The Truth About The Dairy Industry In 5 Minutes [Video]


by Amanda Froelich at


Contrary to popular belief, ignorance is NOT bliss. If you’re still buying conventional milk from large-scale dairy farms, it’s time for a massive dose of reality.

Got Milk? We sure hope not.

Why? Well, not only is milk unnecessary for health and well-being (even Harvard scientists agree with this), it is a product more-than-likely sourced from a very cruel and unethical industry.

As activist Erin Janus blatantly points out in the video above, most people would not support the dairy industry if they knew how the beverage is produced.

From dairy cows being raped and impregnated over and over to the horrifying reality of the veal business, it’s clear to anyone with their eyes open that something is wrong with the industry.

Hard realization must be learned for change to take place. Some more facts on the unethical dairy industry follow [2]:

  • Dairy cows are kept almost continually pregnant in order to maximize their production of milk. Calves are separated from their mothers within 12 – 24 hours of birth and most are trucked to slaughter from just 5 days old. Around 700,000 ‘bobby calves’ (mostly males) are killed every year as waste products of the dairy industry. These young, vulnerable animals can legally be deprived of food for up to 30 hours during this journey to slaughter.
  • Mother cows are milked twice a day and the use of machine pumps can contribute to painful mastitis. Before long, she is artificially impregnated again, carrying another calf to term, only for the same cruel cycle to be repeated.
  • Cows can expect to live up to 20 years. Dairy cows used in the milk industry though are regarded as ‘spent’ after just 6 or 7 years and are sent to slaughter – their years of pain and sacrifice not sparing them this premature end.

Fortunately, many tasty and healthy plant-based ‘milks’ are now available on the market or can be made in the comfort of your own home. From hemp and coconut to almond and soy, plant-based, creamy beverages can fill the dairy ‘void’ in your home and help you live a longer, healthier life.

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[1] Collective Evolution

[2] Food Wise

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  1. Where I live, the cows aren’t abused or anything like that. They have like half as many bulls(Is it spelled like that?) as cows at a big farm. It’s enough and the farmers get paid enough too.. By most companies.

    • Most farms have very few bulls, with a single bull impregnating multiple cows, however the literal act of mating is not really the issue, calling it ‘raping’ is a pretty bold statement, in reality its the most natural part of the whole process. I have worked on three separate dairy farms in the past and have experienced first hand the unnatural and cruel nature of the industry.

    • That does make it right. They are still kept pregnant and sold for beef. A miserable existence and we should not be drinking another species baby milk anyway. In what way is that NOT messed up?

  2. Hahahaha

    She is really beautiful

    But she is not a dime worth as a girlfriend/wife

    I knew bitch ending had to come

    But was scaring informative

  3. This made Me Sick…To tears , FUCKing HELL ,& they call this Progress . MANKIND Has become crule & disgusting
    I mostly live on Milk & Marawana ,. I drink a liter & a half a day for the last 27years , after meeting The Milk Bubba
    in Katmandu , Who Lived exclusively on a milk diet ( But his Milk came from the natives cows , creamy & fresh )
    I had the good fortune to live in a cottage in the Himalayas, I bought Fresh milk from the villages …
    Nectar of The Gods , Like the milkman of old , horse & cart .. In pint glass bottles , I always was the 1st to pore
    the cream on the top of the breakfast porridge ( THINGs HAVE changed )

  4. I didn’t know any of this. Not one bit of it. I’m finished with cow’s milk. Off to the kitchen now to put it down the sink. I guess I oughta pour my beef protein powder in the trash too. I was only using soy milk, rice milk, and almond milk for a while – but then I heard this guy Dave Asprey talking about how awesome butter is for the brain, and how he survived on pretty much nothing but it for like 2 years, gaining a six pack and what not with no exercise, etc., etc., etc. But while Ms. Janus mentioned “where does milk/cheese come from?” – A. cows; “where does beef come from?” – A. duh; I thought, well, where does butter come from? Yeah. Crap. I ain’t going back to margarine, but if everyone saw this video (other than the farmers who already know all this stuff), then perhaps… yeah, or maybe perhaps not.

    • Are you actually serious? Like creating almoont milk takes more water than growing a f*cking cow and milking it? Animal proteins from milk and meat causes cancer not bloody soy. The harm to humans is the long term health risks from a diet full of protein and fat that can cause a host of health problems. I recommend anyone reading this comment watches forks over knives asap. I am glad this article had been written. People are truly blissfully ignorant and refuse to listen to the truth. The GDA we are all supposed to follow and the food pyramid is all fabricated and favours the dairy and meat industry who make money from it. Also just consider, you don’t make money from curing a patient, but you don’t want them to die either. The sweetspot is in the middle, where pharmaceutical companies can exploit people and make money. Its a corrupt world we live in. Go vegan 😉

  5. iam sure glad i stopped drinking milk alongtime ago this was so sad what they did to these poor animals lets face it there is much more to eat thats healthy than cheese and milk this industry should be shut down its not humane and its the worst case of animal abuse ive ever seen



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