Six Weeks Ago Putin Warned U.S. Actions Leading to “Irreversible Direction,” but Mainstream News remains Silent

Russian President Vladimir Putin speaks at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum in St. Petersburg, Russia, Friday, June 17, 2016. Russian President Vladimir Putin has called on European leaders to improve ties with his country despite sanctions. (AP Photo/Dmitry Lovetsky)

The United States is fast falling out of favour internationally. This week witnessed a declaration of war against the West by North Korea as the Korean War heats up to boiling point for the first time since the 1950’s Armistice. This followed President Vladimir Putin’s dire warning in June – to international journalists – that the world is heading to war because of American actions.

“It’s only you that [they] tells these fables and you buy it and spread it to the citizens of your countries.  Your people do not feel a sense of the impending danger, this is what worries me. How do you not understand that the world is being pulled in an irreversible direction? That is the problem. But they pretend like nothing’s going on…ah, I don’t even know how to get through to you people anymore,” Putin stated at the St Petersburg International Economic Forum, 2016.

These words should be front page news…

Putin, accusing the U.S. of destabilising the world by disrupting the balance of power – considered in academic circles as essential to preventing war – lists compelling argument after argument against the United States.

Screenshot (52)

Putin is warning amply, that we are moving towards war, yet it is not in the Mainstream news. Russia is warning the West: Stop the offensive attacks, stop the build-up in Romania and Poland…we have no choice but to protect our people.

According to Putin’s explanation, in 2002, both the U.S. and Russia agreed to do what they needed to do to survive with offensive strategy and reactionary measures, assuring the other that it was not aimed at them.

He assures the journalists that even though the U.S. “assumed that which was left over from the Soviet Union would eventually deteriorate,” this is no longer the case out of need for Russian survival.

Hesitantly, I mention Alex Jones and his analysis of the warning, bluntly questioning the need for so many military bases outside of the U.S., saying “Russia has 3 military bases [outside its nation]. The United States has hundreds.” But it begs the question – the real question – why? Is this truly beneficial to the world, or is this simply a form of aggression? The Russians, the Koreans with the THAAD deployment and (let’s admit it) the Chinese are a little ticked off, that the United States continually stomps its feet in an ocean that will see Australia and the Philippines drawn into war before America ever is. They’ve specifically asked for the U.S. to “support the efforts of China and ASEAN to maintain regional peace and stability.”

Screenshot (54)

While the media are busily condemning Russia for the DNC hacks (by no means proven with no evidence presented) that may cost Clinton an election, they lead the masses towards another act of “Russian aggression,” side-stepping the real issues.

NATO alliances are currently building their forces in the Baltic states. Romania, Poland, Estonia among others have U.S. troops and anti-missile weaponry prepared for the “just in case” scenario.  Meanwhile, it is Russia working with Syria to open three safe passages for those wanting to escape war-torn Aleppo.

Screenshot (57)

Putin argues it was the U.S. who facilitated the ISIS rise. Yes, or no, it doesn’t matter about the schoolyard tactics. The fact is, the world is terribly unstable at this moment. For those ignorant of history, Russia didn’t instigate war in the past. Russia’s Stalin helped defend borders against Nazi Germany, and played a massive role in the Japanese surrender in World War II with their ground support. When Napoleon Bonaparte – as the aggressor – decided to war with Russia in the eighteenth century, he failed dismally. Yes, the Cold War occurred, but it took two to tango in that one.

It is bemusing that Russia is held up as this violent, authoritarian dictatorship that would leap at the chance to power grab, when they really have no historical record of invasion or creating wars in far away countries. Compared to the United States, the Russian track record isn’t great, but in the current climate, they’re fairing much better. As a Westerner, I find it very difficult to argue otherwise.

It really is time for the West to peer into the looking glass; let’s not heed Obama’s claim in 2014 that the world is ‘less violent’ than ever. Will Obama claim this a decade from now, given the 2014 content is now unavailable? Hindsight is a wonderful thing…without the nukes, that is…isn’t it?

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  1. So: “It is bemusing that Russia is held up as this violent, authoritarian dictatorship that would leap at the chance to power grab, when they really have no historical record of invasion or creating wars in far away countries.” conveniently overlooks the Russian invasion of Finland on November 30 1939, The invasion of Afghanistan on December 1979 (, the 3,000+ USSR soldiers who took part in the Vietnam war ( and the invasions of Georgia ( in 2008 and the more recent annexing of the Crimea ( Talk about a slanted view of the “selective truth” variety, which is a real shame because it grossly undervalues and effectively emasculates the power of this piece, which does have some substance.

    • Thanks for the response. I agree, I did over look what happened in Finland, but by accident. So, thanks for correcting me. The Russian-Afghan war, well, I feel this was a proxy war in some respects between the U.S and Russia, so didn’t include it. The Vietnam war was not about invasion, it was the Russians backing up their side and I believe we will not know the full story of Crimea for another 50 years or so. Russia is far from perfect, but I’ll stick by my comments that the U.S. far outplay the Russians when it comes to entering a country where they have no business in being.

      • Overlooked? By complete accident? My what a thoroughly responsible “journalist” we have here. Argues the fact that Russia doesn’t invade other countries, yet gives an “ooops” to the oversight of such an invasion??? Then gives lame excuses to the others?? And lastly brushes off Crimea invasion stating well we just won’t know the “real” reasons Russia invaded that country for another 50yrs?? The fact of the matter not being the fact of the matter?? You are a complete ignoramus & a great contributor to the problems this entire world is facing with you incompetent Wanabe journalists. Do the world a favor & quit your dangerous job of misinforming the world as to what this world should actually be listening to when it comes to legitimate newsworthy information. You are a disgrace to the human race!

        • Don’t confuse russia with the USSR. Different mind set, different percueved thrests, different goals.

          Russia has not invaded anyone. Goergia provoked an attack by shooting at russian peackeepers. Crimea always had a russian military base, who helped keep peace in the streets of crimea from the bandits that were overthrowing the ukranian government.

        • Your comment is filled with emotional speech and focused on only one critical point, that the author already admitted. The article simply describes, that Russia is statistically less aggressive towards other countries than the USA. Simple fact. Please bring strong counterarguments based on facts if you want to make a point instead of repitetively quoting the same point and insulting the author.

          • wonder how it got that big then, if it has “no historical track record of invading other countries”… magic?

            funny you should mention facts, since the author is conveniently ignoring tons and pro-putin commenters react with insults when an actual fact is pointed out.

    • That is not true. Russia and China helped a revolution in Vietnam to rise which killed hundreds of thousands of people. North Vietnam wasn’t a side, it didn’t even exist till Ho Chi Minh started a revolution and tried to conquer whole Vietnam. America, Australia, Phillipiens, South Koreans and Vietnamese were the one defending the original Vietnam. Russia and China were supporting and aggressive revolution which threw the country 50 years back in time. How can you call that backing. That was assisting in menslaughter. Also, how can you say Russia didn’t invade any countries? Ukraine was no invasion?

      • You really ought to read some scholarship on the Vietnam War, because everything you’re claiming is wrong. I would suggest Fredik Logevall’s Embers of War, which will help contextualize the American war in Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh’s revolution began in World War II. There was an instance close to the end of the war where an American plane crashed in Northern Vietnam and the rebels jumped at the opportunity to make contact with the US, who they saw as natural allies. The Vietnamese helped extract the pilots, and made contact with the precursor to the CIA (the OSS) in an attempt to gain assistance for their revolution.

        After WWII ended and the Japanese left Vietnam, France tried to reassert its colonial control at the same time that Ho Chi Minh and the rebels were trying to establish an independent, sovereign state free of the influence of France OR China (Vietnam had fended off China for literally thousands of years prior to European colonialism, which made their relationship difficult). In fact, the constitution created by the rebels and announced in 1946 (or was it ’45? I forget) was modeled on the United States constitution. They were clearly appealing to the concept of self-determination and the principles of the Atlantic Charter and the newly established UN.

        Ho Chi Minh flew to France, but diplomacy failed to resolve the situation. War broke out in Vietnam, with most of the population supporting the rebels. In 1949 the “twin shocks” occurred (China goes communist, USSR tests the bomb), and henceforth both US and Chinese involvement increased. In the early 1950s US financing of the war was basically the only thing keeping the French war effort going. France was tired of a costly war that it apparently couldn’t win, but the US, terrified of the spread of socialism, coerced the French into continuing.

        Finally, things come to a head in 1954 with a disastrous French defeat and a scary moment where Eisenhower considered nuking North Vietnam. Peace negotiations occurred in 1954 and an agreement to split the nation into two, with national elections to occur in 1956 to decide the future of Vietnam. At this point, the United States basically set up a proxy government in South Vietnam led by Ngo Dinh Diem (it’s more complicated than that, Diem was successful in marginalizing other forces in South Vietnam and positioning himself as the obvious strongman). Diem’s administration was a disaster. He relied completely on US support to maintain his power and was hated by the majority of the population. The US refused to hold elections in 1956 because it was obvious to all observers that Ho Chi Minh would win, and self-determination was not acceptable in this case.

        After 1956, Vietnam became increasingly entangled with China, but it was basically out of necessity. You may want to note that after the American war in Vietnam ended, there was a THIRD Vietnam War in the late ’70s against China.

        To sum up: North Vietnam was far, far more legitimate than the South, which was nothing more than a fabricated proxy state. The North was a home-grown insurgency that didn’t rely substantially on China until the late 1950s.

        Oh, by the way, the French used Japanese forces (who were stranded after Japan’s defeat and became mercenary armies for the West all around the world) to fight the rebels in the first Vietnamese war. Classy.

  2. America has become an empire much like the Roman and British empires of old. We kill their people and give them American democracy and “freedom”. We install puppet dictators to do our bidding then wonder why the people don’t like us. Our gov’t blows smoke up our ass by telling us they hate us for our freedoms.

  3. So Putin, who is in collision with Trump, hacking US servers for emails in an attempt to destabilize the election is favor of that tangerine ballsack, is the person we should be listening to. Right.

    Putin’s concern that the US presence overseas is far too encompassing and that war is imminent because of US missile bases. If he really wanted to avoid war, he wouldn’t be prodding his numpty friend along. Now I believe, without any extra evidence, that Russia has been hacking US servers because of the mutual benefit Trump and Putin gain. Trump and Putin are buddies, he helps Trump win. The west becomes more destabilized in Europe with US funded terror attacks and now with “mounting tension” with Russia, they can prime us for war. War happens. Money is made. Money for Putin, money for Trump. Not the big aim, but with that level of instability, during and post-war comes the massive power grabs. Trump as dictator for life in the west, Putin as dictator in the east. But it’ll be blamed all on “the American people” for having elected that weapons grade plum to begin with.

    I love how it’s all blamed on the ordinary citizens, like we have such tremendous power to stop these epic leveled bullies.

  4. These comments are generally absurd

    – how can anyone disregard the violence and genocide-esque aggression of USA and counterparts? Pick holes in this article yet fail to acknowledge the truth within it. Misguided and firing unnecessary shots at the writer – who failed to mention a lot more death and destruction but on the whole – quite truthful content

    • because that how these people treat anything they are in denial… from personal matters to the big picture they are predictable ion the ignorance ; you will wee the same thing played out over and over again as ‘debate’ (for lack of a beter word because they are simply low level arguing) when in fact its delusional

  5. Russians occupation of a half of Romanian Moldavia(which is today republic of Moldova), first time in 1812,last time 1944, killings and deportation in Siberia of hundreds of thousands of civilians, is also peaceful attitude?

  6. “For those ignorant of history, Russia didn’t instigate war in the past. Russia’s Stalin helped defend borders against Nazi Germany, and played a massive role in the Japanese surrender in World War II with their ground support.”
    Russia helped defend borders in 1939? No, they invade Poland and stab it in it’s back on September 17th 1939. Polish troops were bravely defending west Polish borders,and who knows what would happend if half of them hadn’t had to protect east borders. They murdered hundrets of thousands of Polish citizens in their gulag’s and thousands of Polish officers by the shot in the back of the head. That’s not what allies should do, isn’t it?

    The rest of invasions were mentioned above.

    Even if I could agree with rest of your text, for me you are unreliable and untrustworthy because of that.

    • I can support anything that´s being said, if it´s anonymous certified.
      I want real news.
      I can feel sorry for the non-believers 😉

      Cheers Anon!

  7. The use of nuclear weapons involves more than just the pressing of the famous red button. But much much more.
    The raising of nuclear bombs’threats flags is used to install fear in citizens only, therefore to push them to agree with their gov’s decisions to go to war with whoever (see piece of shit of bush and invasion of iraq just to name one example).
    Also what is the point to nuke a country down with a nuclear bomb when radiations don’t allowed a proper physical invasion? Waters, soils and air would be too polluted and for so long that the consequences do not justify the method. Unless, of course, somebody has been telling bs all this time.
    To be noted that the technology of ground weapons and their productions have been increasing by the minute, in this last decade especially.
    Also when one looks at the uranium fission that is supposed to be happening in an atomic/nuclear bomb, doesn’t make any sense at all.
    For more infos on atomic/nuclear bombs you have to do your own researches in order to understand better the physics behind this all as well.
    Be aware of the fact that in yankee land it is prohibited by law to talk about nuclear/nuclear/h bombs physics publicly. And I wonder why hey?!
    It is time countries start taking the rubbish out… anything yankees out of their lands for good and peacefully. These criminals do instigate and cause unnecessary carnage only. AND HAVE TO BE STOPPED FOR ONCE AND ALL. FK THE YANKEE GOV AND ALL ITS DIRTY BLOODED ENTOURAGE OFF TODAY TO HAVE ALREADY A BETTER WORLD BY FAR, TOMORROW.
    I wonder how does it feel to be the most hated disrespected distrusted morons of Earth. But of course their arrogance, ignorance and laziness doesn’t allow them to see it… otherwise the world would be already a better place by far!!!!

  8. 20 MILLION PLUS killed in African communist conflicts by millions upon millions of Soviet weapons such as AK 47s , RPG s , SAM 7 s , Mig jets , Cuban puppet soldiers , etc – from 1950 till present ( 10 million in Congo alone). MILLIONS killed in dozens of South American communist conflicts by same weapons. Millions killed in dozens of Asian communist conflicts (Vietnam, Korea , Cambodia etc) by same Soviet weapons. 20 million plus people in Soviet Union itself killed in gulags , labour camps etc by their OWN government. Millions killed in forced take over/invasion of dozens of East European countries in 1940s ,1950s and 1960s by Russia. Has the writer of this article even done basic high school history ? He says ” Russia has no real history of starting wars in foreign countries. ” Burn every history text book in the world . Every book is wrong !!!!!

  9. To the FOOL: Your comments speak highly of your intelligence and show the world what it’s like to try to type with a pair of big hairy testicles on your chin.
    What’s this about being illegal to talk about nuclear weapons and or weapons of mass destruction?
    However we here in America live in abundance of luxury goods and will continue to do so. The freedoms we enjoy today are invied by the rest of the world. So we can understand why you and others like you have to try to convince yourself that you have a reason for being what you are. A loser and that being the case we understand and forgive you for having sex with you farm animals.

  10. Guys, are you nuts?
    Stop build up Romania and Poland?
    Do you even know where are these countries?
    And how US are by building them up?

  11. Suckers have no B A L L S to face each-other, just keep doing duck shooting of voiceless n poor. Yes, i repeat that barking D O G S seldom bite.

  12. Why can’t we not have power????
    The resolution is simple. Live in your country of choice and be happy and peaceful and just live a beautiful life. Get rid of the power trips. So simple but with all the negativity in our world it is impossible

    • We, as Australians, are followers. ALL leaders past or present) are guilty of at least one (I use that loosely) instigation of war for power. Get rid of the POWER in all countries and live in peace. Why wouldn’t everyone want this? Why can’t we, as the human race, bind together as equals, shake hands and say enjoy your life?

  13. Putin is verifiable. The more he spouts conspiracy theories the more we have reason to be worried this nut may well lead to a regional war on his own borders. Between distracting his populace with hypernationalistic fantasies and fubaring and fooling susceptible westerners with anti US-anti west movie scripts hes keeping his kleptocratic regime humming along as it pillages Russia. Russia is not a keeper of global equilibrium. Its no longer a socialist state and has no basic ideological difference with the west. Economic or political. Only the rate at which oligarchs are reaping wealth off their populations. Its why Putin supports many western right wing politicians and parties. Like Trump. He wants us to be as bad as Russia… Or Mexico.


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