A Website That Lets You Spy On Millions of People


The site Insecam is doing simply that, gushing footage from roughly seventy five thousand internet joined IP cameras around the globe. The majority of the cameras are running default security settings, such as admin1 or password, as the accessing password. The website provides live streams of more than eleven thousand cameras in the United States alone, with a huge number of others from countries like Brazil, Japan, Russia, Morocco, Germany, United Kingdom, and the list goes on. Also, it matches the footage with Google Maps, pinpointing the precise area the live streams are originating from.

In only a couple of minutes of browsing, people can discover live footage from areas as fluctuated as stores, parking spaces, garages and the insides of people’s homes. One especially unsettling camera feed was covering a bed, it is really unnerving.

Image Source: Insecam - A screenshot of the website
Image Source: Insecam – A screenshot of the website

IP cameras are different from closed circuit TV or CCTV cameras, why? It is simply because they stream footage specifically onto a system, without needing to connect with a recording device or a central controlling system. They offer good resolution over previous recording technology, including the capacity to record various feeds at the same time and at much higher resolution. Numerous are gushed over the Internet for the accommodation of purchasers.  “Once an IP camera is installed and online, users can access it using its own individual internal or external IP address, or by connecting to its [network video recorder] NVR (or both). In either case, users need only load a simple browser-based applet (typically Flash, Java, or ActiveX) to view live or recorded video, control cameras, or check their settings. As with anything else on the Internet, an immediate side effect is that online security becomes an issue the moment the connection goes active,” Tom Conner, from Ars Technica explained.

The central framework is checking the feeds may be secure, however the cameras are not; either in light of the fact that they do not support passwords, or may be because the user failed or neglected to change the default ones. “For example, a standard Google search for “Axis 206M” (a 1.3 megapixel IP camera by Axis) yields pages of spec sheets, manuals, and sites where the camera can be purchased. Change the search to “intitle: ‘Live View / – AXIS 206M,'” though, and Google returns 3 pages of links to 206Ms that are online and viewable”. This implies that remote review pages set up by the cameras are basically open to any individual who knows enough about search engines to discover them.

Insecam, is by all means utilizing comparable procedures to aggregate as many of these cams together as it possibly can. While some are clearly intended to be openly accessible, others seem to have been unlawfully admitted, as shown on the website, which points out the vulnerability flaws and states that all of this is intended to demonstrate the significance of the security settings. But with adverts popping on the homepage it is just another dirty trick of minting money.

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  1. ACtually the website is still up, but a ton of webcams have been removed and a message on the front page saying something along the lines of cameras have been removed in order to not invade privacy. I guess they took a hint

    • Just casually strolling trough the dutch cams, i found more then 30 still invading privacy, not enough of a hint, just take down the site would be a better solution

  2. Check out my YouTube channel, filled with videos of me messing with people via IP cameras


  3. Good work anonymous, i am a constant follower of you through my facebook. One subject for your attention, there is severe massacare against muslims in Myanmar going on and no media coverage from major medias and no crticism from any major powers to stop them, pls do something as ‘anonymous’can make a big impact i know.


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