, this would be your fate. This used to be my fate, but because I live in a free country, it no longer is. And what groomed me for a potential life of abuse? Indoctrination into a religion where men & women were separated, where women will never be equal to men, and where we focus mostly on the evil of man. We automatically believe we are evil, we’ll go to great lengths to be worthy… its the perfect way to psychologically hook people into getting them to do what you want! And they’ll never even know it…

    Anyone who wants to control a group of people will use tactics just like this. Mind control is real. Brainwashing is real. Freedom is not real when you belong to a group like this.

    It doesn’t make sense why this article is on here in the first place… labelled as activism? I could write an article about how cutting down trees is offensive to druidism and could call it activism… but I won’t because this site isn’t my own personal playground or soap box for my religious beliefs… the fact that you are TESTIFYING – yes folks, let’s call it what it is – testifying for your religion on this site quite literally makes me sick. You know what I’ve found? The greater imbalance of power, the greater lengths believers go to for their religion… e.g. jihad. How many millennia will it take for us to realize that they are playing us against one another so they can have all the power and control?!?!

    The religion has issues because its followers have issues… or is it the other way around – the people have issues due to religious/political reasons for controlling a whole population? Let’s get them all worked up over something sacred being defiled. Its the ‘2 minutes hate’ all over again!

    As a survivor and an intelligent and conscientious person, I needed to make sense what happened to me… so I spent hundreds of hours researching domestic violence and other forms of abuse. From what I’ve seen, Christianity and Islam are the winners for having the most victims and the most severe abuse against the weak -namely women, children, and the elderly or disabled.

    Vibe’s been pretty active on here responding to comments and defending himself. Dude, you’re being used. This is coming from a woman who was so devout, well, let’s just say when I saw the truth I almost didn’t make it. It’s hard to free yourself from indoctrination, my friend. I assure you, there is a better way than what you’ve been ‘taught’. Nothing is abuse-free yet in this world, and yes, there’s good things that come of religion as well. But I promise you, any person or entity that is in power and lets abuses of power to continue while they are in control is wrong. It’s wrong on a universal level. Those that seek power already have a problem… which is why so many in power don’t do good for the people. The right leader is the one that wouldn’t even think of being in power, and one that preaches EQUALITY INSTEAD OF ELEVATING THEIR OWN STATUS e.g. women and children!


    I testify too, brother. But it is against abuse. Whether its economical, religious, sexual, animal abuse… let’s get rid of it already!

    And as for the 9 year old thing; if a grown man can fool a grown woman, what do you think will happen to a child??? Women get married not realizing how bad their men are… they are predators! They trick judges and police and men of faith! They prey on our very humanity and use it against us!! So no, it doesn’t matter if she’s 6 or 9. And frankly, for a man to even WANT a 9 year old shows he does not value ANYONE to be equal to himself – they are all beneath him, so it doesn’t matter if she’s 20 or 2. As a woman, I wouldn’t want a 9 year old boy, or even a 15 year old boy; mentally and emotionally he would not be my equal, and even if I treated him very well, I would know we were not capable of connecting spiritually or romantically at the same level like I could with someone closer to my age and experience. Yes I could take care of him financially, we could have a life and even children… but in my heart I would always know that imbalance was there… I could never do that to him – take his freedom for my own ends, even if he did have a good life and I treated him well. And if he’s not given true freedom, but sold or bartered to me by his family or community, how is he actually free??? A man that goes for a woman decades his junior is similar – but considering how sexist our world still is, its OBVIOUS most men still think women are the lesser being… this is why it doesn’t bother them to take child brides – it doesn’t matter if they’re young or old – they are property, and their place in life is to marry and serve their family, god, nation, whatever…

    The issue is an imbalance of power. Men and women may not be the same, but they have the same rights in life – or should have. The fact that women are dehumanized is bad enough, but to do even worse to a kid? The ONLY reason a 9 year old would be happy with such a match is because the adults around her that she trusted told her it was a good match – that she should be happy. There are so many child brides even today! And they do get away! They run away and they tell their stories… people are becoming more educated… you will see things change as more people learn around the world and are freed from a life of sheltering and ignorance.

    But until then, you get to decide whether or not you take everything your leaders tell you at face value…. Hello! That’s what this site is about, isn’t it???? Questioning people in power and their rules? They would have you believe its because man is evil, and they’re saving you from yourselves. But the truth is, 10% (or more) of people are basically predators (NPD, ASPD) and really don’t care about anything but themselves. We’re here to fight the 1%, right? Who do you think the 1% is, if its not 10% of the 10%!!!!!! Predators, who care nothing for life, health or well being of others – just their own gain. With competition, and some predators not having a place of high power, the rest run around hurting the slaves, perpetuating the belief all men are evil and we need leaders in power for our protection from the thieves and rapists…

    -Children, due to their inexperience and weaknesses, shouldn’t marry. That’s wrong and selfish.
    -Women and children mean nothing to you if you victimize them. I don’t care what you say and do, I have LIVED this; if you victimize someone you are doing it for NO ONE but YOURSELF, and you truly care nothing for them.
    -If you’re following rules from an entity that either preaches or practices an imbalance of power, you are helping abusers perpetuate abuse; you become the whip in the jailor’s hands
    -Take your propaganda testimonial to an audience that gives a shit. I know what rape is. I know what it means to be someone’s slave/prisoner. I understand what consent truly is, probably better than most. If you’re being lied to, you can’t give consent. Any child bride is being lied to. This is abuse, I know abuse when I see it.
    -Please wake up. Please please please stop sleeping. You are still a brother after all.

  24. You guys should check up on the old farts from the old testament (Noah, Moses, Abraham e.g.) and their many wives and slaves and rape and paedophilia. Lots there.

    Also check out the ten commandments, “slaves, wives, donkeys, houses and other belongings..”

    Just saying. Sign of the times. However Christian women was animals and property well into the middle ages, without right to own or inherit.

    Religions are structures of comfort, politics, power, control, status and economy. Read the myths and see them for that.

  25. You do realize it was 1400 years ago .. its was the time when men in the west were killing women for practicing witchcraft and what not ….. and your churches were killing so called disbelievers ….
    Islam gave women right to divorce there husbands, choose her husband,pursue education……
    again it was 1400 years ago there was no concept of teen age once a girl or boy hit puberty she was considered an adult …don’t try to be moral inspectors you live in the 21 century….life was much more different back then …

  26. hi I am a muslim and I wanted to say a couple of my views. There are so many things said about the prophet. Lets just begin by saying the prophet was no saint he too made mistakes and did things he shouldn’t. At the end of the day if he did have sex with a nine year Ayesha he will be punished. Just because the prophet had eleven wives that doesn’t mean all muslim should have eleven wives and just because he had sex with a nine year old that doesnt make it okay for a man to do that to a child. The prophet was no saint, people follow his life for many reasons. They only follow the things he did right not the things he did wrong, yes he is a example of a man people follow but that doesn’t what he did in his life is right. I have to admit being a muslim and seeing the things they do, they arent muslim at all they are controlling people. Allah which is god gave his people a choice. Many don’t follow the life of the prophet but that’s doesn’t you’re not a muslim. A muslim is someone who has a pure heart and wants nothing but the best for people. People may swear at me and call me things at the end of the day only god can judge me. Muslim men who rape, control and dont respect a woman aren’t muslims at all they are people who just want power, but nobody has power only god has power. You must follow what your holy book states and not how someone else one lived. Muslims think they can have power but deep they know they cannot. What happened in those was wrong and people knew that, and what happens is still wrong, if someone raped a woman back in those days it is unacceptable and even in todays world is still. People like me need to stand together and stop muslims, extreme muslims taking over. We have a voice and it needs to be heard.

  27. People in Saudi Arabia think they have power but are not nothing but weak men who try to control women. They chop off people hands for stealing, Allah never stated that you could do that to a woman or man, they do it because they want power and control. They punish someone for being gay, I think there’s nothing wrong with being gay, muslim men just want sex and power nothing else, everyone knows that, they will be punished we need to stand up to these people so they don’t take power and control, every Saudi women complains about the life they life live they say men control them and women cant do anything and are controlled. Being a muslim myself, men are controlling weak people and women need to voice our concerns and have these men punished. We muslims who think muslims men can control and take power to us, we as women need to take control and have them punished. So many women are not happy in this world because of these muslim men. As relating to my comment above if the prophet Muhammad was the perfect man and did respect women why men do that today, because if the prophet thought it was okay to have sex with a nine year old, then muslims think it is okay. Like I said the prophet was no saint. When a woman is raped in Saudi people blame the woman and not the man it is disgusting how someone can do that. Men don’t deserve women.

    • Now you sound so gay, and you wanna talk about power and control, why? you want power and control…, you don’t feel enough power and control with your kids? perhaps it’s the weakness of your personality and not the men’s fault then…, you’re assuming what those filthy ‘men’ did to you has anything to do with the prophet, perhaps you should read more about the prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him), but I’m sure your lack of faith and ignorance got you in this trouble, and don’t you dare speak on behalf of the muslim women, you’re not one of them! oh wait, you don’t deserve to be one of them, that’s more like it.

    • The prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said :”The whole world is a provision, and the best object of benefit of the world is a pious woman. “(sahih Muslim 3465)

      The prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said “the best of you are those who are best to their wives. “(Tirmidhi, Sahih)

      Those are the words of our beloved prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him), he was the best man to walk this earth, and yes he was perfect.

      As for what you said about muslim men… I’ve never seen muslim men behave the way you describe. Muslim men are the most respecful and kind because they fear Allah and follow the best example, the prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him).

      And don’t worry for us, we are perfectly happy al hamdoulillah.

      From a muslim woman.

  28. It is intensely disturbing that a such a hateful, genocidal, pedophile is be described as a “perfect man” and be considered a “beloved prophet” to so many in this world. I’ve seen with my own eyes the truth of Islam in the very region it was born. ISIS is the true Islam. Violence, bigotry, hatred and evil are what Islam offers the rest of the humanity. Actions speak louder than words.

  29. All Islamic garbage needs to be wiped off this planet. You are ass-backward idiots trying to use 7th century values in the 20th century.


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