Rapper 50 Cent Targets Feeding One Billion Children In Africa By 2016


Curtis James Jackson III, popularly known as 50 Cent on-stage, has announced that he is targeting the feeding of one billion children in Africa by the end of 2016 as part of his “Individual Social Responsibility” project. He hopes to give back to the deprived children in the society.

50 Cent, who himself had a poor beginning, is now said to have a nett-worth of $260 million. He also possesses a business empire in major cities all over North America.

The hip hop rapper started his philanthropic activities in 2011. But before 2011, he had already donated large amounts to various charities and was always planning for the mega project he had just announced.

He started the African project by helping to launch Street King (SK) energy drink, in collaboration with Pure Growth Partners. Every time a bottle of Street King is purchased, a portion of the money goes towards feeding a child who would otherwise not have access to sufficient food in Africa.


The SK Energy Shot, as it is now known, was ranked the number one Energy Drink by Product of the Year in both 2013 and 2014. The company is by all accounts a success and has reportedly provided millions of meals to needy children in Africa at this crucial moment, when most African nations are experiencing severe economic crisis. The ‘Feeding One Billion Children in Africa’ project is said to be on course. Many companies are scrambling to help him realize this noble dream.

This project has made him a trailblazer within the hip hop community when it comes to philanthropic work. He was quoted as saying that his son inspires him to be a better person. And he is ready to continue touching many deprived lives across the world.

50 Cent was brought up the hard way before becoming rich. His mother was 15 when she gave birth to him. She died when he was 8 years old, and he went to live with his grandparents. He began boxing and later had to do drugs out of necessity.

50 1

Even after all this childhood suffering, even when he had reached stardom, he still had to deal with several problems. In 2000, he was shot nine times at close-range while getting in to his car in front of his grandmother’s house. He miraculously survived, and spent the next five months getting back on his feet. After that unfortunate incident, he signed a publishing deal with Columbia while he was recovering, and intended to hit the ground running once he was able to move around again. However, his track, “Ghetto Qu’ran”, ruffled all the wrong feathers. Columbia dropped him and no one would record with him. He set out for Canada and recorded thirty tracks there.

50 2

It was not until when he met Eminem and Dr. Dre that things started changing for him. Some say he had planned his life from the beginning, even while living in Canada. From G-Unit Clothing Company, two production companies, licensed boxing promoter, oversees G-Unit Books and a Time Warner imprint.

One thing that we can say about these successes he has attained is the fact that he has a spirit of giving back as well. Giving to those in need opens up new opportunities for the donor. We hope that many of the celebrities around the world will emulate 50 cent and others who are engaged in this venture, of trying to make the world a better place for us all.

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  1. Just don’t feed them.Create farms and teach them irrigation help them to become self sufficient…Enlist people here young brothers and sisters or families that may be willing to move for a new beginning.That being said people seem to forget there are children and families right here in America that go hungry everyday.The USA is bigger than NYC,LA,Chicago,Atlanta and Detroit…I appreciate and am thankful for his attempts and efforts and hopeful for him to be successful…

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      • I’d love to know where taht survey came from.
        For most people it’s just ignorance and not being told about these things that changes their perspective on this topic.

        You need to read about Monsanto. Owners of patents of wheat, soy and also Round-Up. Crazy ey. So they make a Round-Up resistant Wheat, and promote Round-Up to their farmers??? COURSE THEY DO!
        ….with a lot of GMOs comes the addition of other chemicals through care and disease prevention (which is not needed), which are EXTREMELY dangerous and linked to major organ failure.

        When it comes to Soy… You’re a farmer, you get sold their special Soy beabns and then the fun starts… you NEED to buy more equipment, you NEED to follow a certain process (more money), you can not get out of the cycle once you’re in. What happens if your field is contaminated by Monsanto Soy Bean pollination? They can take you to court for selling their product!

        Looking at Cows Milk… it’s clear to see that the growth hormone (Insulin-like Growth Factor (IGF-1)) that is used on MANY MANY farms is well-known for causing cancer.

        ….And that’s just the start of it.

  2. but common, why are you doing this??? Africa is barely over a billion. How much does he have to feed all of us? And its not like all of us are starving. Do you even know how many billionaires are there in Africa? AFRICA IS NOT ALL POVERTY. This article is bogus. Period.

    • I don’t think he means literally feed 1 billion different people. I think he just means provide 1 billion meals. As much as you want to put the man down, he’s actually doing great things here. Yes there are a few billionaires in Africa, but Africa also has 9 out of the top 10 most impoverished countries in the world. There are serious problems there and some people actually are starving. What he’s doing brings attention to an issue that we NEED to solve. By saying he shouldn’t be doing this you’re almost saying “screw it who cares, I’m not starving”. Not a good attitude to have.

  3. 50cent you’re awesome! Many of us wonder if this is a permanent placing of infrastructure to feed children or a goal of a billion meals being fed to children. I’ve noticed a mention of other charities you’re involved in – I believe readers of this article are curious of what they may be closer to home. Whatever it is you do I commend your spirit, you’re a better man than most, an example to all those who’ve aquired wealth. Better than your governments politicians and the rich of the world

    • Yes I read that miss print,, I believe 50 never did drugs at all. Good role model. There should be more people with his resources doing things like this.

      • Are you kidding me! He was a frickin dope dealer I hope he puts money into the community he help keep drug addicted.

  4. All they need baby gurl is a lil bit
    Not a lot baby gurl just a lil bit
    We can eat a lil rice in a lil bit
    I can show ya how I live in a lil bit
    I wanna feed ya rations just a lil bit
    Feed’em all make full in a lil bit

  5. 50 Cent what you are doing is Great and you simplify what a grateful man do. You have been blessed and you found away to give back. It Make know different who you want to share a blessing with. 50 Cent I love you and will alays a #1 fan. Continue to do what your doing.

  6. may the almighty GOD bless you and save you from all troubles…no rapper in the world can do this and its a fact…May GOD richly bless you once again..

  7. Curtis is that n***a.. he been through hell and back and is now living out his dreams…now he giving back…that’s boss 101 mane!!!

  8. Many people want to save lives or the world, but only someone tough and with a firm grip on the harsh realities of life like 50 Cent can really bring to reality…

  9. The strengths and weaknesses of those of us outside of After are directly related to the strengths and weaknesses of Africa itself.
    Rite On Brother!

  10. This black guy is not really black! It s brown! Like all the other “blacks” it s brown in reality… And he should not be feeding people like that! Do we know what he feeds them!? Maybe just a few peanuts and bananas! Shame on you half a dollar!

  11. their is only one thing I see wrong with this how many people in Africa bought records from 50 cents most likely none of the money he has made from his sales came from the people he wants to help I am not at all against doing good things for anyone but I think if your and American and you live in America you need to be helping the people were we are from before we focus on other countries and if you don’t want to help the homeless and the food banks here in are own country then get the hell out and go to where you want to help people he should focus on all the people in New York who without them would have been nothing in his life he just shows me great disrespect for the people who made him who he is today and would rather build up other countries that want nothing more then to see the USA be wiped from this planet JUST SAYING

    • That’s the problem with most americans: paranoia.
      Don’t always think that every other country is less worth or less important than your own and that everyone wants to wipe you out. This is what causes wars in this world. And in this case it’s not about countries, it’s about people! Your country could support and help the homeless it has, the countries where the peoples live 50 Cent wants support, can’t. They don’t have the money to do this. America is rather spending billions in warfare for “peace” than thinking about the people within their own borders. I fully support what he does because he’s looking over the fence you’re staring at apparently.

      Just my few cents and as AnonVoid says: “His money :D”

    • In comparison to Americans how many Africans got money to buy records from 50 cents …..I can’t believe ur being resentful towards starving children in Africa…..u probably watch them on your wide screen tv…look u even communicating on the Internet…..Africans need enough help …..he neva asked the people to give him his wealth …they chose to buy his stuff n now coz they did he owes them….even the homeless in the streets of New York probably got it better than loadsa African people…..Oh my days I really hate ignorance ….n ur ignorance is profound in my opinion!!

  12. africa currently has a Population of 1.111 billion (2013). i just wonder how many of these people are adults. from the article it appears though by 2016 Africa’s population will grow at a very substantial rate. however, for what ever purpose the article is written for credibility is needed more than market. the cause is important but those projections are lacking pragmatic credibility. i say this because, Africa as a continent does not have about one billion children and even by 2016, the population of the continent will not even be close to TWO billion. hence more research skills need to be implemented by whoever wrote this article. Furthermore, one advice to the philanthropist, please don’t just feed the children, rather create sustainable ways under which the people you intend to feed can continue to sustain themselves even after your assistance has been rendered. above all, I think you are doing a great job, even by thinking of feeding the children.


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