The United States Committed the 9/11 Crimes, Says a Saudi Report


The peninsula that was named after a king – Saudi Arabia – got aggravated over the latest passing of a bill in the United States Senate, which is going to permit the September 11 sufferers’ households to take legal action against Saudi Arabia. The bill was freshly approved by unanimous voting, even though mainstream media have reported that President Obama has promised to veto it; but that has not stopped the Saudi Arabian news from protecting its country against the United States bill.

According to a reporter representing his country, he claimed that the United States organized and performed the September 11 assaults on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, to construct the ongoing War on Terror.

The content was authored by Katib Shammari, who is a Saudi citizen as well as a legal consultant, and his article posted in Al-Hayat, happens to be situated in the United Kingdom. However, the article refers to America, due to its previous threats for ‘exposing the files’ exhibiting the oil-rich peninsula financing the September 11 activities, as well as describing the contribution of Saudi Arabia in the most unfortunate surprise strike ever told in the United States of America. Based on the above segment, such hazards go in line with a United States strategy he refers to as, triumph in the shape of records.

In line with the Saudi Arabian legal professional, the United Staes commonly makes a record of keeping the details merely to utilize it later, when the time is right. He stated that the United States was there in the Republic of Iraq in 90’s. However, the Saudi Arabian national documents the United States preferring to keep Hussein active and in power, so he may be utilized as a negotiating chip against other countries in the Middle East. However, in the end, the United States decided they would take out Saddam Hussein solely after Shi’ism started to penetrate the Middle East and Saddam grew to be more of a responsibility, rather than a final trump card.

Image Source: Google Image – (Left) Salman of Saudi Arabia sitting with Barack Hussein Obama, the 44th President of the United States of America.

Katib Shammari claims that the September 11 strikes have been made use of in quite a similar way(s), and have authorized the United States of America to place the rap for September 11 entirely in the arms of anyone who is most suitable, at any given time. Primarily, he insinuates that the United States held responsible the rabid organizations such as Al-Qaeda, along with the Taliban; subsequently back then it was the Republic of Iraq, now this time, Saudi Arabia.

According to the article, 9/11 was one of the profitable cards in the United States deck. Individuals worldwide, who are specialists on American policy, as well as those who examined the photos and the footage of the September 11 attacks, acknowledge unanimously that what occurred in the World Trade Center was solely done by the United States of America. It was organized and accomplished inside of the United States. Evidence of this is in the series of constant explosions that drastically decimated both towers. Engineers that study structures in greater detail have stated that the demolitions were controlled, and the aircraft ramming into the Twin Towers only offered the go-ahead for the controlled explosion. However, the United States still continues to play the blame game and point fingers in all directions.

Image Source: Google Images and Getty Images – Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) speaks at a press conference about a bill which will call on Congress to fully implement the 9/11 Commission.

Katib Shammari says that the intention of the September 11 strikes (according to him) was bolstered by the American authorities on its very own people, and absolutely not by The Kingdom. To start with, it granted the United States authorities to produce a shadow adversary, which is the so-called ‘terrorism’. It subsequently ‘granted’ the United States government a green card to a rap act of terrorism for all their issues, taking advantage of the phantasm enemy risk as an alibi for armed forces activity and hidden classified campaigns across the world.

The composer of the article from Al-Hayat, something as an attempt to eliminate the Saudi Arabia link with the September 11 episodes, additionally labeled out the United States for criticising Muslims, particularly individuals from Saudi Arabia and Pakistan; which because of this, Muslims world-wide are now feeling pressured with this label of terrorism scarring their community. However, the Saudi publisher alludes to that Muslims formerly had a good connection with the United States, assisting the Americans to win, going against the Soviets, as well as assisting to surmise the Cold War effectively without having to launch nuclear weapons. The report continued to claim that the real issue is not Saudi Arabia, but the American government – and not its people. According to Katib Shammari, the United States government produces dispute and can’t live without a rival.

Image Source: Google Image and The Atlantic – United States President Barack Hussein Obama and Saudi King Salman after a meeting in Riyadh.

Katib Shammari’s piece is one of the most prominent pieces that has come out of Saudi Arabia, yet it is not the only critical piece to come out of the London based agency. In more recent months, the Saudi Arabian mass media is being flooded with comparable content belittling the law. A number of posts streaming around Saudi Arabia challenged the saneness of the United States government, while other prominent mainstream media franchise in Saudi Arabia accuse the United States of a collaboration with Iran. For instance, one posting even referred to the September 11 Bill as being “devilish,” proclaiming that if the measure were approved in opposition to the Kingdom, it would open a passageway to hell.

Whether or not the door to hell will be opened, we would really like to know what your take is on this. Please let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Here’s a free thought — this is baloney. People affiliated with the planning of this (which did indeed happen in the U.S.) left the country about a month before the plan was implemented. These people were Muslims from various nations in and around the Middle East. The JFK assination? Yeah, that was probably a conspiracy. 911? Nope. Now the government may have ignored some warning signs, but they didn’t plan it. We were caught with our pants down. Once it happneed, though, we certainly used it to our advantage and continue to do so. We brought it on and capitalized on it in every possible way, but NO! The U.S. government did not blow up NYC. Sorry. Nice try, though! 😉

    • Joe is mostly, I believe, correct. However, blatantly and purposefully ignoring a plot to terrorize a people in an effort to obtain an opportunity to engage in endless war profiteering is what I find agredously criminal. Our pants were not down, our dick was out, ready to fuck over the American people. And a good long lasting fuck is what happened.

    • The most protected building in the world “The Pentagon” The US government had always bragged how if a missile was heading toward the Pentagon they would have a Jet scrambled and intercept it within a minute. But you believe they had their pants down so much that the plane was heading towards the Pentagon for over 30 minutes with no Jet scrambled.
      Oh how naive are you, to bad.
      one thing I know for sure it was not 19 terrorists controlled by a person in a cave half way around the world with none of them being on camera at the airports.
      Oh and the magic passport that bust through the exploding plane just to be picked up by a cop on top of the rubble, now that id the biggest joke of them all.

      • Anyone with half a brain knows it was CIA/MOSSAD operation.just way too many coincidences. Gold missing, second largest CIA office destroyed, bank records ,the 2.3trillion records destroyed at the pentagon,etc,etc,etc.

      • There is clear footage of 2 missiles being fired from the road in front of the pentagon, the first 2 reporters on site , reported not being able to find any plane wreckage , no landing gear , or wings, that segment was aired only once . Take a look at the construction of those towers , there is no way ever they could have collapsed from those planes

    • Hahahahaha. Tell your bullshit to the victims families. Your hero Bush gave the Saudis a free pass in the bogus war on terror.
      “We will make no distinction between those that commit these horrible acts and those that harbor them.” I guess when you’re the Saudis and you bankroll the false flag of 911 with Pakistani ISI you get a complimentary cover up and whitewash.

    • You fall right in line with the narrative that Muslims did 9/11. Here’s some news for you: they had NOTHING to do with it.

      9/11 was planned years before, and was orchestrated by the Bush administration through the CIA, who in fact, planted the cutter charges of nanothermite in both towers and WTC 7.

      There were no “warning signs” that “terrorists” were coming to the US; the US government created a pretext to go to war for two reasons, 1) to replace un-democratic countries in the middle east by regime change, and 2) to continue the mission of the ‘Project for the New American Century, and in it ‘Rebuilding America’s Defenses’. It’s still playing out to this day by way of Syria.

      According to that secret document at the time, Rebuilding America’s Defenses, the authors of PNAC stated goals would never be realized “absent some catastrophic catalyzing event –like a new Pearl Harbor”.

      If you’d like to know more about this, visit

      • I read PNACs declarations etc before it was aired on lsocial media and they changed things. I wouldn’t be entirely surprised that this is rooted in truth.

    • What happened to the cars at an arround ground zero?what explain the explosions?stock market happenings on 9-10-2001,no planes,the Pentagon was hit with a missile

    • Joe, stop trolling, its obvious you’ve been brainwashed by mainstream media or are being paid to try to dissuade people from believing the truth, educate yourselves people, before its too late

    • Nice try Joe. BUT Too many coincidences. Missing DOD money (1 Trillion USD) and the plane just so happened to hit right in the offices where that was being investigated? The third building collapses due to WHAT? No plane. Thermite/controlled explosions.
      And how hot does it have to get for steel to melt (as in the melted puddles of steel found on site, >> 700C) vs. how hot does jet fuel burn in open air(350C)? Doesn’t make scientific sense. Also, thermite residue was found at the site. Planes don’t carry thermite. Thermite is used in demolition. No, this was an inside job driven by the criminals Bush/Cheney. They need to find their way into the afterlife, not 50 innocent people. Another FF event?

    • Well I am sure plans were in place, the US knew about it and let it happen.
      They only “assisted” in making sure it did happen and the coast was clear for them to fly in.
      They also assisted with destroying the buildings etc as well.
      They knew damn well the people orchestrating it were tools and inept so they just helped them along.
      Good to see their passports survived the melting buildings and vaporized planes!

  2. Americans are just way to gullible, naive and stupid to actually want to believe that their own government/ country is one of the larges terrorist organization in the world with the backing, money, technology, black opp’s and secret society bankers with the manpower to abuse whom ever they please at any time including even their own people and news media and even convince other nations.

    • no.. they are more paranoid than most, hence the idea that a militia is needed to defend against their own government, and this is goes back to British occupation of the US.. what I don’t get is the polarized view on this. Personally I think the truth is always stranger than fiction, and it may be that both opinions hold truth to them.

    • Now here is a SMART man. Thank You David someone who eyes are not blinded by our governments B.S. But i get it, They need something to believe in weak minded. We all need something to believe in, but our government isn’t the answer. Maybe they should try believing in themselves and WAKE UP to the Most Evil Terrorists ruling our own very nation. They call the trick “The ILLUSION of MISDIRECTION” yes they do own the media and their do give them the line up of what news to report and that’s how they do it, they show you a news feed of rainbows and puppies and you say AWWW isn’t that the cutest thing you ever seen while over on stage right Death, destruction , mayhem is all running a muck led by own very own government and that’s how they keep you stupid, lazy, and content to believe whatever they want you to believe, without question. we are too eager to believe in all the lies they tell us on a daily basis. IGNORANT, STUPID, WEAK MINDED, and LAZY.

      • Somebody is awake, finally! Thanks for that. How about hustling all these war criminals off to the Hague along with the bankers? Too many of them? Empty the prisons of innocent people and there will be plenty of room!



    2.3 Trillion the day before 9/11

    Of course the US government is running it’s own agenda.

    No proper investigation of the 9/11 crimescene.

    If there was nothing to hide, then why no proper investigation?

    That’s two cover-ups back to back, one made everyone forget about the previous one.

    All wars initiated by the US have been started based on no solid foundation.

    Facts and lack of explanations, investigations and accountability all tell the truth.

    • I absolutely agree that there were no planes involved. I have seen the original videos prior to them being doctored. Where is the evidence of the plane crash in PA?? They didn’t find a single plane part there, nor bodies. We have had many plane crashes and every one of them have evidence of a plane crash and debrie to deal with cleaning up. None found at the crash site in PA and none at the Pentagon? Where was the plane parts at the WTC? Don’t know, it was never seen. Anyway, I’ll explain why WTC7 had to come down. It was a government building that contained the information and evidence from the JFK shooting. There was plenty of evidence that wasn’t released showing the the Bush family was also involved with that – so it was a win/win situation for Bush. Unfortunately, I also used the evidence to put the blame on the US Government for this attack on it’s own people.

  4. Well this is my take on the subject….. “Duh!!! Big Red Truck!!” Of Course we did!!! And for those of you who still think that we didn’t do it to ourselves., it’s apparent that the matter was not disturbing enough to you to investigate the matter yourselves. Because I believe if you had then you would know by now and would have known for a long time that there is without a shadow of a doubt who the true Terrorists were. Did you never ? why there were so many allegations of lies, cover ups, lack of reality to any of their stories??? Time and time again over the last 15 years experts in their fields told us and showed us how what our government said happen could have NEVER HAPPENED, controlled demolitions, lack of debris from the pentagon not to mention a hole that was 4x smaller than a Boeing and all security tapes from all points of view confiscated that could show any and all footage convenient stores, gas stations. 111 security tapes in all, confiscated by the FBI within 15 minutes of the “plane” hitting the pentagon, not to mention the owner of the world trade center privately selling it for i think it was 6 billion dollars or something about 8 weeks before 9/11. plus all the protected air space with their own air defense systems surrounding the pentagon should have activated and shot the “plane” out of the sky before it even came close to hitting the building. Not to mention how our own military conveniently was sooo confused about what was taking place that they didn’t even send out our own fighter jets until all was said and done…. Our government is as crooked as they come. In all other aspects of business, trade, politics, and life decisions about what is best for our country by these same very people, almost all of the other nations are laughing at us behind our backs because we are not business savy and we are not very tactful, or have very many courtesies to treat people with some dignity. No, No, No instead we laugh at them poke fun at them, celebrate in their time of need or misfortune. WHY??? WHY would we do that, BECAUSE EVERYONE ELSE FEARS US!!!!!!! Because everyone else knows that WE ARE INDEED THE BULLIES of the nations. We have the BEST and the BADDEST MILITARY Hands down. We as America have been in WAR like 213 out of 240 years =, some we should have never been involved in. WHY??? WHY you ask??? BECAUSE our nation Supposedly THRIVES in war. We have more experience in war than most of the nations put together. We live, breath, eat, sleep and alot of us Die in war for what???? Our own government to get richer and a major majority of our population to suffer in need from it. Our Veterans you know them those of us that are out fighting this war and every other war our government has wanted to get into the middle of for whatever ill conceived, side swiping reason that they can justify it with. And when they come back does our military or our government take care of OUR HEROS????? HELL NO they DO NOT!!!! They barely get enough money to barely exist on, while another percent of us sits down to a table Full of food day in and day out. While they pick through garbage cans to eat or drink themselves to oblivion or worse get soooo high that they finally cant remember the terrible things that they did or the terrible things they saw, or the terrible things that happened to them. Some more unfortunately end their own lives daily just to make the pain and the hurt go away and when you see them on the streets you probably stick up your noses to them not knowing or caring why or how they got there. Back to 9/11 sorry if you recall at the time when 9/11 happened our gas prices and oil prices were through the roof, and there was talk about a shortage of gas and oil and what they were predicting would happen next. Well what happened was OUR GOVERNMENT DID 9/11 for multiple reasons and only a complete IDIOT would still be sooo IGNORANT not to KNOW with all the EVIDENCE presented to us DAY AFTER DAY AFTER DAY right here on the internet, WHY DONT YOU GUYS JUST TRY A LITTLE OF YOUR OWN INVESTIGATING and EDUCATE YOURSELVES on our PRECIOUS government. ITS ALL RIGHT HERE just waiting for you to see for yourselves. OPEN YOUR EYES PEOPLE PLEASE before its too late our government is one of the most CORRUPT, EVIL, VIOLENT, MANIPULATIVE<, CUNNING, GAME PLAYING force out there . DO you really believe that they give a damn about you???? LONFLMAO RIGHT!!! When you see someone less fortunate than ourselves struggling in life, homeless, dirty, down on their luck what is the first thing that you think of??? I bet you it isn't wondering how they got there or what they used to be in life or the shadow of a doubt about who they were before you seen them, Now consider this….. Our government Officials are all amongst the higher society in life so don't you think that they think the same about us. Because SURPRISE they do. If you haven't seen the movie V FOR VENDETTA watch it, it implies all that is and eventually will happen and WE AS A NATION SHOULD NOT FEAR OUR GOVERNMENT, OUR GOVERNMENT SHOULD FEAR US. BECAUSE WHEN THEY START NOT LOOKING OUT FOR ALL OF OUR BEST INTERESTS THAN WE ARE TO TEAR IT DOWN AND MAKE A NEW ONE, IT IS OUR GOD GIVEN RIGHT AND ITS IN THE BILL OF RIGHTS OUT THERE BY OUR FOUNDING FATHERS TO REMIND US TO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN, WRITTEN TO US BY BENJAMIN FRANKLIN AND OTHERS WHOSE MOST FAMOUS QUOTE IS "3 PEOPLE CAN KEEP A SECRET IF 2 ARE DEAD." THINK ABOUT IT USE THAT BRAIN OF YOURS TO ENLIGHTEN YOURSELF AND OPEN YOUR EYES TO THE REAL TERROR RULING OUR VERY OWN NATION

    • I really hope that people leke us can get enough of the “blind people” to see maybe we have a chance. I am on the side of truth and honor. I will always give some of what i have if i see a vet with a cardboard sign asking for food, and i barely make 40,000 a year, but if our government isnt going to help them than damn it we will. Time for us as a nation to wake up and stand up! GOD BLESS AMERICA

  5. That’s right David, the Americans control everything. Enter the IS weapon, so that the EU buys more weapons from the Americans to the defense. The Americans promotes its back up because your financial world is built only on the arms trade. If the Americans so stupid would not, would you watch the videos and data from 9/11 times exactly, noting that there a lot can not vote and that most of the videos were manipulated. In addition, the Tower were blown up. Why was Bin Laden found so late? Quite simply because the Americans had previously taken only a day the last oil refinery. Who has the most money earned? George W. Bush with his weapons company. Why everyone wants to bring to tragic accidents, the evidence that the Tower were blown and Bush won the council die? Why is Bush not out took place in the kindergarten when the attacks? – He knew that it is not attacked by terrorists, otherwise he would be in his protection Bunker.Ich it hope the time will soon come when the Americans are held accountable for their war crimes accountable and lose your power, you only unauthorized wars scored and with falsifying documents as in WW2.

    Who will be informed even notice that Americans of 240 years 223 years war !!! That is more than 90%

    Therefore, their entire economy is based on war and weapons, so you will cause incessant wars.
    And who orders the war? The people who earn the most money. The people have the arms companies and the same time in the United States in power are.
    Why are weapons not banned in America, although thousands every year are killed on the roads? Because the gun lobby that makes in the United States has.

    But the Americans are too stubborn and gullible than that you might notice times that you are lied to every day of your government and the media.

    In Germany it is at the moment the same, there are not even the civil war slaughter at the moment the cities shown or mentioned, something you have to get in Germany by foreign media check. In Germany, the civil wars of France are nciht even mentioned, only lies and hate against Russia. And all so that Europe is in a war against Russia and the Americans more power and Russia get your power loses. And only once as information Russia or North Korea did not start a war in contrast to America in the last century. And the world wars emanated from Germany also enforced.
    Germany may have perhaps made the first shots, but they did not start with the whole. Informs times to prehistory and not in your history where eh just lies are you drinne but public in Worldwide documents. Original documents and you will give ear, that the sides are aged anderst of the “same” book, ie have different colors, and then you will understand yourself and understand that the data can only be faked her. Because there is no paper in the world by the same producing discolored so different, and certainly not only in the Important pages …

    But why I write only so much that Americans remain stubborn and running blind your Government in the next war afterwards, so that your rulers richer be and the family even more people lose. And best of all to terrorists to fight without realizing that their own government, the terrorists and the terrorists Supports up to be fought.

    Another small note at the end, why can kill 400 000. People on drones in just 3 days the Americans, but after taking their Ölraffenerien no 10 000 IS soldiers? Oh because you have not reached your goal …

    Think about it dear stubborn Americans and makes finally your fucking eyes on.

    Excuse for poor translation, English is not my main language

  6. I have read articles on this before and i truly believe that it is true. I have seen documentaries on this also. I have seen the footage of 9/11 and heard the experts explain why they believe that it was caused by our own government. Our government has not been honest with us for a long time and it is time for the truth to come out. The families of those who lost their lives deserve the truth.

  7. lets start with the obvious before we get to the conspiracy theories. Two airplanes did not knock down three towers perfectly in their own footprint.

    Tower 7

  8. So the US was also going to hit the White House but their plan was thwarted mid air? Yeah, makes perfect sense. And we paid Bin Laden to take credit for the attacks? WTF? Don’t people have enough going on in their lives without creating such a shit storm of lies and controversy?

  9. WARNING: trolls ahead. DO NOT FEED THE TROLLS! Any posters supporting 9/11 Commission narrative, work for Department of Homeland Security, & spread disinfo in order to sow mistrust among the rest of us. And when you respond to THEM,99% of the time you will be swarmed with multiple trolls. Responding to them strengthens them, like all bullies. NOT RESPONDING TO TROLLS WEAKENS THEM. The old saying: “Any boy can get into a fight. It takes a man to walk away from one.”

  10. Building 7 was the dead give away. It came down in a straight line, it wasn’t hit by any plane. The media were in on it as they reported it had fallen even before it did. In the twin towers “maintenance”work was going on for weeks before the attacks which involved switching off security cameras. Workers used to find dust on their desks Monday morning from the hole drilling. What happened to all the gold that was being stored underneath building 6 ? It disappeared, so someone had prior knowledge and had time to clear it out

  11. Even if it wasnt the government, as hard to believe as that is, there has never been any good explanation for building 7. Thats the smoking gun for me. Our government sux. x.x

  12. And they made certain to use it as an excuse to take our civil rights via the patriot act. And big bonus, they got to use it as an excuse to attck iraq. Btw the george dubya war was entirely illegal. Declaring an illegal war is a war crime by world standards.

  13. A ton of Youtube and Facebook material says the same what Mr. Katib Shammari is trying to say. Many of such material accuses the George W. BUSH admin and namely Mr. Deck Cheney of arranging a 9/11 plot.
    No clear justification is concluded directly of why the plot may had been arranged. However, so much evidence and details may be in fact convincing and sufficient to establish doubt of a plot case.
    The rest is history. Invasion of Iraq made Halliburton billions of dollars in oil money. Invasion of Afghanistan flooded world markets with cocaine and heroine through the opium trade managed by the brother of Afghan president Karazai.
    The benefit and relation is already visible within the US internally based axis of evil.

  14. Shame that it’s taken 15 years and a recent anniversary to stir up the pot on this again but I am grateful to see that US citizens are awakening to the realities of how they have been (and are being) represented (misled) by their government. So much has been poured out in the comments above that I don’t feel any need to add or rehash the obvious but just to encourage those of you who have not let this go, nor will let it go until justice is finally served. Keep fighting the good fight – hopefully in more ways than comment sections of on-line videos or articles – and pressure your local representatives and congressmen to reopen this case. You will have no peace until you’ve put this one finally to rest and sadly, neither will the rest of humanity!

  15. Everyone is saying it was the government an so sure about it.. (which I believe as well) but what are we doing about it? NOTHING! Who is standing up to our government about it? NOONE! It pretty clear that everything was perfectly setup with the cards in the governments favor.

    When will we stand up to the government AS AMERICANS OF THE HOME OF THE BRAVE (BECAUSE WE ARE NOT LOOKING BRAVE.. MORE LIKE PUSSIES!!) an fight back for there wrong doing! MAYBE that’s one reason they want to take away the 2nd amendment!! They know we are catching on to their shady bullshit!!



  16. And the World Trade Center bombing of 1993? Was that also perpatrated by our own government? We are all looking at the same shoe, you say is black I say it size 11. It’s the same fkn shoe! Still doesn’t mean we shouldn’t hold Saudi and our own responsible (if you can find solid evidence that is). The families should still be allowed to sue Saudi! Period!!!


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