Windows 93: A Fun Windows on Drugs


If you search for the term ‘Windows 93’ on Wikipedia, it will bring up facts about Windows 3.0 or Windows 3.1x. Now, imagine what would happen if Windows 3.1x and Windows 95 got married and had a kid… their baby would have been what is ‘Windows 93’. Windows 3.1x had simple colors and not much in the way of the system and Windows 95 had somewhat different advancements. Now take all of those elements, mix them together and add an extra kick of LSD. (You read that right, LSD!) And you get Windows 93! An operating system with eclectic and vivid colors, a ninety’s retro look, with a little touch of current memes to brighten your day.

This Windows never existed until it was discovered in the ruins of the internet. Once you log in, after hearing the unexplainable PlayStation 1 startup sound which lets you know that you have been logged in, you will find Windows 95 and a bit of Windows 3.1x. It is as if the both of those operating systems saw the future and now hates us. Apart from its trippy looks, there are a lot of usable things on there. For instance, there is a Game Boy emulator, then you have ‘Zkype’ – that whenever you click something will give you a message regarding a ‘Satanic Kitty Orgy’ (no clue as to what the kitty does).

Do you remember the annoying Hamster Dance song? Well, guess what? It’s hidden in the ‘Demos’ folder in ‘Programs’ section. What about internet’s first viral fad, or a few crazy GIF’s? You can even make music with your keyboard using ‘Poney Jockey.’


Image Source: Google Image – A screenshot of Star Wars story being told in ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) animation.

They have a modded Wolfenstein 3D, called Castle GAFA 3D, Solitude and you have even got Star Wars Episode IV in ASCII animation. There is also a virtual PC in Windows 93 which allows you to run Windows 93 inside Windows 93!

There is a voice program on the desktop, labeled ‘Speech.’ You can type a word and the software will produce a voice pattern in different accents. And to top it all off, they have even included ‘Lisa’ – a virtual friend who just stands there, by the way.

However, Windows 93 is unstable at the moment and you will eventually see the blue screen of death. But there are a lot of different applications there that you can try, explore the desktop… it definitely deserves a try. (Windows 93)



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