Tourists Stupidly Kill Baby Dolphin For The Sake Of Capturing Selfies




In an attempt to gain validation, tourists ‘accidentally’ contributed to the death of an innocent marine mammal.

When a young Franciscana dolphin was spotted near a beach in Argentina last week, she was yanked from the water and passed around by a throng of tourists. The beachgoers kept her from her natural habitat, reports The Dodo, and held her underneath the hot sun so they could capture selfies with her.

Their unenlightened actions cost the baby dolphin her life.

Credit: Hernan Coria via Facebook

Credit: Hernan Coria via Facebook

According to the Vida Silvestre Foundation, one other dolphin was pulled from the water, as well.

Credit: Hernan Coria via Facebook


Credit: Hernan Coria via Facebook

An environmentalist with the foundation wrote in response to the incident:

“[Dolphins] can not remain long above water. They have very thick and greasy skin that provides warmth, so the weather will quickly cause dehydration and death.” 

If this news isn’t sad enough, Franciscana dolphins are listed as “vulnerable” species, as they are found only in the waters of southeastern South America.

Credit: Hernan Coria via Facebook

Credit: Hernan Coria via Facebook

Self-absorption is fatal, apparently. And though a picture may be worth a thousand words, the ones captured on the beach that day cost a life.

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  1. Can one be so stupid to treat a wild animal like that ?
    Stupid and useless humankind, if the story would be reversed like in the Planet of the Apes, do you think the Apes would do that? They won’t because they are much more intelligent than us !!

    • bad reference to planet of the apes, in the ape movies the apes chase humans,catch them with nets,forced apart from loved ones, beat them, lobotomized some, treated man as a lesser being then after all that you get to work as there slaves all while being well mannered right? the story about the baby dolphin is pretty trerible…

  2. i’ve said this before and i’ll say it again, we are in hell with a front row seet to shit like this. dissapointed…


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