This Guy Converted His Motorcycle To Run On Water! Now He Will Have To Watch His Back


Written by John Vibes at


For decades there have been stories about vehicles that could run on water, and now we can actually see one of these vehicles in action. The T Power H20 motorbike was developed in Sao Paulo, Brazil by a man named Ricardo Azevedo.

The motorcycle can travel up to 310 miles on just a liter of water, and it does not require any specific type of water. Azevedo has even demonstrated how the motorcycle works using polluted water from a nearby river.

The motorcycle works by combining a battery with a water combustion system that helps to generate electricity.

In the video demonstrating his invention, Azevedo uses clean water to power the bike and drinks it on camera to show that it is not fuel.

“The advantage of this motorcycle, which works with the hydrogen that comes from the water, is that the result that comes out of the exhaust is water vapour. This is different from gasoline, which the result is carbon monoxide,Azevedo said.

Azevedo’s invention could entirely change the transportation industry, but he should be careful because inventors like him have been discredited and even killed in the past. The best way to keep Azevedo and his invention safe is to spread the word about it so it is more difficult for competing interests to sweep it under the rug.

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  1. The newsquality here have gone quite low, this bike uses electricity from a battery to produce hydrogen, it does not run on water alone. Please try to get your things together and research things you write about before this page becomes a joke.

    • Even if the water engine powers a battery it is still an awesome green machine,if he lives long enough to find the right sponsors….the others from other countries have disappeared and died shortly after displaying on youtube.

      • It isn’t though. Electrolysis of water is quite a costly reaction, as far as power goes. The battery will go dry in mere minutes, if even that, and the built-in generator won’t have a snowballs chance in hell of keeping up with the power consumption. Plus, hydrogen is extremely flammable, explosively so, which is why it has largely been discarded as a source of fuel in favor of, for instance, bio-diesel.

        What you said, is like making the claim that you’re a world-class marathon runner because you can run really fast for 30 paces.

        • That is the dumbest thing i’ve seen yet, hellow gasoline is poisonous and highly explosive. And unless you’ve got a video like he does showing proof of your claims.. Maybe we should say anything hmm….Proof is in the doing not in the saying words are easy actions arn’t.

          • Electrolysis is a common method, and yes it is very costly, you do get more fuel than you expend, but you’d have to buy bottled H2 or make a really big H2 generator to have this work good enough for use. Also H2 is one of the most explosive gasses, as long as you keep the H2 seperated from O2 you are fine though.

          • Yes joe smith. Everything on the Internet is “proof” and the laws of physics don’t really count for all that much. You don’t say anything dumb at all.

          • Law of Conservation of Energy, states that energy cannot be created or destroyed in a chemical reaction.

            You do not get more energy than you spend regardless of the size of the generator or water used.

            The battery is running the motorcycle with the side effect of turning some water into its separate gaseous forms and making a little bit of extra electricity for the battery.

      • The battery is used to extract hydrogen from the water, it still have to be charged like any other electric vehicle, which they seems to have “forgotten” in this article… This technology (fuel cells) actually exists in vehicles such as the Toyota Mirai and Hyundai ix35 FCEV.

      • Energy cannot get created or destroyed (apart from nuclear energy). We can just change its form. If this machine splits water into Hydrogen and Oxygen using a battery (i.e. electricity) and lets say its 100% efficient (highly unlikely) then the electrical energy needed to split water into Hydrogen and oxygen would be the same as the energy available from the resulting Hydrogen and Oxygen. Now assuming you burn this Hydrogen and Oxygen back at 100% efficiency (Never been done before) then you could use that energy to drive a vehicle but not also generate the same energy back to the battery. Bearing this in mind then this really is not a green solution unless the battery can be charged by solar power (again not really efficient enough).

        The real point about splitting water into Hydrogen and Oxygen is its use as a battery rather than an energy source. A vehicle running on electricity could use this tech to restore energy that the modern petrol/diesel vehicle wastes when braking.

        • Here absolutely everyone misses the whole point of this tech.
          How to put it…
          Let’s see, combusting hydrogen will give you the same energy you used to split it up? Yes and no, you will get the same amount of energy that you would need to split 100% pure distilled water. Which is massive compared to the energy need it to distilled a solution with good conductivity (that’s why you put electrolytes) then, by using certain metals in the plates of the splitter, you can also improve the electrolysis… ain’t that difficult, the energy you get is way superior than the one you need to feed in due to the fact that chemistry is doing the toughest part of the job. The bike runs with the exchange.

          • If you simply fed the power from the battery into a motor it would be a much more efficient method of converting the energy stored in the battery into power for the bike. The intervening step of electrolysis has no tangible benefit.

          • combusting hydrogen will give you the same energy you used to split it up? No, you will loose some energy into heat and sound.

            then when you burn it, recombining it into energy, you will lose more to heat and sound.

            by the time you then take that energy, and feed it into the electric motors, you will get a fraction you would have gotten if you just had fed it into the motor in the first part.

            what you are advocating is raising food, throwing it into a fire to generate power to raise food to eat… its adding a hugely useless step that does nothing but decrease the system efficiency.

      • A small solar panel can be used as source of 12v to separate the H from O2.
        Its needs a little current to start the process. H gas or as it was known in the early 1900’s…”Browns Gas” once was the source of fuel to power a Model T ford, same as today. 1st patent was 1910? Using polluted H2O as source also produces clean h2o as a byproduct of emissions. WOW what a good thing after a disaster, fuel, oxygen and clean water. BIG OIL just keeps fuckin us!!!

      • Come on keyboard warriors, take a rest, this is quite old, there were a few proyects like this in latinamerica, the main thing here is that we are making progres, a few years ago this was unthinkable to set it on a bike… I see you handle a lot of useful data… please be part of the GOOD guys, and don´t kill the idea

        • Pablo: there is no idea to kill. The idea is theoretically impossible. You can’t ‘create’ energy. So what is happening here is not killing an idea – because it isn’t an idea at all – but killing the hopes that we will get free and clean energy in the near future.

          There’s no such thing as free energy.

          In this case: all the energy needed to power the bike’s motor, comes from the battery that has been charged previously. Like others stated before me: the whole H+O2 step can be omitted and will result in higher efficiency. The idea that you don’t want to be killed is a stupid fantasy and the man promoting it is a fraud.

    • How does the bike use electricity to run an internal combustion engine? The batery has nothing to do with it after it starts. The bikes magneto creates electricity to run the HOH generator the hydroxy runs the bike. The first internal combustion engine ran this way. Not sure why this guy’s in fear for his life. There are thousands of hoh generators running vehicles around the world. The do blow up in spectacular fassion at times.

    • LOl, WATER POWERED BIKE? Really nowadays education of SOME people getting below monkeys, in order to convert H2O into fuel, it takes more power to separate Hydrogen and oxygen, than the resulting combustion of Hydrogen and OXYGEN, in other words you cannot get energy out of nothing.
      The mechanism is really simple: Water is goes through hydrolysis via DC battery (with help of some catalysts), then gas is burnt back to form vapour.

    • dont need a battery just a dynamo thats powerfull enough to turn the water in to hydrogen and in Hessen (Germany) in the 70s there was a man who invented a waterbased motor for his car he got arrested and VW buyed his pattents and burned them for sure… just by the way

    • . . the report said its the hydrogen from water is the fuel. . our present fuel is the hydrogen from gasoline/diesel/fossil fuel. . the energy source is the same. . But the problem is . . if all nations will have their own source of energy . . the hydrogen from water, the United States of America. . and the ITIM. .will lose power, influence or control to all nations. . .

    • There’s nothing arcane about it. Simple electrolysis. Massively inefficient in a vehicle context, and he’s more liable to blow himself up when the hydrogen overcombusts than anything else killing him.

  2. Where is the prof? Then why don’t he use the gas tank as the wather tank? I bet there is
    gas in it! It’s just like the car on wather it only reduce gas by 10-15% And it’s been done before and not worth it!

  3. Your Web page sucks. I’m blocking it so I don’t come back. Too many ad’s and a fucking pop up. I can’t read a story at all due to ads loading constantly moving the screen. So I’m one less statistic to your site for revenue for visitors.

      • David, spend a little time learning about browsers, their popup-blocking features, and AddOns that will also block ads and popups. To criticize a diyr that makes great information available, entirely for free, without spending any time learning how to operate your computer, well… I think you get the point.

    • I too was suspicious of this. Seems like a lot of corporate advertisers needed to keep this page running.

    • I too was suspicious of this. Seems like a lot of corporate sponsors needed to keep this page running. Sad indeed.

    • You could blame it on the site, which literally has nothing to do with the pop-ups your pop-ups or you could just stop watching porn on your computer, which is what is Actually causing all of your pop-ups & adds. 😉 FYI: if you use your phone for the porn, you wont have to worry about being interrupted when you’re reading articles, which you referred to here as a “story”… You’re welcome 🙂

  4. You said, “The best way to keep Azevedo and his invention safe is to spread the word about it so it is more difficult for competing interests to sweep it under the rug.”

    WRONG! They could kill him tomorrow in any number of ways and get away with it, you and I and a few thousand readers won’t change a thing.


    How do you not get that?

    • This happened before in the 70’s and he “committed suicide” google it there was a news report on the water fuel cell

  5. I can only wonder why he hasn’t published the plans all over the internet.
    He’s only in danger if he’s the only one who knows the secret of his process.

  6. He’s not inventor cuz this technology is known about 30 years he just made this bicycle using technology invented by other Peoples so this is not a news 😀

  7. ok so this concept here is the same basic concept of an o2 generator…. it breaks down the components of water in hydrogen and oxygen which uses the hydrogen to keep the bike motor running and expels the oxygen into the environment?? so basically he is sitting on a hydrogen bomb!! this concept has been visited in the past with deadly results when going threw safety tests by automotive companies. rupturing the tank in an accident can cause an explosion that will kill the rider and anyone near him…

  8. I have to agree with the one person water is not an abundant supply item either. And where if oil goes away we can live on, if water goes away things wont be as good. Small question I have is why is he not using the old fuel tank to hold the water instead of that small add on .Wonder if it would run on sea water. The more interesting electric car solution came up recently where the car uses what they call nanoflowcell. Quant is company I believe. Car has a 249-373 mile range. The real interesting thing though is when you need to recharge it you just replace the charge carrying salt water. Similar to just fueling your car. The liquid that I taken out of your car is just recharged. Could be interesting who knows.

  9. This does not pass the smell test. The average motorcycles gets about 35 to 40 mpg (gasoline), but let’s say his bike gets 60 mpg. The approximate energy equivalence is about 1 kilogram (Kg) of hydrogen equals 1 gallon of gasoline. So it would take 1 Kg of hydrogen for his bike to travel 60 miles and a little more than 5 Kg to travel 310 miles. The first problem is that 1 Liter of water contains about 0.11 Kg of hydrogen (the rest oxygen; 0.89 Kg). So this 0.11 Kg of hydrogen from 1 Liter of water would only take the bike about 7 miles well short of 310 miles. The second problem is an average 120 amp-hours car battery contains about 1.4 kilowatt-hours of energy and since it takes about 50 kilowatt-hours to produce 1 Kg of hydrogen a single charged car battery will only produce about 0.028 Kg of hydrogen, only enough for his bike to travel about 1.7 miles. In total it would actually take about 44 liters of water and 180 car battery charges to generate enough hydrogen to travel 310 mile.

  10. This is not a good idea. A lot of people are in desperate need of water and spilling water in engines isnt a good idea. We can better have enignes that run on electricity

  11. This is proven technology and is all over YouTube and the Internet,
    It’s only downside is the catalyst materials are quite expensive for the best efficency.
    But it’s still cheaper than the cost of the fule….

    Hydrogen full cycle via electrostatic ionisation of water molecules.
    The bikes electric system can power this system…

    Alternative electric bikes may be more practical.

    All these systems can be used in other forms of transport or home energy supply.

  12. All I saw from that video is a guy filling water into a plastic container fixed to the carrier on the back of a bike which had a functioning feul tank. I’m calling bullshit on this crap.

  13. Why does everyone have to knock good ideas? Constructive criticism is what we need. For goodness sake, you people, Keep an Open Mind.

    • An open mind without knowledge won’t get you far. This “good idea” ignores basic rules of physics, it just isn’t possible to get some energy out of changing water from liquid phase to vapor. In fact, you have to put energy in it. That’d be like putting water into the fridge and wondering why it isn’t getting warmer.

  14. How excellent! If he wants to put science in front of profits, he should post the plans to the WWW so they could be disseminated far and wide.

  15. If anyone wants to know exactly how its its done go to As a Mechanical Engineer and amatuer research scientist, I actually know the physics behind it. It is not your simple electrolysis reaction. Research something called the Joe Cell to get you started. A little nickle iodide sure helps too. Completely non toxic.

  16. Also, look up Stan Meyers water car from the 80’s. He did it to his Volkswagon dune buggy and documented it. It got him “suicided”.

  17. This is nothing unusual. Hydrogen can be extracted from water through electrolysis. And for electrolysis we need dc current source(battery). As far as science is concerned energy is neither created nor destroyed, it just changes its form. Here the electrical energy is converted to heat energy by combustion of hydrogen, and in the process there’s a loss of energy as well. So as far as fuel efficiency is concerned it shall be better if he uses the battery directly as a source of energy as we see in electric powered vehicles. On the other hand the reason to convert it into hydrogen is getting more power to drive the vehicle(ie;more speed/acceleration/torque). It doesn’t mean that the fuel is for free.

  18. This water-as-fuel should be started and experimented back when scientist first find out that is possible to extract energy from water.

  19. This is a clear case of lots of people speculating on what is or is not possible because the article gives no details of how Ricardo actually built the thing or how it works. Perhaps we need new scientist or scientific america magazine to do a more in depth article. Big claims with no details make the thing look like a scam or tabloid junk.

  20. It’s sad that so many people are using the same tired “arguments” that are always used when someone does this. There were a lot of people who thought the world was flat, too, and their “logic” seemed impeccable when spouted to those of equal ignorance.

    Plenty of people have unlocked “Tesla energy” and plenty have figured out efficient ways to extract H from H2O. The concept that it is “too expensive” or “violates entropy” is propaganda put out by big, and I mean “BIG,” oil.

    We are only stuck with non-renewable energy because the 1% want it that way.

  21. If his innovation is commercialized, the price of water will rise dramatically. The same group of people will take the opportunity for their own benefit and the problem goes on

  22. Everyone on earth should be watching his back, and he should simply release a free video tutorial and get anonymous to make it viral. (der).
    The information is then released and his life is no longer at stake because there’s no longer any point taking it.
    Yes a lot of folks have worked out how to do this. Soon we’re going to have more water around the earth than we originally bargained for, I don’t forsee any problems with the price of stuff that falls freely from the sky (if you don’t live in America.. otherwise apparently someone there even owns the rain.. yep, land of the free).

  23. My unscientific observation is that water is a natural resource as well as fossil oil (petrol) the moment it becomes a source of energy someone somewhere will find a way to make you pay for it do not rejoice yet.


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