Six Days of Darkness!


Written by: Anon.Dos


The ‘hoax’ of 2014, “National Aeronautics & Space Administration confirmed, Earth to experience six days of darkness which was to last from the sixteenth of December till the twenty second of that very month.” This has been the hottest topic on a couple of satirical news websites and on twitter too; as it has definitely scarred and excited a lot of people.

To make this statement more bonafide they also added the name of Charles Frank Bolden Jr. current administrator of NASA a retired United States Marine Corps Major General and also a former NASA astronaut.

These websites claimed that the reason for the blackout was because of a solar storm that was to result in space dust and space debris to wind up copious and subsequently, obstruct eighty percent of the sun light.



The story became a web sensation with panicked and concerned people quickly turning to twitter to voice their worries over the overall black out.

Unfathomably this isn’t the first occasion when that NASA has needed to battle an overall blackout  story, as in 2012 gossip surfaced that the Earth would be passing through a ‘Photon Belt’ creating the planet to be plunged into darkness.





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  1. Really have we become such a gullible group of people? Yeah and putting a republican in office will fix our corrupt country too. Let me know how that works out in 4 years…….

  2. …a solar storm that was to result in space dust and space debris to wind up copious and subsequently, obstruct eighty percent of the sun light…I’d be more concern by the debris and dust ending up on earth than by the few days of darkness.

  3. What people need to understand that this is such a big deal because it has been told in many prophecies the the end of time will come during three days of darkness in which the earth with dwell in the realm of “hell on earth and there will be a spiritual war between God and Satan. The earth will be cleansed of all evil during these three days. The prophets who have spoken of this are many and if this is true, you should know how to survive this. There are very easy instructions what to do and what not to do if this should occur. The people who have chosen to learn about the connection to ” God” and have eyes and ears to see/ hear, will survive as they have taken the effort to find out what to do. The others, unfortunately will look upon the wrath of God and unwillingly die. Not out of punishment, but out of ignorance. And that is the reason why many people get jumpy when they hear the words “three days of darkness” It means, the end of Times according to revelations… so there you all are!

  4. Obviously it is a hoax and there no reason for any darkness to happen, but… the most funny thing would be waking up on 16th Dec morning, 10am, and realising it is fooking dark 🙂 I may consider starting officially shitting myself 🙂

    • When you study the word of God THOROUGHLY, link Fallen Angels, Noah’s Flood, Egyptian Gods, Knights Templar, Monarchy of England, Vatican, Israelites, Christianity, Islam and the HOLY TEMPLE of Israel whe the Abomination of Desolation, (ISIS) Gog and Magog, Caliphate…not necessarily in that order, IT WILL ALL BECOME CLEAR TO YOU. If you are saved by the blood of Jesus you have NOTHING to worry about! I am not worried one bit about my soul, just my family and ALL other souls.

  5. You know, seriously, they’ve been projecting the “end of the world” blabber for centuries now (almost once every generation at this point) and it’s yet to come. Why are you people so desperate for the end of life as we know it? It’s beginning to look like you goofballs WANT the end of the world and are willing to believe -anything-. Go home and find something more productive to do with your time and energy.

  6. I would like to join AnonHq I’m pretty good at manipulating people I also feel as if I was put on this earth to do something that most people wouldn’t do. If you have any questions or if I may ask a few questions I’m pretty sure you can get in contact with me since you have the ability to hack computers/phones/laptops.
    I’ll be waiting


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