After Rothschild Speech, Jean-Claude van Damme Summoned To Israel


By: Sean Adl-Tabatabai via

After Jean-Claude Van Damme went wildly off-script earlier this month and exposed the Rockefeller’s and Rothschild’s during a live TV interview, the actor was summoned to a Kabbalah center in Israel for “re-training” and “spiritual guidance”.

The action hero was pictured at the International Center for Tzfat Kabbalah recently, supposedly seeking “spiritual advice” following the Brussels attacks.

Users on social media have accused the actor of being “brainwashed” and “re-programmed” after Van Damme suddenly heaped praise on Israel, whilst seemingly ignoring the plight of the Palestinians and dropping the anti-Israel views he held just weeks ago. reports:

A series of photographs feature Van Damme, also known as the ‘Muscles from Brussels’, speaking with the centre director Rabbi Eyal Riess.

The Rabbi told an Israeli celebrity news site that he gave the star ‘guidance’ following the terror attacks.

‘Van Damme is Belgian-born,’ he told Walla! celebrity news site.

‘He told me that after the terror attacks last week in Brussels, the city where he was born and grew up, he was driven to seek spiritual guidance.

‘He told me that he understood that problems of a political, economic, social and environmental nature have their solutions in ancient spiritualism and the Bible.’

Van Damme spent long hours exploring the streets of the city, visiting the ancient Abuhav synagogue and studying the Torah and the Zohar during his five-day tour.

But during his time in the holy city, Van Damme also managed to spark rage from Palestinians and anti-Israeli trolls on social media after he was pictured wearing an ‘Israel’ cap outside Jerusalem.

The actor posed for a seemingly innocent snapshot outside the Old City wearing a cap with the word ‘Israel’ on the front.

He captioned the image ‘Shalom from Jerusalem, Israel!’ on his Facebook page.

But within minutes, a tide of furious commenters began denouncing the image and alleging that Van Damme was playing into Israeli propaganda with the photo.

‘You should say salam from Palestine,’ wrote on Facebook commenter, receiving more than 1,000 Likes.

Another added: ‘Oh my god! What? Israel? Well actually I believe you are one of THE BEST actors, and I truly love watching your movies, but when I read your caption on this picture I was really depressed!

‘It’s Palestine, occupied Palestine, there is no Israel, I’m not gonna argue with you about this fact but your Palestinian fans are really annoyed because of this!’

Following the onslaught, Van Damme appears to have deleted the word ‘Israel’ from the caption, which now just reads ‘Hello from Jerusalem!’

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  1. I do feel for the Palestinians, and to a certain extent it is wrong. There is enough blame to go around. To be honest the actions of the Palestinians is no better or worse than the Israeli’s. As for rightful ownership, if you look at this piece of land from a historical point, neither of them own this land. What is ownership? Something you paid for, something you were given or did your God give it to you?! What entitles one to owning this much land? Who says one should own this much land? Is ownership the one who had it first, the one who had it the longest, the one who who can/will kill for it, and or maybe it’s the one who is there at the time of the conflict. Are we all not suppose to share the gift, that is this world, with each other? All beliefs and feeling aside, the real, rightful owners are the animals. The creatures we abuse and mistreat, the ones we have given ourselves dominion over!

    • Whoa whoa whoa there clint. Share, love, peace. How dare you. What about right and wrong. Strong and weak. (Sarcasm, for the ignorant.) Clint what you say is so obvious and correct and anti new world.

  2. Uh, why does anyone care about a third-rate actor while police still get away with killing unarmed black people? (something that Van Damme’s movies glamorize)

    PS: “Rockefeller’s and Rothschild’s” is incorrect grammar. It seriously hurts your cause when you don’t use proper grammar.


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