The Ugly Truth About McDonald’s French Fries


Renowned activist and author Michael Pollan has revealed a horrible truth about McDonald’s – that the fast food company only accepts Russet Burbank potatoes, a type of potato that is unusually long and difficult to grow. Since McDonald’s insists that their potatoes should have no blemishes, and because Russet Burbank potatoes suffer from Net Necrosis that causes unwanted spots and lines on them, farmers are forced to use a pesticide called Monitor “that is so toxic that the farmers who grow these potatoes in Idaho won’t venture outside and into their fields for five days after they spray”. He adds that the potatoes have to be stored in big warehouses for 60 days for the toxic pesticide to “off-gas”. Pollan in the below video explains why you should be afraid to eat McDonald’s French fries, and it is really scary…


You’ll Never Eat McDonald’s French Fries Again After Watching This

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  1. Man that video really is gonna change my life, and just goes to show no matter what you do, you are always fighting with death, NOT!!!!!!!!!!!, lol.
    pfft the fries are not killing consumers due to the pesticides sprayed on the potatoes, its killing consumers due to the fact that they are eating their fries every day of the week. Of course McDonald’s fries and food menu are not for everyday consumption, i aint the sharpest tool in the shed but even i know that.

    p.s McDonalds inst the only company that uses pesticides like they do, 70% of plants that are bought from the shop have had at least some sort of pesticide sprayed on them, how do you think farmers grow crops on an extreme scale several times per season, its called a simple thing we all like to call CHEMICALS and PESTICIDE’S

    • Yes, true that most have some sort of pesticide on them. However, if you woulda payed attention to the presentation you may have noticed that McDonals is a big user of Roundup. And I’m pretty frikkin sure this heads up was on McDonalds because they insist on using RoundUp on their potatoes. Don’t you think if other chains were found to be using chemicals like Roundup, the presentation would have mentioned them too.

    • Yes, very true. However, ever notice there isn’t a warning from the “SURGEON GENERAL” when you get an order of McDonalds fries. There is one on the pack of smokes however.

  2. The first sentence isn’t true —

    The second sentence is misleading — all potatoes can suffer from Net Necrosis, not just Russet Burbanks.

    The second sentence is misleading x2 — the EPA sets the re-entry intervals (REIs) after spraying all pesticides, NOT the farmers… meaning that farmers don’t choose to avoid the field for 5 days because of toxicity.

    Third sentence is a flat-out lie — potatoes aren’t stored for 60 days to off-gas. They are stored to maximize efficiency of processing facilities… much like corn is stored until it is ready to be used.

    Also… ALL fast food restaurants use Russet Burbanks, including Burgerville.

    • You obviously Miss informed with your conclusion. Potatoes are actually stored in that facility because they glow neon green that is a fact I find it I’m not going to sit here and research it for you and those are the facts if you are trying to circumvent the fact that is your issue do not provide misleading information for others based upon APA guidelines and try to make that seem relevant as to why they are not allowed in the field five days after they sprayed or why they are stored in the office facilities I could justify hell to you if I wanted to its words but the reality is if you have a brain you will understand what is being done… do not use your words to justify things that are on justifiable you don’t put it on the EPA for their federally mandated guidelines but if you’re going to ask yourself the question why a corrupt government agency would even have the balls to tell you not to touch the food for 5 days these are agencies that are swayed by money how to find the corrupt agency that still tells you this is bad should be grounds enough


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