Uncensored Photos: How Is To Be A Refugee On The Serbia-Hungary Border


The Serbian-Hungarian border crossing has become the third most popular route into the EU, after Greece and Italy, by irregular migrants and asylum-seekers from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia and Eritrea. Officials estimate that 175,000 people have crossed from Serbia into Hungary so far this year. The Hungarian government says it expects up to 300,000 migrants to reach the country this year.

However, the Hungarian army has built a 4-meter-high, 109-mile-long anti-migration fence along its border with Serbia to keep the refugees out. The country has also blocked a railway line used as a crossing point. The razor wire fence has further caused panic amongst refugees at the much-criticized Roszke migrant camp.

Asylum claimants in Serbia are being forced to seek shelter in bus or train stations and parks in central Belgrade, in woods and abandoned factories in the Subotica region, on the streets and parks of the Presevo region near the border with Macedonia, and in Kanjiza near the Hungarian border.

Over the past few days, more than 10,000 migrants, including many women with babies and small children, have crossed into Serbia and headed toward Keleti in Budapest, Hungary. The journey is life-threatening: the deadly Aegean Sea crossing, exploitation by the border police, illegal detention and interference from non-state actors such as smugglers, thieves, and resentful locals.

Austria’s border with Hungary remains open to potential refugees as packed buses and trains continue to arrive. Many Austrians are bringing food and water and cheering for the refugees pouring onto the platform at Vienna’s train station.

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  1. Did you informed yourself before to write this article? I will show you all the errors that you made:
    1. Immigrants came without papers and they run of the borders controls, so they pass illegal in Europa;
    2. Austria closed the border between Austria and Hungaria;
    3. Austria stopped the train routes Austria-Hungaria;
    4. The imigrants want only in Germany or Sweden not in Hungaria or other countries.
    5. SUA takes only 10.000 immigrants even like dimension and population is much bigger then Europa, and in Europa are more than 500.000 immigrants entered only in this year.
    6. This conflict was started at the SUA indications.

    • When you move nearly 3000km by feet, you would also choose your destination wise.

      The only reason they move like this is that their passport own the wrong color, they can not just fly,or get a ticket for a flight. NO, humans like this are not free to move like we are, they counted as humans who are not the same class as we seem to be.
      And europe is supporting also down there, terrorists by training and weapons, just see PKK or make it more official Saudi Arabia.
      So selling weapons, or dropping bombs to heat up the situation and on other hand discuss about poor refugees is what? – Ying Yang?
      I call this dirty geo politics, and this poor humans, no matter how many they are should be supported by normal people from all over the world.
      There are no illegal humans on this planet! And hold in your mind, you can become pretty fast one by yourself, ww3 is allways knocking at the doors of all of us.


    Refugees go to nearest country looking for salvation and to be safe from harm, they don’t travel en masse half way across the globe to look for jobs and social welfare. Refugees don’t attack police and locals, they don’t pull out ISIS flags and wave with them, refugees don’t throw kids and wives under trains, refugees are not composed of 75% army capable men (where are old people, women and children, they should be majority, right?), refugees don’t refuse food and water and refugees plan to return from where they came from!

    Why didn’t world react when there were real refugees in ex Yugoslavia for example or when real refugees run away from Ukraine nazi death squads? Why western world don’t react when Izraeli fascist obliterate Palestine? Because it is not in US / zionist / Saudi interest.

    This way we have complete demographic ruin of Europe, especially of poorer countries that can’t support this planned migration from north Africa, Middle East and even Asia.

  3. WTF is this article, you idiots ? Weren’t you fighting against the sake enemy as we do? Corporations ? Where do they have 20,000 euros from ? How comes that they are so well organized ? Hi-Tech refugees ! Why isn’t the mainstream media showing both sides of the issue ? Who is sponsoring these people ? What is their purpose ? Why are they throwing away food and water, then do hunger strike ? Why is ISIS telling them to start a Jihad in Europe ? Why doesn’t Angela Merkel get angry with the USA and it’s Muslim leader, Hussein Obama, when the NSA was spying on her cell phone ? Why do you ignore Edward Snowden’s warnings ? Why aren’t you showing posts from Alex Jones’ website, INFOWARS.COM ?

  4. Initially I also though that these people needed help… But now I admit i was wrong, because of the non-refugees behaviour manifested by the ” refugees”. Throwing food and water, vandalizing and destroying everthing in their way, and most of all not even considering the ideea of learning the language of the country that gave them assylum. I think this cryssis is ment to destabilize the EU, the only question remains is who directed it, the US or Russia, or both? Who want’s so badly a crysis in the EU? As for this article… you got it wrong Anonymous. I hope you will convince yourselfs as soon as possible.

  5. Ok now I lost all fate on anonymous. You really should check the facts before posting silly propaganda like this. It’s same crap that mainstream media is feeding us. Feel free to go see these “refugees” yourself, and you will notice they are mostly young men trying to find the golden treasure at the end of the rainbow. This is invasion of young healthy men, while the real refugees are suffering from all this bullshit.


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