Soviet-era Monstrous Tesla Towers Revealed via Drone Footage – Could Shoot 600ft Long Lightning Bolts


Russia’s monstrous pulse generator, that can shoot lethal five hundred to six hundred and fifty foot lightning bolts, is not beyond reach but it is concealed in close proximity to a forest – a long way from normal ‘travelers routes’ and for good reasons.

Thankfully, Russia Today got authorization to film the Tesla Tower enlivened, providing for us a complete, mind-boggling perspective of the entire facility from up high. The ‘Marx Generator’, also known as the ‘Tesla Tower’, like the early 1900’s New York office that brought it to be was fabricated during in the 1970’s, twenty five miles west of Moscow. It is so effective that it can radiate energy comparable to the power created by all of the power plants in Russia for 100 microseconds! The tower’s unique design was to serve as a testing ground during the USSR’s journey to weaponry’s electromagnetic heartbeats. However nowadays, the nation is utilizing it to test its super jets’ lightning hit capability.


Truth Theory

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