This Is The Smartest Kid In The World And He Thinks CERN Destroyed Our Universe!


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  1. i have a interesting experience related to the Mandela effect i would like to share and get your take on it.

  2. Problem, take time into consideration. If you remove time from the equation and assume that one being exists outside of time or even this particular reality, then you can change the rules of everything. Each parallel universe is a reality within something that is not and is able to be shaped and formed into whatever.
    Therefore, if God, as you put it, is in all things, all things would be within each reality and there would be no reality in which God, as you put it, does not exist.
    Perhaps, then, it would be a better theory to say that there is a single reality within a non-reality which can be changed from without utilizing the rules of the non-reality which do not exist, in their entirety, within. This would allow for the destruction and restructuring of the reality without disturbing the perception of that reality. In essence, we would never realize it had changed because we have always been within it and changed with it.


    • Do you actually think that if there was a free energy device that could be made for basically pennies, that the government would allow such a device to be made by everyone……. Think about it. This would mean the end of fossil fuels…… 67 percent of the price of gas is taxes. Take that away and that whole system crashes….. there are patents that are buried by big car companies and the government because they are more energy efficient. Car companies would lose billions…… And another system would crash. This whole situation is all about the almighty buck. Free energy is out there and a 13 year old kid figured it out. Do you really think for one second that the government would allow that device to be made by just anyone……. Get a grip…..

  3. So now people should believe anything just because you posted a clever heading and just one picture with no story and source to back it up??

  4. What a load of shit… How does he explain that “mirror mirror on the wall” was mistaken for “magic mirror on the wall” BEFORE cern even existed

  5. There are 4 dimensions not parallel universe you maybe smart but not as smarter as God who has no time ..he can live in the past and in the future..

  6. The boy is not that smart. Stephen Hawkings already claimed to find the Higgs Boson would destroy the universe at the speed of light. Once CERN found it, nothing got destroyed. Not even in a parallel universe.

    Science has some dirty secrets to air their dirty laundry. The physics standard model is incomplete, and everyone wants to discover a new one that breaks the laws of physics. Law of conservation means matter and energy cannot be created nor destroyed but converted from one form to another. There is also Entropy which means some matter and energy will escape the system and be unaccounted for.

    I’ve lived in several different dimensions, traveling there through meditation and existing there in the mind of my alternative body to learn what is different and then come back before I wake up.

    The universe won’t be destroyed per se, but the stars will one day run out of fuel and there will be a heat death of the universe which is a billion times worse than climate change and other stuff. But that is into the far future.

    For each universe, there is an anti-matter universe that got created to counter it where time goes backward relative to ours. For each universe, there are different dimensions that are like our dimension but different in some ways. One where Al Gore won in the 2000 USA race, one where Hillary Clinton won the 2016 race, etc. I’ve been there and it sucks a lot worse than our dimension even if Donald Trump is a jerk with no experience in politics or managing a government.


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