Serbian prime minister stoned during commemorations for the Srebrenica massacre


This video shows  the moment when the Serbian prime minister was stoned during commemorations for the Srebrenica massacre.

It was the 20th anniversary of the slaughter, and the situation quickly got out of hand when people started hurling items at Serbian prime minister Aleksandar Vucic.

Suzana Vasiljevic, an associate of Mr Vucic’s, claimed that she was hit in the face with a stone, which shattered her glasses.

According to Ms Vasiljevic, the  ‘masses broke the fences and turned against us’.

Tens of thousands had gathered to mark the 20th anniversary of the atrocity, which would be known as Europe’s worst massacre since the Holocaust; 8,000 Muslims from the eastern Bosnian town of Srebrenica were killed. Foreign dignitaries urged the international community not to allow such atrocities to happen again, and also called the crime ‘genocide’.

Mr Vucic was once an ultra-nationalist, but he had come to represent his country at the commemoration in an apparent gesture of reconciliation.

As Mr Vucic entered the cemetery to lay flowers, thousands booed and whistled. Someone threw a shoe at him, others threw water bottles and other objects.

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  1. Dear Anonymous,
    Don’t spread hate and lies about my country.
    Firstly you don’t live here,you don’t know the truth,
    tho you believe in propaganda’s that dissrespect Serbia.
    That hate caused by your shallow-minded media is the thing you should be against for,not acceptting it and spreading it.


  2. And this comes from the people that tell us not to believe in tv propaganda…

    Why not mention the mother that lost her family, yet still put a flower on his suit and extended her arm to greet the man that begged russia to veto the un resolution for calling srebrenica a genocide.

    • Wow, U are so wrong, there was killing in Srebrenica, only men, women and children are allowed to leave, and those men are all wepon weared, U should check more news that lies behind TV propaganda as U said. Here some documentary from norway maybe? Check it please before U speak of Serbia again. @ side story, and U call yourself ANON?
      And if U are that what U say, U will check more story about this one. UN resolution is US next step.

  3. ummm…. native americans ethnic cleansing? ummm….. japanese internment camps? ummmm……. america gets bombs and they go kill everyone involved? ummm… we kicked the mexicans out of new mexico and texas over a hundred years ago and then we give them amnesty when they are here illegally? how many native americas exist now compared to the growth of america. yes ok, spare me genocide bullsht, war is war and people die, peoples are is made of regular people defending their country. people talking about things they know nothing of

  4. Better get the facts right ans traight before doing a copy&paste of mainstream media.

    Its proofen that those Numbers are faked, dead people awoke years later by a miracle and found on political voting list worldwide. Others were upset when they realized that their name is written on the stones there.

    Its also a fact that over 2000 were soldiers and killed on the way towards tuzla, in heavy fightings, they are labeld as civil war victims died in an massaker.

    Fact is, this was the reason to throw bombs on one side, to support another side, the number got rised to make this possible, geopolitics, not more not less.
    On all three sides cruel people were operating, that two sides are missing and one side is even labeled wrong, beside faked numbers and reasons, should give you enough to think.
    If something is real, there is NO need to fake or hide information, simple or. Shame on those who play with the war vicitms of this region as they were enough on all sides.


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