Video: How A Farmer Shut The Fracking Supporters Up


The Nebraska Oil and Gas Conservation committee members were taking comments about an out-of-state company’s proposal to export its toxic fracking waste water into Nebraska, and move 80 truckloads carrying 10,000 barrels per day of pollution, to be dumped into a disposal well in Sioux County. This would essentially transfer all the risk onto Nebraskan farmers and ranchers.

They were be left speechless by James Osborne, a farmer and a former employee in the oil and gas industry. His intention was to explain to the committee what fracking does to the environment, particularly to a farming and livestock-intensive state like Nebraska. He single-handedly brought the discussions to a halt. James was arguing against fracking operations in Nebraska, and he brought in three cups of fracking water which he then offered to each of the members, asking them to take a sip. Watch the video below to see what happened next.

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  1. Problem is that all those high positioned people, who decide about this kind of stuff, they are playing stupid when it’s time for them to achieve some money of another new trend in industry. Problem is that these decision makers are idiots. I mean, really, no one thought about water contamination BEFORE starting such a business?

      • You’re right, they do everything on purpose. Their purpose is to make money. The environmental consequences don’t matter to them.

        • well really they care about making money which means (in the case of fracking) that they care about continuing to have the ability to provide and sell fuel, whatever is needed, where ever it is needed and continue to allow people to live in the first world without living in a world where fuel prices become gradually more and more expensive due to supply and demand. if a country chooses to use fracking even though it makes their water highly toxic, then import water, if it kills crops import crops. if a whole country is used for fracking the amount of fuel produced will give enough profit to justify it

          • Import crops wtf your an idiot. And what’s gonna be used on the crops and come from where and at what cost . No once our water is contaminated that’s it were all fucked if fuel runs short take it as a sign to quit fucking driving every where and try using what God gave us our legs and walk. Wow what a concept that would be for all the lazy asses in this world

  2. this problem is a result of our current system( monetary system). Which I believe should be changed to a new system. A similar yet New and different. what I want to say is that the monetary system is getting old and I believe we’re reaching a time when we’ll need to have a better system. creating a new system and geting rid of the old one. I have some ideas,but making them alone is booring. The ideas aren’t about profit as much as they are about changing things.

    • I was just talking to my Grandmother earlier about something similar. In the end money is worthless. She had suggested moving back to a barter system, and I don’t disagree. We should focus on a person’s worth by their skills, and what they can do to help progress society as a whole, and their communities. We need to focus on the lifelong educating of our people, which will lead to greatness in itself. We need to live to encourage one other to do our very best. We should worry less about luxuries. There is no reason anybody should ever go hungry, homeless, or without proper medical care. With modern technology, the internet, the time is now. We can be the difference we wish to see in the world. If we all network together, there is no telling what we will achieve. The future is bright, let us not dim that fact with our selfishness.


  3. It is pretty simple, those people which makes money now with this, should be sign a contract that their FAMILY have to pay the clean up when a contamination happens by their entire cash for the next 200 years. And than see how many will sell their lifes to the profit.

  4. Wont make any changes. Problem is that when the farmer wants to bring about change, he pours dirty water into a glass, When his rivals want to bring about change, they use the police, fines, samctions and brute force….. Gee.., I wonder who will come out on top?? Only way to bring real change is to fight now, talk later. And i dont mean fight by hacking a computer or posting something on Facebook, I mean fight like how the Catholics in Northern Ireland stood up to the British. Any other action is only kicking the can down the road.

    • Really Adam, of all the info on this page you’re worried about a misspelled word, WTF is wrong with people like you? Actually, it’s people like you that are some of the problem in this world. Wake up and get a clue as to what’s really happening and after that, you’ll never care about misspelled words. Seriously Adam, you’re so stupid!!!


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