This Short Clip From A Bollywood Movie Explains Muslims, America & Terrorism


Kurbaan, a Bollywood crime drama film from 2009 set against the backdrop of global terrorism, explains the connection between terrorism, America and Islam in this very short, but heated and dramatic scene:

Version with English subtitles:

Released on 20 November 2009, the film deals with an underground organization’s attempt at instilling fear by means of terrorism in the United States. It also intersperses philosophical arguments over the corruption of religious beliefs in an attempt to ‘rectify’ the damage to Muslims world-over.


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  1. Prophet Muhammad said : There will come a time when holding on to your RELIGION will be like holding BURNING COAL. [Sunah Al-Tirmidhi | 3058]

    • If spent all power, all wealth, all science, all attention to live in peace that damn islamicia religion that sends young people blow themselves up and kill people who are not in a cowardly fashion battlefield, perhaps it would make more faithful, but they do is convert thugs, killers, mental patients into their ranks and do their bidding, despise the woman, treat her like dirt, their leaders should be the first to explode, afjinal preach for the mentally ill that life is worthless and heaven it is better to offer virgins to martiris, love a woman is not enough? Are depraved and horny as well as killers and thugs, Jesus did not preach violence, Jesus preaches forgiveness, peace, and love, what difference, but that damn Islam religion does not accept any of this, just preach hatred, pain, violence, why listen to this guy Mohammed? He does not want the good of the planet, it’s hard to understand this, wake up soon, we do not have another planet, who are not satisfied with your neighbor do not kill him, who can not live with respect for others go to the caves.

  2. 1. Mossad & CIA did 9/11 and blamed it on muslims.
    2. America created ISIS
    3. America created Al-Queda
    4. America created taliband
    5. America is the reason some muslim countries are violent.

    Since Iran’s central bank is not owned by the Rothschilds family, watch what will happen to Iran in the future.

    • What about before 9/11? The religion of cut you to pieces has been on a jihad for the past few thousands years. The crusades didn’t finish off these cave dwellers, but soon American sunshine will turn that sand pit into a glass bowl.

      • “The crusades didn’t finish off these cave dwellers”, please read a bit before posting. The 1st crusade was the thing which started the 1st jihad: Christians assassinated ALL the people in Jerusalem and as response all the muslim countries in the area joined to answer to that massacre.
        Ali ibn Tahir al-Sulami (d. 1106): Kitab al-Jihad (extracts). First known Islamic discussion of the concept of jihad written in the aftermath of the First Crusade.

  3. the middle east has been tearing itself apart since long before the creation of the USA.

    I think the self-blame fits modern PC values…but the source of the issue is deeper.


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