Senator Rick Jones Personifies Everything Wrong In Government

** ADVANCE FOR MONDAY, SEPT. 19 ** State Rep. Rick Jones, R-Grand Ledge, is shown during a House session at the state Capitol Thursday, Sept. 15, 2005, in Lansing, Mich. Jones and fellow Republican Rep. Tom Casperson of Escanaba introduced bills allowing people to use deadly force to defend themselves without fear of prosecution. (AP Photo/Al Goldis)

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Senator Rick Jones was involved in an incident the other week which personifies the struggle of Washington, politics in general, and why so many people feel a disconnect from government. In the video below, a former U.S. Army infantryman is testifying over how medical marijuana has helped save his life. Before the man can even engage in conversation about the topic, he is literally cut off and kicked out of the building under the orders of Senator Rick Jones.

The arrogance and thick-headedness of Senator Rick Jones, demonstrates how the government of the United States has become dysfunctional/unproductive. Most of our elected leaders are simply smug politicians who have already made up their mind. Politicians believe that their opinions are what got them elected in the first place, making it to the Senate level no one is ever going change that opinion.  No average citizen will ever change their minds because all the citizens are beneath them.

Was the man wrong for making that comment about police officers? Yes, he was. And this is inappropriate. However, even after an apology and regroup, the hubris of Rick Jones did not allow the man to speak. If the United States Senate will not even listen to a former U.S. Army veteran in a scheduled meeting in their home state, when will the Senate listen? The truth of the matter is, in the eyes of government, it does not matter who you are. People like Rick Jones do not care. He is in government and you are not, he is big and you are small, he can squash you like a bug. The hubris of our elected officials, such as Rick Jones, shows exactly why this is one of the most unproductive Congresses in United States history.


Contact Rick Jones

Office Address:

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Lansing, MI 48909-7536

Telephone: (517) 373-3447

Email: [email protected].

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  1. Unfortunately he is only a pimple on the camel’s ass. Government is organized crime and the people are the subjects of tyranny and frauds of hideous proportion. Until Americans are willing to face reality nothing will get better.
    The Truth is very frightening and not at all popular.
    Bread and Circuses is what the people want and that is what they are getting. Beer and football.

    • You are correct Mcfloyd — If 9/11 worked so well for the staged Terror….How can one overcome the effects of that, on US people?
      How will they ever get there heads out of their asses?
      How do those people ,( the government?) convince them that “we ” are the good guys…WTF?

  2. Rick Jones is a Michigan STATE senator. He is not in the United State Congress. He is all this article implies with the exception of his job

  3. Dear Anonymous- Dakota did nothing wrong that day. NOTHING. he was right to call the drug cops jack booted thugs. I have been interviewing families eviscerated by drug cops in MI for 5 years and they are MONSTERS. Anywhere where they operate, which is in every one of our 83 counties, we see instances of child endangerment, sexual harrasment and excessive force. This is my work here, I had to go to national media to get any of this shit covered, local media will not publish the truth about the drug task forces in Mi.

    Please please stop saying Dakota did ANYTHING wrong in session that day. Senator Jones was a county sheriff for 30 freaking years. He has only introdcued bills that eviscerate our rights. For Gods sake, he introduced a bill to take away the parental rights of medical marijuana patients! ARghh.

  4. I am no fan of Sen Rick Jones, trust me. I have spent years fighting his BS in Michigan. But this author needs to do a little more research. He is a state senator. Not US senate.


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