Science Guy Bill Nye Explains How Wind and Solar Can Power the Entire World

The technology is there; unexploited renewable resources exist around the world - enough to end all reliance on fossil fuels. So why aren't governments listening?

Bill Nye

American actor and CEO of The Planetary Society, Bill Nye, popularly known as the Science Guy, has claimed there’s enough wind and solar to power the world. In an interview with CNN, Nye has also called out CNN for having essentially a climate change denier meteorologist.

“The big unexploited renewable resource on the East Coast of the United States, and Canada and Mexico, is wind. So, I encourage you, I am not a member of this, but I encourage everybody to check out The Solutions Project, a bunch of civil engineers who have done an analysis that you could power the United States, you could power most of the world, renewably if you just decided to do it, right now.

“There’s enough wind and solar resources, a little bit of tidal and some geothermal, to run the whole place… Then you would not need to have a military on the other side of the world protecting oilfields. People would not be as motivated to set oilfields on fire if we had renewable electricity.”

Last year, Nye, who started as a mechanical engineer at Boeing but who is now on a mission to combat scientific ignorance and fight against climate change, brought the point home when he insisted climate change could be fixed because we’ve already got everything we need. He told The National Geographic:

“There’s enough energy in most places — wind, solar, tidal and geothermal — to run the whole world. What we need is to DO IT. We need to get started. What we want to do is provide electricity, worldwide communication via the Internet, and clean water to everyone in the world. This is absolutely doable from an engineering standpoint. But to get it done in a timely fashion we have to enact a fee on carbon dioxide production and the release of methane. If we had this policy change, we could change the world.”

The Solutions Project Nye referred to in the CNN interview is a California-based nonprofit founded by prominent figures in science, business and entertainment such as Stanford University professor Mark Z. Jacobson, banker Marco Krapels, documentary filmmaker and activist Josh Fox, and Hollywood actor and activist Mark Ruffalo.

bill nye

The organization is not just focused on helping the United States transition to 100% clean renewable energy by 2050; it also suggests future energy mix to achieve the zero-emission target for 139 different countries around the world. The Solutions Project also describes in percentages the type of renewable energy that can be used, depending on their location and the weather patterns typically present in that area.

When there are solutions and plans to safely replace the old, destructive energy of oil, coal and gas with natural renewable energy, there are no prizes for guessing why the governments and the oil and gas companies want to turn a deaf ear to such feasible options.

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