Volcanic Eruptions Has Caused This Japanese Island To Rapidly Grow 11 Times Bigger


A small volcanic island, called the Nishinoshima island, has within the last 15 months began growing in size at an astonishing pace. The island, which is located off the coast of Japan has reportedly grown to 11 times its previous size in just 15 months.

The islands steady growth was caused when an undersea volcanic eruption, in November 2013, caused a new island named Niijima, to emerge from beneath the waves. The island Niijima then eventually fused with Nishoinoshima, creating a newly shaped and larger island.

Reports from the Japanese Coast Guard, reveal that the undersea volcano is currently still active. The island, which is being closely monitored, was seen to have a 1,200-meter plume of smoke streaming from the volcano. It was also observed that several times per minute, volcanic rock was also intensely shooting out if the volcano.

The footage featured in the video below was shot by the Coast Guard. In it you can clearly see the molten rock cascading out of the volcano, which once cooled, will expand the surface of the island.

Records show that before 2013, the volcano has been only active on just one other occasion. From 1973 to 1974, one other major eruption occurred, which had also added to the size of the island. According to the Global Volcanism Program at the Smithsonian Institution, these are the only two eruptions of the volcano on record.

According to the Japanese Coast Guard, as of February 23, Nishinoshima has grown to 2.45 square kilometres. New land is continuously being created on the east portion of the island as the volcanic eruption continues.

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