Veterans Helping Chicago Kids get to School Safely [VIDEO]


This video by NationSwell shows veterans in the Safe Passage project, Chicago. These veterans keep children safe by standing in the most dangerous places on their routes to school. In the video, Eli Williamson – Co-Founder of Leave No Veteran Behind – says this project gives veterans a new purpose when they get out of the military.


“Our ability to come back as veterans and be useful to people other than ourselves is critical,” says Williamson.

Safe Passage, which began in 2011, currently provides transitional employment for around 150 veterans and community members. The veterans work together with organizations like the Chicago Police Department, Chicago Public Schools Crossing Guards, and the CPS Community Outreach Program.


In the video, Cedrick Wittaker, a former Program Manager from Leave No Veteran Behind says:

“We do show that there are people out here … watching to make sure these kids get there safe.  Now we may not stop any crimes from happening, but we’re going to stop some crimes from developing; somebody’s going to think twice because we’re there and because of that there’s going to be a child that gets home safe that day.”

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