(Video, Pictures) Nearly 150 dolphins killed after mass beaching in Japan


After being washed ashore in the Ibaraki Prefecture, only three of some 150 electra dolphins are believed to have been saved. Scientists are unable to at this time explain the incident, which bears eerie similarities to a case that occurred just before the 2011 earthquake. This author wonders if this latest mass-beaching had anything to do with a certain report he had written only a week prior on how the use of naval sonar had led to similar tragedies, and warned of the environmental consequences of the US-South Korean drills occurring relatively nearby (albeit on the other side of Japan, possibly).

Other reports tell of Japanese whaling boats coming home empty-handed, though that might simply be related to over-fishing on their part.

Rescue efforts were abandoned as night fell, and only a handful of at least 149 melon-headed whales (they’re a species of dolphin, scientists misname stuff from time to time) could be saved.

“It was becoming dark and too dangerous to continue the rescue work at this beach, where we could not bring heavy equipment,” an unnamed Hokota municipal official told AFP. “Only three of them have been successfully returned to the sea, as far as we can confirm.”

Rescuers, mostly awesome volunteers, tried to save the dolphins by pouring water on them, to prevent their skin from getting too dry…. Their valiant effort was not able to save most of these gentle creatures.

Videos from the scene showed rescuers trying to release the dolphins back into the ocean, but the tide washed the weak animals back onto the beach. Or, perhaps they simply did not want to return to the water for some reason. Photos revealed that some were badly cut and had deep gashes. 

“They are alive. I feel sorry for them,” a volunteer told NHK TV channel.

Tadasu Yamadao, a researcher at the National Museum of Nature and Science suggested that the dolphins might have got confused and lost.

“Sonar waves the dolphins emit might have been absorbed in the shoals, which could cause them to lose their sense of direction,” Yamadao told the Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper. I should be noted that this does not explain the deep gashes they had sustained.

Social media users recalled a similar incident occurred a week before the March 11, 2011 earthquake that resulted in a devastating tsunami that killed tens of thousands of people. About 50 electra dolphins were washed ashore in a similar area on March 3, 2011. Many other mass-beachings, however, have been linked to naval drills, which the navy itself had admitted would destroy a number of whales. Perhaps this is where people should be looking, instead.

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Source: http://rt.com/news/248785-dolphins-beached-dead-japan/

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  1. The navy has very stringent guidelines for the conservation of marine life. I used to be the CSRO of my ship, people take environmental stuff very fucking seriously.

  2. you know why dolphin and whales beach? because they do so on purpose. there are new kinds of sonar being secretly tested by some militaries around the world. whales and dolphins use sonar themself. a dolphin does not simply get lost? how do you do that if you have a sonar? you dont. its like getting lost with a build in map in your brain. the animals are tortured because there are experiments with ultra strong sonar devices which makes their eyes and ears bleed. thats why they beach

  3. I applaud the efforts of the rescuers.
    Dolphins have the biological tools to be deeply connected to the planet. If the gashes are caused by greedy fishermen Japan will be destroyed.


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