The Worldview 3 Satellite – The Eye Watching Us In The Sky


The uncontrolled effect of technology and internet are there to keep reminding us of the cons of too much openness on the world. Even though programs to protect internet users’ privacy are various, very soon even such programs will be of no use. This is because soon the Worldview3 satellite will be up there in the sky launching from California’s Vandenberg Air Force Base atop an Atlas 5 rocket. Google with the approval of the US government has made this satellite powerful enough to capture our faces with a resolution of 25 cm which was not allowed legally before unless it is for a military satellite. This fierce satellite has been developed by Digital Globe which is a US number one suppliers for high-resolution earth imagery and online mapping that made it easy now to capture our faces from high above regardless of clouds or snow or any weather condition. Having the short-wave infrared sensors equipped by Ball Aerospace-developed CAVIS instrument (i.e. against Clouds, Aerosol, water Vapor, Ice, and Snow) and 1.1 meter aperture telescope, it can take up to 680,000 square kilometers a day.


The critical, but easy to answer, question here is: who can access Worldview 3?

The answer is the regular clients of Digital Globe represented by: Google, Microsoft, NASA, and the US federal agencies which are the main and only winners of Worldview 3 as they will be able to spy freely on us without us having any single right to protect ourselves especially if the government restrictions continue to be even more relaxed to reach 10 cm per pixel, for instance.

This will definitely open the door for other giants in the field like google who is planning to launch its satellite by 2018 that has the ability to capture the whole planet three times a day with only one meter distance resolution and a 90 second video at 30 frames per second.

This is not an illusion or a far dream, google has already started launching two if its rockets on a Russian rocket.

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  1. Anonymous if anything deserve’s to get hacked it is this piece of technology that will be violating our privacy rights from another country, the USA thinks it can police and govern the world. in reality it makes me feel worried about the safety of my country and what they will try to learn from the states, they deserve this satelite being a floating peice of junk as much as the chairmen of the federal reserve bank deserves lifetime imprisonment and their assets seized.

  2. The stuff this satellite is doing isn’t unique. Government has had the capability and is using this already. They also have way more complex surveillence tools on military satellite and radar including active mode interferometry, allowing full building, underground scans, body scans through walls, brain wave tomography, imaging of intimate body parts and thoughts, evoked potential detection and thought and vital sign analysis with remote diagnosis and license plate scans, and biometric information, heat prints, automated identification and tracking of each person, all done from space and over the horizon radar. Totally stealth. The neural monitoring capability also includes what you see, hear, think, emotions, thought, dreams, pass codes, bank, security certificate info, history, plans, and other detection. Read patents & whistbelower articles here covering capability .

    They can also tap electronic emissions, keyboards, dram, PCI buses, CPU, and more. W/o a need for any kind of direct connectivity such as wifi internet or bugs.

    There are approximately 32+ ELINT satellites of various types hundreds to tens of thousands of times more powerful than Hubble aimed at earths surface for surveillence. And dozens of ground based interferometers which do the same thing by using the ionosphere as a mirror.

    • Todd. Slow down on the adderall buddy. Shits rotting your brain. I know there is some mind blowing science out there but i think you are going a little overboard with the neural monitoring thing. So you think that there is a way to crack my password like right now im thinking of my password. Do you think they know it now bro?

      • Read Dr. Robert Duncan’s book Project Soul Catcher vol.2. Or The Matrix Deciphered. The mind was hacked in 1974 by Robert Malech, fully patented military technology. Duncan disclosed these details in his books there and has went on TV and radio to confirm this multiple times.

        The patents start in 1974, “apparatus and method for remotely reading and altering brainwaves” using traditional radar. By 1976 the DOD retro fitted the capability into all radar and satellite systems. The creator Malech worked for a major DOD radar contractor who today is owned by major electronic warfare systems manufacture Exelis Inc.

        Duncan worked for the DOD/CIA/US DOJ/NASA. Please click through to the before mentioned links for his interviews, books, and relevent articles. System may or may not be used selectively or globally, generates 1.4 terabytes per second to monitor all psycho energies and all they have to do is focus on you to get the information they want from your brain. Some information is permenently stored and they are working up to storing all decoded brain wave data, per Duncan. Their technology can target any person on American soil and tracks their whereabouts.

        Yes they can get your password from you even when you aren’t actively thinking about it. Its always stored in your mind even in subconcious and inactive brain nodes. They call that particular technique EEG memory probing.

        • My man is trolling… On another note you sir have done your research and cited your sources which is far more than anyone could ask for. I applaud you sir. Now what are we going to do about it all? that what needs to be done

  3. You gotta think man all the shit that our government keeps secret more than half of the documents they have are dubbed top secret including all if Tesla’s documents and many more there are thing that we probably couldn’t even begin too imagine was true and this is why we post things like this because the evidence of them hoarding secret information that has the ability too change our world forever and for the better but why do that when they could sit at a high seat untouchable and watch the world burn and keep these secrets too themselves

  4. It says in the article that it can capture 680.000 km^2 a day. Then it says that it can capture the earth 3 times a day… Which is it? Because 680.000 is only a fraction the surface area of the MOON.
    It would take 750 days to capture the whole earth at that speed.

  5. The 680000/sgskm is the worldview 3 agenda and the capture of the earth 3 times a day is a plan design by google which will be launched by 2018 according to the article.

  6. What a load of pish, just stop and think for a minute, a resolution of 25cm. and your worried that someone will see your face,

    If you still don’t understand the relationship of 25cm to one pixel I recommend you run over to the wall and rip out your internet service and go live underground.


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