That’s One Way To Burn 21 Million Tax-Payer Dollars: Really Expensive Drone Crashes In Iraq


A Buzzfeed report states that a spokesperson from the Pentagon has admitted that “an MQ-1 crashed on its way to its recovery base in Iraq” after “technical complications caused a loss of communication.

Steve Ishak, an Iraqi freelance journalist, was sent photos of the downed aircraft from Iraqi villagers who had witnessed the incident.

Built by General Atomics (but what about specific atomics?), these drones cost a whopping 21 million bucks each. These drones can fly to a height of 29000 feet, while carrying more than a thousand pounds of deadly payload.

A reporter with Air & Cosmos, a French aeronautics magazine, has speculated that the drone may have gone down because of weather conditions or engine failure due to the fact that “there are no bullets or missile impact.” OR, maybe somebody was out partying till late and fell asleep at the remote-control. Always trust the Pentagon to wisely spend American taxpayer money and then be unable to account for at least a quarter of it…. Maybe all of that is from drone crashes? And what kind of cruddy 21-million-dollar drone can’t stand a bit of bad weather?

Anyway, CENTCOM spokesperson Major Genieve David, has stated that the US government is now working together with Iraqi officials to recover the vehicle of death and destruction… While the Pentagon claims there “were no weapons on board the aircraft”, can we really trust an organisation that simply cannot account for 25% of the billions they spend <CoughBribesTortureCorruptionCough>?

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