Secret Agents Killed Dr David Kelly to Cover-Up the 45 Minutes Claim on Saddam Hussein?

Dr David Kelly died a mysterious death in which many observers suspect he was murdered by Western secret agents to cover-up the reasons behind the invasion of Iraq.


Although the world sees daylight at least for half of the 24 hours, it appears darkness is the dominant actor. The nature of humans’ wickedness towards each other is consistent.

The wickedness is committed secretly, making the world dark and uncomfortable for people who care about peace and security. Today, we are examining the illegal invasion of Iraq in the context of the actors who played a role leading to the war and later becoming victims of the war.

Dr David Kelly was a British scientist who worked as a weapons inspector for the United Nations Special Commission (UNSCOM) in Iraq. He was renowned for his expertise in the field of biological warfare. Over the course of his career, Kelly developed a deep understanding of Iraq’s alleged weapons programmes as part of UNSCOM. He was thus employed by the British Ministry of Defence, making him close to both American and British secret agents.

Dr David Kelly

The illegal invasion of Iraq on March 19, 2003, by George W Bush had considerable support from the then British government, led by Tony Blair. To justify to the British public that the invasion of Iraq was necessary, the British government authored a document which later became known as the September Dossier. This document was published on September 24, 2002.

The contents of the document were primarily about the British government’s assessment of the alleged Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) possessed by Saddam Hussein. Of course, as an employee of the British government and somebody with extensive knowledge on Iraq’s alleged WMDs, Dr Kelly contributed significantly to the September Dossier.

In the dossier, a specific claim was made that Saddam was capable of firing battlefield biological and chemical weapons within 45 minutes if he wished to use them. This became known as the 45 Minutes Claim. In fact, the 45 Minutes Claim was attributed to Dr Kelly. This further increased the fear that Saddam was a dangerous man, hence the need to stop him as soon as possible.

Dr David Kelly

However, when Iraq was invaded, Dr Kelly became worried; probably from a guilty conscience. He began to raise concerns about the integrity of the 45 Minutes Claim attributed to him. He also questioned the credibility of the entire dossier that justified the invasion.

On May 22, 2003, Dr Kelly secretly met with Andrew Gilligan, a BBC journalist who had also spent time writing about the Iraqi war. On condition of anonymity, Kelly told Gilligan the 45 Minutes Claim attributed to him was false and ridiculous. He revealed that many aspects of the dossier, including the 45 Minutes Claim was written by Alastair Campbell, the then director of communications for Prime Minister Blair. He said Campbell committed this criminal act to please his [Campbell] boss—Blair. There was no justification for the invasion so Blair had to instruct Campbell to engage in this dubious act  to maintain public support for the war.

When Kelly’s damning disclosure was aired on the BBC, it sparked outrage. Blair and his cohorts became hot. Although Gilligan didn’t mention the name of Kelly in his report, secret agents suspected Kelly as the primary source. It is said Blair secretly instructed that Kelly be monitored to firmly reveal his identity as the disclosure of the damning information.

Dr David Kelly

To cut a long story short, Kelly’s identity was revealed. He was summoned to appear as a witness before two committees of the House of Commons that were investigating the situation in Iraq at the time. He appeared before the House on July 15, 2003. Two days after appearing to testify before the House, Dr Kelly was found dead on July 17.

According to the coroner’s report, Kelly had ingested up to 29 painkiller tablets, co-proxamol, an analgesic drug and then cut his left wrist with a knife. His death was therefore ruled as suicide.

Dr David Kelly

However, this conclusion on suicide has been highly contested. Especially on the knife cut. Observers have questioned how just a mere cut on the wrist was severe enough to kill him. Commentators have also said Kelly had injured his right arm to such an extent that he could barely cut steak, raising questions as to how and why he cut his left wrist. In addition, cutting one’s own wrist would usually sever the radial rather than the ulnar artery due to the direction of the cut, prompting some to believe it was made by someone else. Also, despite the fact Dr Kelly was not wearing gloves, there were no fingerprints on either the knife or the bottle of tablets.

According to The Telegraph, evidence seized by intelligence officers from Dr Kelly’s home included his computers – which contained a book he had written. Kelly was on the verge of disclosing sensitive information regarding his working relationship with the British, Foreign Defense and other Western intelligence agencies.

Dr David Kelly

All these facts suggest secret spy agencies may have orchestrated Dr Kelly’s death to prevent the publication of possibly incriminating information, which would lead to the arrest of many people, including former PM Blair and his cohorts who supported the war in Iraq.  The war in Iraq was cooked. Iraq had no WMDs, we know that now. It was about the vast oil reserves, something we have witnessed in later oil wars.

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