Russia Proposes Superhighway Linking New York And London


The Russian government has proposed a giant, 12,910 mile roadway to be connected, linking New York City and London and effectively uniting most of the countries of the world by land.

Proposed by Russian Railways head Vladimir Yakunin, the roadway would contain some already built roads but would also consist of a large building project that could cost as much as $3 trillion. Despite the cost, the popularity and the connection Yakunin has with Vladimir Putin could make it a reality. The roads would be laid along side the Trans-Siberian Railway—the longest railway in the world.


There would be a span of 55 miles linking mainland Russia and Alaska.  There is also about 520 miles of wilderness between the closest Alaskan settlement to Russia—Nome—from the nearest major city, Fairbanks.

There is also talk of the construction of a high speed rail system along-side the road.



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    • Well but there are of course other highways/roads connected to this Superhighway. Just imagine The U.S connected to Iran, Italy or Egypt via Land. This Would be huge!

      • Nope, the road highway wouldn’t be connected to Iran or Italy or even Egypt. You’d have to get off the highway and travel down different roads! It would make many countries accessible but not necessarily connected to this highway!!!

    • They mean that they are able to connect things together… meaning, if you come from America to Russia, you can then easily drive to anywhere in Asia, Middle East, Europe and Africa, as it is all connected. Same vice versa.

    • well it would connect out two continents and Africa is already connected by land through Saudi Arabia and such 🙂

    • Well if you look at the map, you can drive to most countries from this road. There are other roads and railways aside from this proposed road. Once I. The US, you can drive to Canada, Mexico and countries in South America. Once in Russia, you can drive to most of the countries in Europe and Asia so yeah, it would link pretty much everywhere

    • I’m pretty sure the idea is that you can get off of the road at certain points, like to make a right into whatever road leads to Denmark, or a left to head toward Italy. You know, just like interstates work in the US. You can take I-10 from FL to CA, and can redirect anywhere you’d like, but I-10 still helps make national travel possible.

  1. Japan, The Philippines, Indonesia and other western Pacific as well as New Zealand and Australia will remain out of the loop.

    • In the grand scheme of things, I see Russias hidden agenda.To connect all these countries and make it substantially easier to move troops and war machines in either direction. Gee,- how so much easier it gets to drive in and take over Canada, which is the States’ back door. Not sure I like this idea.And besides,- who would cough up the coin for this hypothetical road??

      • Come on now, Russia is not an enemy of the US or the West. Our real enemies are Saudi Arabia and the muslim migrants flooding the West.

    • Yes, you’re the only one – The more we can connect with each other, learn to respect each other’s cultures, bypass what the politicians try to sell us, the better.

  2. Notice it doesn’t go through his murderous neighbor’s country. This would require international peace and harmony, with all nations respecting human rights. China isn’t ready to give up organ harvesting and genocide of Tibetans and Uighurs.

  3. Apart from all the obvious safety and cultural differences, this will mean crossing into RHD & LHD differences. People are gonna go nuts…

    • But its okay for other country’s to move military vehicles and troops around the world and then proceed to bomb the shit out of them just because they have the money to do so?

  4. First President Trump abandons his Mexico wall and instead builds the Bering Bridge; then, Putin drives his tanks across it.

    • We have a lot less to fear from “Putin’s tanks” than from fundamentalist Islamic crazies happy to blow themselves and their families up as long as they take as many of us as possible with them. Personally, I can see a possible future where the US allies itself with Russia to take on Islamic terror.

  5. The people of the world are coming together. There is no question about it. Something like this great highway is sure to eventually become a reality. Imagine a Maglev traveling at 250 MPH — that everyone can afford. Think of all the jobs & benefits for our civilization that (or something similar) will bring.

    Believe it or not, we have reached the end of one 2000+ year dark cosmic cycle, and the beginning of a new one, that will be characterized by beauty, justice, love & intelligence. The human family will become a functional family.

    Pessimistic naysayers have always poopooed all good ideas. They’ve labeled every great development as “impossible” and time has always proven them wrong. They’re best ignored.

    In the future:
    “Transportation systems will be devised which will be so silent, so apparently motionless, that travel fatigue will completely disappear.”

    “National and cultural identities will be maintained, but barriers will be taken away so that passports will no longer be necessary to travel from country to country.

    more about the future:

    Out with the old, In with the New
    Power to the people!

    • Oh wow… Smh…

      I had stupid people asking me questions too… I live in Las Vegas and people still asked me if I live in one of the hotels! lol

  6. What’s the point? Who the heck is going to drive this far when you can get on a plane and make the trip in 1/4 of the time and 1/10 the cost?

  7. That road would take a beating every year in the Artic circle, not to mention the bridge that would need to be built to connect mainland USA Alaska to Russia, that bridge would almost certainly need around the clock maintenance estimated into the millions each year to be safe and usable.

  8. Can’t ever see it being a road built. Drivers and the accidents they cause are so yesterday.

    The only possibly viable thing here is if Hyperloop develops and matures enough to be able to create this immensely long route. And I think it will be much cheaper to construct in time. $3trillion would not be a sound investment.

  9. Would be awesome but, how many people would be set out of there houses and how many trees will have to move and wouldn’t the people in alaska be mad cuz theres a big ass road next to their house. They wanted to live in nature. And Russia probably wants a way to drive with their tanks to new york.


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