This Woman Got An Unwanted Dick Pic. What She Did With It Will Blow Your Mind


A girl joins Let’s Date, a dating app that relies on a user’s Facebook profile to determine his or her perfect match, to find a soul mate. What she instead finds is a cocky guy interested in pornography.

One fine afternoon, while she was logged on, a user by the name of Trevor sent her a naked selfie and asked her how her day was going. The furious girl immediately spurned his advances and told him that his actions were disrespectful. However, the molester’s cockiness continued to grow. At one point, she decided to put an end to the non-sense.

The girl managed to find Trevor’s Facebook profile, and from there found Trevor’s mother’s profile. She then proceeded to threaten him with her intentions to send their conversation to his mother. Before he could react, the damage was done – she had sent the screenshots of the cocky conversation, including the dick pic, to his mother.

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    • Yeah because only feminists don’t want to be sexually harassed you fuckin moron. Diesel hey what are you 12? Or just one of those sad cases with tribals who wants to be xxx. Grow up or fuck off. Or better yet both.

      • No, because there is no “rape culture” and the only people that use the phrase “perpetuating rape culture” ARE feminazis. And yes, it is most likely fake too so what the fuck is your problem insulting op.

        • “There is no such thing as rape culture,” says the guy who has probably raped every woman he has ever been involved with at one time or another. Hey, other idiots criticizing this woman and using words like feminazi (which was created by an overweight, doped up oxy addict), porn scenes are not reality; no matter how much you want them to occur in your real life. You are nowhere near good looking enough for a real woman to suddenly throw herself at you, unless she has a history of abuse and subsequently has come to make bad choices.

          • There is no fucking rape culture, get your head out of your women’s their ass. The guy is pathethic no doubt about that. But that woman is even worse. If she doesn’t want to be anoyed she can block him and its done, so easy. no need to take screenshots , tell his mom about it and put it on the internet. That’s just something a very very sad person will do who is pissed off at everything in life. Not saying she is a feminazi but she is a sad bitch. Don’t know why people would cheer this shit on, serisouly you americans are weird…

          • YouAreAIdiot – If he’s doing something he’d be ashamed for his mother to know about, he probably shouldn’t be doing it.
            We feel shame when we know we’re doing something wrong. You really have little defence here.


          • @Youareaidiot oh…. You mean kinda how men post up pics of their ex gfs, or girls they dont know naked on the internet and then blame them for it cus if they didnt want it spread around and seen by people they know they should’ve never sent it in the first place? #rapecoulture

          • JayWilson,

            There is no such thing as rape culture in North America. College campuses are not hotbeds of sexism, misogyny, or rape. Nowhere in North America is it the case that men rape women as the norm, nor is it true that there is a government that teaches, encourages, promotes, protects, or endorses sexual violence or misconduct.

            And the statistics that one-in-four, one-in-five, one-in-seven women get raped is beyond preposterous. The idea that rape rates in North America are comparable to places like the Congo, where rape is used as a weapon of war is so ridiculous and is such an evidenceless statement…

            Listen, I respect you for having the desire to educate people and raise awareness on certain very real and very important issues. But no one is saying that rapes don’t happen, or that they’re not a problem. But Ed only pointed out a fact, which is that rape as a culture doesn’t exist. In fact, he’s wrong, because there is a rape culture in Islam, an Ed didn’t specify.

            Maybe if you spent less time buying into and feeding into the outrage culture that we live in, you would learn that a better way to argue, educate, and win is to present facts, logic, and evidence as arguments.

            Resorting to fallacious ad-hominem attacks, identity-politics argument’s, and emotional outbursts does little more then diminish your credibility and further perpetuate a pointless argument.

          • When I broke off with a “girl” (25 yo woman) I shredded the nude photos she had given me. I thought it was the honorable thing to do to make sure no one else got them.
            (I’m not always honorable but sometimes I can do honorable things.)

        • well considering this happens on regular basis. I also do send any dick pictures that I do recieve I will do my darndest to find their mothers or just send it to creepypms. I suggest looking up creepypms.

        • Says someone who probably think girls deserve it for wearing any kind of revealing clothing or because they like to get drunk at parties like anyone else. Making rape into a joke, not taking what is sometimes violent and ALWAYS traumatic seriously, blaming the victim for the perpetrators lack of self control, boundaries and empathy, and and the assumption that only “loose women” get raped (or that only women get raped in the first place) THAT is “rape culture.” Whether the post is real or not doesn’t really matter. And, sending someone naked pictures that they never wanted or asked for is sexual harassment. Opposed to (somehow) popular belief, most people are NOT sitting by their phone hoping some dude sends them a picture of their dick. If she wants it- she will ask for it. Lastly- just because a woman doesn’t want to be harassed doesn’t make her a feminist. It makes her an individual who doesn’t want to be fucking harassed. I’m sure you’d just be overjoyed if guys started sending you pictures of their gross floppy dicks. I mean, apparently it’s okay to just assume that everyone wants your cock- and god forbid they say they don’t want to see it- there must be something wrong with them. Right? It can’t be that they just didn’t want to see it.

        • I don’t use the term Rape Culture, though have almost been raped twice, by one person I knew and the other I didn’t. Neither I flirted with or came into, though, both clearly bigger than me, with one feeding me drinks when I was a teenager. As you’re not a woman nor can possibly understand what it is to be prey to men and their advances, and can be Raped at the will of any man — you have no right to speak. Have a wife, sister, daughter or Mother? Ask them how many times they felt threatened or at risk of being raped! …Hope you never find yourself incarcerated– you’ll quickly get a feel for the Rape Culture it offers!!

        • The deniers are an essential part of the rape culture because they allow the perps to operate without sanction. Where are your cajones Ed. Stand up for women!

        • Yeah … idiots don’t get it … hence the “rape culture” that is being perpetuated by the right wing … “boys will be boys” and “just flexing their muscles.” Too bad they don’t flex the grey matter above the collar gone.

        • Put your dick in the electrical outlet and get your fucking head in the right place to be Zapped. What a fuckin’ loser, Zip.

          • Will someone just report this guy so the police can build a profile on him? He obviously has issues with sexism/dominance. He obviously harasses women, that is clear & very good chance he will rape in the future if he hasn’t already… Probably just upset cause he sends random dick pics to girls who don’t want it and is pissed that he didn’t get the validation he was looking for. Equivalent of the weirdos who put on robes and flash their junk to strangers on the street. There literally is no difference other than one actually takes guts. Flasher freaks. Y’all are disgusting & need help. #reportonlineharassment

        • There is a rape culture. Women and girls are responsible for not attracting the wrong attention by what we wear, say and do. Meanwhile men arent taught anything. You have yo be crazy not to see it.

        • Says the misogynist lose who uses ‘cu#t’ and ‘pu#sy’ as pejoratives…yes, I’m really interested in your take on the validity of rape culture. Hope I never run into you alone somewhere(unless you’re on foot and I’m in my car).

        • “Diesel” is a German name. It is the surname of Rudolf Diesel, inventor of the diesel engine. That’s what kind of name it is, Dumbshit. By the way, why did your parent name you “Dumbshit?”

    • Only sexually impotent, unwashed a-holes of extremely limited intellect call women “feminazis.” You should consult a urologist about your sexual problems.

    • Hahahahahahahahaha! Yeah, dudes stupid for pulling that out too early in the conversation. But really, as the saying goes, nice guys finish last. If ladies want to be treated like ladies, they should act like ladies. I see alot of woman going out to the clubs rubbing their ass on guys, then going home with them. People are not perfect, and from what I understand about female physiology, if this guy would have done this two hours later or a day later, she might have been all about it. Women constantly change due to hormonal fluctuations ( when it comes to desire and sex, not morality).

      • Seems that you don’t know much about female physiology or psychology. Just because you see some woman rubbing up on a guy in a club and make an assumption that she is therefore not a lady and doesn’t deserve to be treated with respect doesn’t mean than ALL women deserve to be treated with disrespect from the getgo.

        But please, by all means, blame her displeasure in his behavior on female hormones.

        Willing to bet you place a lot of blame on that excuse instead of trying to view a woman as a person and an equal.

        • All the guy is trying to say is that there are both men and women who help perpetuate this so called “rape culture” we live in. That fact is both genders are responsible. If you can’t understand that then you’re just as bad as the douchebag and feminazi.

      • No wonder you have a sceen name that a 13 year old would put up. What a fuckin’ loser. And fuk your pseudoscience.

  1. Good for her.
    I don’t think sending unwanted nudes is perpetuating rape-culture but it’s kind of rude and if told to stop one should apologize.
    But, he was an asshole about it so I’m glad he one-upped him.

    • how about I send you unsolicited naked photos? Im sure you want pictures! answer, he violated her with unwanted and unwarrented pictures of HIS FUCKING GENITALS. and you are a moron.

      • Did he in any way justify the moron that sent the dick pics? No, all he said was that the phrase rape culture is bullshit. The guy who sent her dick pics didn´t in any way attempt to rape her so the only people that would call “perpetuating rape culture”, whatever made up bullshit rape culture should be, would probably be feminazis.

        • It’s called sexual harrassment and it’s not fucking cool. Naked pics unsolicited is harrassment. It’s the same thing as exposing yourself to a stranger on the street, except men aren’t held accountable when it’s through text or online. The guy who sent her dick pics was pursuing a sexual relationship in which the woman did not express any interest in. That is a violation of consent. Dumbass.

        • No fuck that, people like that need taught a lesson. Good for her, his mother should know what he’s doing. He’s the type of guy that makes the good ones like myself look bad to woman. He was an arrogant dick head, its not going to hurt his family one bit. People like you let these fools get away with this shit and what happens? They don’t learn a single thing and end up getting away with it and you know what? He’ll just go do it again to another woman. The problem with society is people don’t speak up enough, kids act the way they do because we can’t spank our kids now, guys act like this because they get away with it. However, there are woman out there that encourage this behavior so it’s not always the guys fault 100% of the time. I’m not saying she encouraged it at all, I’m just saying some do

          • And, also, maybe he should have thought before he decided to send a pic like that,” Would it be ok if my family saw this picture? and knew I was randomly sending it to strangers?”

          • And when they do speak up they get cut down for being “feminazis”. Bullshit. We live in a society that condones this guy sending unsolicited dick pics but she doesn’t then have the right to speak up. She’s a “bitch” and a “feminazi” for speaking up.

            FYI, the women that encourage this shit are playing to what they know men want because it is honestly easier to play along and pretend to just lovvve dick than it is to defend yourself.

            Thanks for being one of the good guys,

            A grateful female

        • “Hurt his family”? Really?
          It’s not like she said she’s going to hire a hitman on them or something lmfao, she just said she’d forward the conversation to his mom. If I had a son and he was doing that kinda stuff, I’m pretty sure I’d want to know about it, because it’s disgusting.

      • Go on then you fucking prude, send me one see if I care, feminism is over. It used to be a good cause fighting for rights, now it’s a bunch of overweight butch cunts who just keep trying to demean men, “rape culture” fuck off is it, send me a pic of your cock, or tits, or anything you want, see if I cry about it like a bitch. No I wont, because I’m not an oversensitive fuck.

  2. Feminists and their rape, what would they be without it? ‘Mommy, i got raped!’ “OH MY GOD WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED” ‘I saw a guys penis. Ima go show it to his mom so she can be raped too’. Thats about what im getting from this, people are to god damn sensitive like in reality, who gives a flying fuck?

  3. Good for her! Last night something similar happened to me, and it took me threatening the guy with filing a police report for sexual harassment for him to stop txting me. He didn’t even apologize! Disgusting human beings.

    • You’re what’s wrong with this world man. I’ve heard this mentality that raped women should have been conservative and blah, blah, blah.
      It doesn’t matter how flirtatious or even how evil a woman is, once she says stop, a man should be in control enough to walk away and learn not trust every woman who suggests that she may be interested.
      To all of you so-called “men”, who think along the lines of this guy, you have my complete and utter disrespect. Self-centered, egotistical machismo at it’s worst…

      • Bravo Gary it’s refreshing to hear this coming from a true gentleman among a bunch of brainless idiots who seem to have no daughters sisters or mothers 🙂

      • Hes not saying it was her fault, or she should be more conservative. You feminazi’s and your fluffed up BGF’s need to fuck off with this BS.
        He was saying if SOME WOMEB didnt respond to this unsolicited sexual harassment he wouldnt keep trying it. the sad thing is douches like this guy and the girls that respond to guys like him give THE REST OF US a bad name.
        Feminazi- a woman who groups all men together and beleives there is an organized conspiracy to rape every woman ever born and acts like its impossible for a woman o rape a man(which if her sorry vag ever got attention she probably raped the poor sap and took advantage when he was drunk. A real man wouldnt touch that shit with a 10 foot pole.

        • I don’t even understand why feminazi’s are even a thing? Are you telling me women who believe in having equal rights are somehow just like the nazi’s themselves? Wow. Bunch of fucking cry baby’s who came up that idea. Sorry women want equal right – huh? Sucks for you guys right? Sucks that you can’t go or do anything without being sexu ally harassed by the opposite sex. Man, really sucks to be you.

          • Double standards…thats where you find the feminazis…if the exact thing had happened the other way round, they would have cried in agony at the hard case of slut shaming, how it’s the 2016 – women can send nudes, women should be taking initiatives and it’s not just a right reserved for men, etc, etc….but clearly when a guy does it, it’s still an issue…if we can’t act a certain way (bold and a lil too much forthcoming) and get shit when we do so, it kind of means that men have to attenuate their behaviour in regards to women (which i totally agree with) but at the same time feminazis want to start expressing themselves using the same behaviour and it needs to be completely accepted…

            What if, just what if – the model women are basing themselves on, is a flawed model…on certain things i agree – equality was much needed in most aspects of their life (basic rights, voting, working, acceptance, etc..)…

            BUT im my opinion (might be wrong) when the subject is sexuality – WE ARE DIFFERENT – and it’s a subject too difficult, vast and complicated to just be “we want equal rights”, or more precisely, the ACCEPTANCE (by society) to do the same shit and act the same way men have been doing for centuries…but who said that the attitude of men towards sexuality was good???I agree it’s a natural occurence, but contraception isn’t natural…if everytime you had sex there was a risk of having a baby (lets forget about STD’s for a moment here) – you would think twice before rushing into bed with someone wouldn’t you???and that applies mostly to women cause men wouldn’t always give a shit since they don’t have the baby – and that is NATURE, not a man sexist thing…

            So with all that new shit we invented as a species, things are changing, we evolved from the natural world and we can’t just go YEAH it’s NATURAL so it’s good and can be done without possible consequences…Nature is beautiful but also horrible and dangerous… If Mr lion wants to have sex, Mrs Lion gets fucked…in this case : rape exists in nature, incest exists in nature, murder too (and don’t say no – i’ve seen cats kill shit just tossing them around, then leave them there…thats killing for pleasure – not food)…

            So to you women who find this (talking about a guy showing his dick – on a picture – by phone) offensive, bare in mind that when you walk down the street in those tight miniskirts, or want the right to walk with your tits out “because men can do so”…You might be affecting said men in a certain way…HE SHOULD NEVER ACT UPON IT but not even acknowledging that, or seeing it as a possibility is a mistake and makes for more frustration on both side…

            Women got frustrated and with reason for all those years where your needs, wants and feelings weren’t taken into consideration, where you weren’t acknowledged…i’m not comparing the two but in a way FEMINAZIs are doing the same shit in completely rejecting the feeling (good or bad) that men may have – and this stops all the discussion at MEN HAVE DONE IT FOR YEARS SO WE SHOULD BE ABLE TOO…

            My point here in case you missed it with all the stuff i said basically Men don’t have boobs and vaginas, Women don’t have penises…so both of our gender will never be able to fully understand each other, we are different and we need to accept that…what we should do is not let women base themselves on a shitty social model men created hundreds of years ago, but rather instead of just handing out and demanding more sexual freedom for everyone, maybe we could calm the fuck down, realising how while fucking great and enjoyable sex is, there might be something deeper to it – I AM BY NO MEANS SAYING WE SHOULD ALL BE VIRGINS TILL MARRIAGE – just that there is a reachable in-between i think between total abstinence and the way it is today…then again i might be wrong…

        • He totally just defended and agreed with the walk away at stop suggested theme here then said verbatim “it’s guy’s like this that make the rest of us look bad” is he saying he often sends pics of his wee wee but it gets rejected so much he walks away at first goodbye!?
          Like he admits to showing his wee wee to unsuspecting women/men!
          First not okay even if you stop when told. Honestly men should bombard women with surprise pics of chocolate and decadent cheesecake, when they say omg that looks delicious, you say I know where to get some it’s on me.
          Second obviously if you’re flashing your wee wee and think it’s okay if you take the rejection like a man, obviously you know it’s wrong or the shame wouldn’t sink in so fast, eh? Where as haggling the price of a vehicle or antique is completely acceptable!
          Third the thought of one taking rejection so well, either does this entirely TOO much and is targeting that first “I love wee wee’s” or you’ve been told “no” entirely too much. Which in turn makes me think it is not impressive to say the MOST!

      • People like you who take the time to call out ignorant assholes online are freakin awesome! You’re great for saying this. 🙂 Thank you.

    • Dear god I hope you’re not any sort of doctor. Like don’t work with any people ever. Hopefully you’re in a job where you work completely alone like a park ranger or landscaper. No human contact please. One bad apple and all that…

  4. If you boys had read her reply she said “perpetuate the rape culture” Perpetuate basically means sustain… thus meaning this jerk of a “man” was sustaining the rape culture. Rape culture is where men see women as sex toys and not human beings. With your ignorant replies and comments you yourselves are perpetuating the rape culture. I hope none of you ever have daughters, girl friends or wives!

    • Thank God someone said it. I was about to have to write a very, very long comment. Pretty much all the ones calling her a feminist, or feminazi, or blaming her for his sick behavior are in fact uneducated males. Part of the problem! Just because she joined a dating sight they automatically think she’s a “slut”, or that she “brought it upon herself”. I’m sure most of the so called males that replied with such compassion also send photos of their tiny wee wee’s to women. They obviously are just upset because no woman has taken the bait. Their logic is; Because this woman didn’t like his dick pick, or acted like a “prude”, that she has got to be a feminist. Lol. I swear my hope for the human race deminishes more and more each passing day.

    • where is the fucking like button?! Fran= Preaching the Truth
      But what would I know, I was the victim of a child molestor, so I know how rape victims feel. I AM ONE. and these guys fucking disgust me. and yeah, I’m open about my past, I was the victim. I have no guilt about it. this culture blames the victim, tries to make us feel like we did something wrong. We didnt. Its time we stood up and DEMANDED things change.

  5. I love all the guys on here pissed that a woman would fight back. You guys are pathetic. Step outside, go to a nice bar, find a woman and show her your dong. Then, keep a record of how many women you go to bed with by doing that. I’d love to see a yearly tally of the catch your wacker brings in. What a bunch of douche bags.

    • I know one thing they would catch doing that. A bit of prison time along with a requirement to register as a sex offender. Maybe that is what needs to happen to the idiots that send unsolicited dick pics.

  6. I have to say, some of the comments here are absolutely disgisting. First of all, she said he was perpetuating rape culture, she did not say she was raped. The act of him exposing himself to this woman that has no idea who he is, without asking her if it was ok with her first seems like an innocent act and some men and maybe even some women might find it funny or acceptable, but the reality of it is, behaviour like this is perpetuating rape culture. Its extremely disrespectful and he absolutely should have apologised as soon as she told him to stop. Women do not exist for the sole purpose of adhering to the desires of men, so why do men think its ok to behave as if they do? Its behaviour like this that teaches younger generations of boys that its ok to obectify women in order to get what they want. The only thing i think she should have done difderently was report him to the police for sexual harassment on top of sending the screen caps to his mother.

  7. If you want respect, show respect. She told him to stop, he didn’t listen and you expect her to stop because he said so? and you call her feminist??? treat him right for being disrespectful!

  8. She keeps using that word.
    I don’t think it means what she thinks it means.

    Rape involves actual physical fucking against will. Sending a dick pic is mere harassment.

  9. Please – Stop wasting you and your followers time and effort for this almost cliche shit you fine flooding facebook left right and center.
    Want to make a difference – stop the shit.

    • (sorry for my poor english)

      +1 : we can discuss wether or not this kind of article should be there. Not sure it fits the “editorial line”, but still…
      What I can’t discuss, is the amount of douchbag posting insulting comments against that girl, such as “feminazi” and worse, AND nothing is said against them?
      So you can be an asshole, perpetuating the idea girls wants to see your cock and when one is fighting back (cleverly!) she is a prude feminazi?

      I’m very disapointed by you, guys.
      And if it was my daughter that fight back against a rude morron who believe that showing his penis would make her melt like an ice-cream, I would be fucking proud of her if she answers that way.

  10. All these obnoxious straight boys on here because they think hackers are so cool and not because they understand the point of Anonymous. Actions like this are not okay, they DO perpetuate rape culture, and saying “feminazi” is not only ignorant for trivializing the terrible events of the Holocaust and for further putting down women by saying that them standing up for their right to be treated respectfully by patriarchal asshats is unjustified, it’s ignorant because it goes to show that you have no idea what feminism actually is or how to treat people as EQUALS, which is the WHOLE POINT of Anonymous.

      • +1 this guy. “Rape culture” is something perpetuated by the feminazi movement. Of which 99.9% think equality means women can do whatever the fuck they want and men cant do shit, cause they are inferior and unable to control
        their primal urges. Main point they speak in absolutisms which is almost as stupid as assumptions, like the moronic one this asshat made.

  11. What I want to know is, why are most of the males on here calling her a feminist? Because she didn’t enjoy his dick pick? Lol. Yea…what a feminist!! She must go to anti dick-pick rallies too! Btw, for the mentally impaired..that was sarcasm. News flash male species…women don’t normally find dicks attractive. And by dicks I mean both kinds…the person you are and your little friend in your pants. I wonder how you would feel if some asshat sent your daughter a photo of his penis? And before you go and say “my daughter wouldn’t be a slut!” Remember that dating sites are the norm now. Just because someone is a member of a dating site, doesn’t mean they are just looking to have casual sex. That’s what grinder and other apps like that are for. There IS a difference. Just remember your words when your little girl is being harrassed by some douche turd who for some reason feels that all women like photos of dick! A little known secret…most women think the male member is not a very good looking body part. Just because you have one, doesn’t mean we want to see it.

    • I was just thinking this! If you wouldn’t want it happening to a female child then it shouldn’t happen to an adult woman. Catcalling, name calling, groping, humiliation. Why do some people think it acceptable to treat a person like that just because they are a woman? Baffling.

  12. Reverse the rolls. If I man received a picture of any woman naked it would never reach this point no matter how beautiful or disgusting she is. Feminazi bullshit.

      • Absolutely feminazi. Yeah he crossed the line and got burned and yes that certainly justifies sending his mom pictures of this conversation, no question about it, but “rape culture”? What the fuck is that supposed to mean, did he rape her eyes by sending her a picture? The only people that use this phrase ARE feminazis.

    • You’re right. He would just let everyone around him see it to. Then he would tell all his friends about how bad you need him (no matter if its a lie or not) then it will end up on 4 chan somewhere.
      I dont know. The way i see it is. That is 100% sexual harassment. It is an unwanted sexual advance. And i think what she did was perfect. Cuz i would have sued his ass and made it a point to let the world see who he really is.

  13. For female out there which sound like you don’t have a boyfriend. When a male species said “i thought you will like it”, that is some kind of their way to opologize. Never expect them to said ” I’m sorry” whatsover directly… I just think you all need to open up and socialize more in real world.
    Sincerely, normal female with boyfriend

    • Wow really ?
      Instead of us opening up maybe you need a lesson in being treated with respect by a man….I thought you liked it is NOT an excuse and why the fuck should women settle for those half baked excuses?He could have quit after that but chose to degrade her a little more.Next to that you referring to yourself as “normal” and with a boyfriend because you don’t agree with the girl in the texts is ridiculous,are you implying that girls who have some self respect do not have boyfriends or are not normal? I thought that dudes like in this article keep up this stupid way of thinking but now I realize it’s woman like you too…

    • You sound like having a boyfriend is a HUGE accompolishment to you, lol. Just another one of those women who prize their life around having a man. Never expect a man to apologize? Boy, you are going to make some lucky douche bag VERY happy. Find prize and meaning in yourself hunny, a “normal female” would not put so much stock in having a boyfriend (its not a fucking merit badge) but you type like your foriegn so… If a man can’t even apologize then he’s a fucking cave man, he needs to use his words M’kay and act like he’s got a mother or Just like this woman did, I will surely remind him.

    • I agree men are not always socially competent. However there are uncountable young women out there who send unsolicited nude or semi nude selfies of themselves. Why is it wrong for a man to do this but acceptable for a woman? Both genders of young people need to learn to keep it covered. Remember once that picture is out there you can’t control it.

        • I agree with Joyce on this matter. But Nimrod… I don’t even know where to start. So you are only a real woman if you share your opinions? If you as a woman recognize that we do not have gender equality today, then it is just an evil try to put all men into a box, and undermine them? I would consider my self a real women eventhough i do not appreciate victim blaming, and even though I identify as a feminist. I know it is a bit harsh, but seeing some of your former comments I had to react. You are totally entitled to have your own opnion, but i would really appreciate it if you did not untermine my womanhood just because i do not share it.

    • Actually, please stop speaking for men. lol. Saying sorry is not beyond our abilities. We are just as human as you are. He was definitely not the sinister abuser everyone is making him out to be, but he’s an idiot for doing that without asking her if she wanted to see it first. And for failing to outright apologise when she protested. I’m shocked that his response to her threat about telling his mom was to demand that she not. That was his last chance to back off and apologise, and maybe learn a lesson in respect.

  14. Wait a second….your comment is awaiting moderation? Mods can censor my comment before its even posted? On an ANONYMOUS site? You people really lost what you once stood for, I´ll never visit this site again.

    • Just a bit of wiki-education for you ( ‘Behaviors commonly associated with rape culture include victim blaming, sexual objectification, trivializing rape, denial of widespread rape, refusing to acknowledge the harm caused by some forms of sexual violence, or some combination of these’- I think we’ve seen enough of these examples in this article and comments thread to prove that RAPE CULTURE EXISTS AND YOU ARE A PERPETRATOR.

  15. Think of it this way would it be normal to meet someone for the first time to go ona date and just walk in naked? No its a fucking creep move. Same as Sending a dick pic. I’m no saint but it’s fucking low class. Dude got issues i think that’s pretty awesome. Could be fake too. Idk.

  16. Waaaahhh! That’s all I’m seeing here….. if this is real then it’s kind of sad, maybe the dude shouldn’t have taken a picture of himself and sent it like that, but neither should she have engaged him in a conversation if she wasn’t interested. He sent a pic of himself and did not request a naked pic back. Rape? Lol, you people are fucking idiots.

  17. Yet how many girls have probably shown him behavior that would only encourage him to do shit like this…..what came first Ladies and gentlemen, the chicken or the egg ?

    • And now he has to do that to every girl he talks to, right? All women are the same. Ugh… Evolution, what have you done?!

  18. I’m sorry. The guy is a fucking dong. But she is way worse tbh. He send her a dick pick. So what? Only proofs that he is a tool. Attacking his personal life however and involving his mom is beyond scum.

    • Ok, Sodant. I walked up to you and punched you in the face. Do something about it. But I guess in your personality you wouldn’t even know that it happened.

      In my right human mind, if somebody did something offensive to me, I would react to it. I would probably not systematically stand there.

  19. Here we go, how about two solutions, women, don’t join stupid random “dating sites” because then some idiot guy is going to send you unsolicited pictures of his genitals. Guys, I know you won’t listen, well most of you, but stop sending people unsolicited pictures of your junk. Problem solved,well, it would be but unfortunately most of you are too damned stupid to follow those two simple suggestions. You humans and your dumbass sexual foibles, it’s sad as hell.

  20. What you morons can’t, no, refuse to understand is that she was harassed. Not raped. No one here has said she was raped. What IS being said is that this douche is a perpetuator of rape culture. Or more simply for the dim ones here, extreme objectification and sexism of and towards women. She was not raped. She was objectified, and harrassed. Rape culture is very very real. It’s a very very big issue, and l can say, without a doubt, any of you claiming the non-existance of rape culture, are yourself perpetuators. Most of you, assuredly, are PARTAKERS. So why don’t you do a bit of research, look up some definitions. get an IQ above 30, stop treating women like they exist for men, then come back. Then you can actually contribute something to this.

  21. What you thundercunts don’t seem to realise is that, you, the ones crying “perpetrator of rape culture” at every “you’re hot babe” comment on the internet, ARE the ones diminishing the word rape. You’re practically equating “He put his penis inside me without my consent” with “OMG HE SHOUTED HEY HOTTIE AT ME WHILE I WAS WALKING DOWN THE STREET”. Try to imagine how you would feel if you were an actual victim of actual rape (penis-in-vagina type, as in, the only real kind) and a dumb bitch started crying out rape because some guy made eye contact with her while she was eating a banana.

    You dumb fucks Don’t realise you’re the ones making any kind of equality movement harder. And before any of you starts crying oppression at my post, yes, I am mysoginistic, but I am also mysandristic. I hate all stupid the same, regardless if they dangle or not.

    • Actually Commo N. Sense you’re doing the exact same thing you are accusing the girl of by diminishing the word rape and what it means.

      “(penis-in-vagina type, as in, the only real kind) ” because there’s a fake kind of rape?

      Wow, okay, based on the statements you made you’re probably male and not a very educated one at that. Well guess what you dumb fuck? I am a victim of rape – I was molested by my uncle so many times between the age of 10 to 16 oh and he had sex with me (which was painful), groomed me into being his little play thing and then used me to get access to some of my other friends, which he then molested. Oh, and I’m a male and so were my friends.

      Oh, but that’s totally okay with you, because “ACTUAL” rape is only when A guy sticks his dick into a vagina?

      Do you know what its like going through life when so many undermine your suffering because people who don’t think you exist?
      Or that you have no real voice in a society that likes to blame victims?
      Or the fact that some seem to assume that “if a guys been raped he will likely rape”? (of which there’s no evidence to prove that in the slightest)
      Or the fact that I suffer severe depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for something that was done to me? (you know PTSD: the thing that soldiers get when they come back from war?)
      Or the fact it’s destroyed my life, left me still single after 27 years of being alive (sad because I never wanted to ever be alone and boy I’ve tried) and gave me intimacy issues?
      Or the fact that because I treat women with respect and make sure I get clear consent that SOME find it weird and unattractive that they’re just like… um no and laugh at me because I apparently had the audacity to ask? (thankfully only a few were like this and they were probably just as dumb as you)
      Or the fact that I will never fully recover from this and I will always suffer, until I die?
      Or the fact that my quality of life is so low that I don’t really give a shit if someone threatens my life – because death would end my suffering and leave me at piece for once in my life?

      I bet you you don’t, not even in the slightest. You really don’t know shit; but like most assholes like you, you’ll probably still spout this crap thinking you know… and trying to speak for how the “rape” victims feel which you probably tell yourself so that it makes you feel better about your opinions. Well as A RAPE victim, I’m telling YOU how I FEEL about YOUR comments. Do you even know any females that have been raped? I do. I know of at least 5 people (friends and friends of friends) that have; but there are probably more. You see, there are similarities in myself that I see in them. One of them is even my best friend that I love more than anything in the world.

      “Equality movement”? Fuck you and your double standards you shitty excuse for a human being; you’re treating me lesser than a female in the same position because I have a dick. One day you may have children; maybe even a son – I sure as hell hope he never gets raped or molested because if he had a shitty parent like you, he wouldn’t last very long…

      There’s a reason I’m insulting you here and that’s because you’ve insulted all men that are victims of rape… and possibly even some women victims too. If you have many male friends, you’ve unwittingly pissed in some of their faces, because some of them would be rape victims too – but you’ll never know – because rape and molestation comes with shame – moreso for a male who “should’ve fought back”. They’ll probably take that secret to the grave.

    • Sweet so lets go by dildos and starts forcing them in your ass. Its not real rape (penis in vagina) so I shouldn’t face repercussions and you cant complain because well under your definition of rape men cant be raped. Thanks for the info bro! This was good to know. LMFAO.

  22. In many states she has just committed a felony called revenge porn and is subject to jail time. I agree that men AND women who send unsolicited nudes should be subject to humiliation but unfortunately a number of young women who did so were unhappy and campaigned for strict laws against passing them on

  23. In all honesty, there is nothing wrong with her response. When a guy pisses me off, by getting into my personal business, I want to then fuck around with his personal business to piss him off. It works the same way when girl #77 pisses off girl #281, and subsequently girl #281 now wants to tear out a rope knot of girl #77’s hair for fucking with her relationship, etc. Out of all of the stuff I have seen so far, I would not classify material like this anywhere near “feminazi”. Real “Feminazi’s” are women who preach that all men are worth nothing, and that all of them need to be killed of all ages- the type of women who post satanic ritualistic photographs of dunking male babies in boiling water upside down, until the baby stops cognitively responding. If any human being had no right to life, then how do they yet live? Logic is like a spice, you need to have a certain degree of it in all recipes.

  24. If sending unwanted dick pics is rape, then didnt she just rape the guys mom after he raped her? She she raped her rapists mom? Feminism is confusing.

  25. This young woman just committed a felony in many states. It’s called revenge porn legislation and was passed at the request of many young woman who found out that the naked pics of themselves that they shared did not stay private. It can be a crime just to display a picture that you got without asking. For those young people encouraging this behavior, you might want to check your local laws. I do agree Your should be able to humiliate someone who sends you this crap but ladies you got what you asked for.

  26. From waving his dick on a message to perpetuate rape culture …. Wow no wonder sometimes things with women escalate so quickly xD

    • Fuck off. Don’t generalize women when you aren’t even a woman. Unwanted. Dick. Pics. UNWANTED!!!! DON’T YOU BELIEVE WOMEN HAVE THE RIGHT TO SAY NO TO A MAN WHO WANTS TO EXPOSE HIMSELF TO HER? If you dint. Kindly tell that to every woman in your life and see how quick you are left in the dust.

  27. It’s frightening to see how much stupidity has rooted in the comments below this article…

    Anyone who is being disrespectful towards others – REGARDLESS OF THEIR GENDER – should be punished for their actions… be it by Karma or whatever you want to believe in.

    Reminder: Equal Rights mean everyone is treated equally meaning people shouldn’t be judged and their rights shouldn’t be decided by their genitals.


  28. How are people managing to argue about this? He sent a dick pick and was being rude, she sent it to his mom to get him to stop it. It’s not “Feminism progress” or “guys being put on blast”. He was being a jerk, she got back at him. End of discussion.

  29. This girl really needs to grow up acting like she never saw a dick on the internet. Our culture as really turned into a society full of wussies.

  30. Right now that message to his mother is sitting in a folder called “other” in her Facebook account, never to be seen by anybody!!

    • Just as we real women know its important to pretend we had an orgasim. God forbid you respect a person of the opposite sex. You know hells fire will reign down on us all for being equals lmao

  31. -rape culture does exist (and it´s not just about raping u twats, objectification, street harassment, porn etc…)
    -if it is so OK to send his dick to a girl, why he freaks out so much when his mother is mentioned? i mean..stand for ur rights mate 😀

  32. Technically, workplace or even normal sexual harassment videos will always tell you that being inappropriate or disrespectful even after the person has told you to stop, it is classified as sexual harassment. This could also be considered being touched in inappropriate ways or someone using sexual/inappropriate behaviour upon first meeting them. As such, they can be prosecuted by the full extent of the law. To be honest? She did him a favour. The potential charges of sexual harassment is a huge ass fine, all the way to jail time, and they don’t like that sorta thing in prision. Just sayin’.
    I, as a women, actually hate the word rape culture. I hate the term perpetuate rape culture mainly because it’s too long and complicated. It should be called by what it means so that people don’t get confused. Treating them like a human being. Women aren’t sexual objects. But men aren’t exactly creeps either.
    To be honest, I think it shouldn’t matter what gender you have. If you send a picture like that, you should have known. All those sexting warning classes that we got back in high school? They weren’t joking. Once you give someone a photo, they are free to do with it what they want. She wanted to send it to his mom. She could have sent it to all his friends. She could have sent it to the police. She could have sent it to his entire family and every future girlfriend now that she knows his Facebook.
    Who cares if it’s fake? The message in it is clear. It shouldn’t matter what gender you are. Everyone deserves the right to be treated with respect. And if you give someone a picture of your genetalia, you have given everyone the right to see it. Because in this society, everything you do or say, WILL be held or used against you.

  33. :: SIMPLY PUT ::
    To insinuate what this provided male-figure did as “perpetuating rape culture” is no more of an escalation when this woman cut to the chase and made such an absolute claim that was not needed.

    Understanding that she was a participant on a dating website; she should have expected to make contact with certain persons who do such things as this guy above. She simply should have selected the block button, and that’s that. And as for the guy in this situation, he should learn better than to just stay convinced that ALL women like pictures of the male genitalia, ESPECIALLY the minute one makes first-contact with the other. This guy needs to be a hell of a lot more decent and actually be able to carry on a conversation, and not just simply get down and dirty especially the minute he speaks to her.

    Everybody learns and yearns at different times for different things. And speaking not only as a gentleman for the gentlemen abroad, but for all humans: We all need to just be decent and use our heads. Think before speaking, but speak wisely as for your last free words may get you into trouble. And speak freely until it becomes illegal.

    -Anonymous user.

    • Are you kidding me? What world do you live in. Wait until you have a daughter who receives these pics. In fact, send your comments to you mom and see what she things. YOU are part of the rape culture… speaking freely.

  34. Note to all mums of creeps from a grandmother,
    If you raise fuckwits who send dickpicks to anyone, no matter where they found her contact details, you deserve to see your ‘adult’ son’s penile humour reflected back at you by the mirror of social media. It is the role of a mother to teach her son to respect others – male and female. This boy’s mother clearly failed in this task and so she got her just deserts.

  35. This girl gets two thumbs up! Just to point out she didn’t say he raped her. She said perpetuate rape, thats not the same thing as being raped. When sexually harassing women for any reason becomes a norm it becomes part of the culture. I have 2 sons, idc how old they would be I would still beat their asses for being disrespectful ANYONE. All boils down to equality in respect. If he was respectful he would not have sent those unwanted texts and pic. Id stand the same if roles were reversed too. Respect is respect regardless of what sex you are. If the “men”, more like boys, commenting on this article where actually raised right they would not be saying the shit coming out of their mouths. I wanna say what would your mothers think but you “men” are probably just as disrespectful to your mothers as the dude sending unwanted dick pics. That or you “men” have some major mommy problems and could probably use some nice therapy sessions to talk about uour problems. Also last point, this comment is not for all men of the world… Just the ignorant ass holes commenting here who probably think the only place for a woman is in the kitchen still. Hahahaha can’t wait to see how my comment is misunderstood by the “men” on this page.

  36. If I got some of the comments correct. When I don’t want to be sexualy harrased and I don’t want to see any of your Cocksparowes penises I am a femininazi bullshit spreader? And when I am insulted or I feel uncomfortable and I defend myself I am also a feminazi? If I am not amazed about the “fact” that you are a mighty male homosapiens (one in a billions of them) I am also a feminist? If I don’t put myself down to your manlyness and awesomness I am feminist? Should I give any kind of respect to people who don’t respect me as a person (not woman, but person) or that makes me a feminist too? Should I bow every time you walk by just to show that I am not a feminist? Or that makes me a person with low respect for myself? It seems that I can’t say that I don’t like something or I am a feminist and I should burn in eternal flames of feminazi hell.
    Great… As a asexual person and a person who sees only humanbeings around me, not a male not a female, I’ll just say that this has nothing to do with feminist beliefs or any other kind of special beliefs we vaginatorosauruses have. Everyone wants to be respected, you can’t argue with that.

  37. I think the woman in this post had every right to dislike or feel upset at being sent this pic by someone she didn’t know when she hadn’t asked for it but her reaction was passive aggressive and childish. By all means tell him that his behaviour is unwelcome and offensive to you but then be all grown up about it and delete the pic, block the person’s number in your phone and move on.

    • Lame Gill. Why are you judging her? She should post his pic and name all over the web AND send it to his mother. Kick his sorry bitch ass!

  38. With a few exceptions, the males here are sad cases of warped masculinity. Real men are there for all women, they don’t harass, threaten, coerce, curse, show their pathetic weenies, or rape women. Rape Culture is everywhere, even the ad industry promotes it. Rape Culture is part of Patriarchy that has so twisted the minds of men (and women) that the pervasive raping of women on campus and in the military has reached crisis proportions. Man up guys, and put a stop to other guys who think this is all OK or deny that there’s a problem.

  39. I was agreeing up until she said rape culture, that part was a bit far. She should tell his mom, he was being disrespectful by talking trash like he was. he could have said sorry after and that would have been the end of it.

  40. The dick pic — what does it say about a man?

    It says this: he imagines sending a woman a pic of his dick will turn her on so intensely that she will invite him over for hot sex.

    Really — a man who sends a dick pick to a woman he barely knows is like a man who buys a ticket on the lottery, except in this case, all he ends up doing is making himself look like a dick and makes the woman disgusted.

    Here’s a clue, dickhead dick pic senders of the world: women only want to look at the dick of men they actually want to look at. In other words, the dicks of the men they choose. Not just your random man and not unsolicited.

    That may make you sad, because you want every woman you desire to look at your dick, but that’s life. Random women do not want to see your dick.

    So if in doubt, ask. “Would you like to see a pic of my dick?”

    If she says, “Yes, please!” then send away.

    If she bans you from her page, then you have got a clue. Maybe wait until she sends you a tit pic or crotch pic before you send her Mr. Johnson. That way, you can be certain she is feeling it.

    Just wondering if this dick-pic strategy ever worked for a man? Has sending a woman he doesn’t know a dick pic ever got a man laid? Did it ever lead to hot sex? I highly doubt it.

    What I think is going on here is this: men watch porn, which is really nothing more than the male fantasy of women being nymphos and wanting sex any time anywhere with any man with a dick. Porn tells men that if he shows a woman his dick, she will be helpless to resist his manly attributes.

    Hence, the dick pic.

    What the dick pic really says is that the man’s brain is on temporarily override by his erect dick. Hopefully, once it deflates, his senses will return, but I doubt it.

    A man who thinks the unsolicited dick pic will get him laid is deceiving himself.

    And making the world a little worse place for womankind, who have to waste their time deleting unwanted dick pics and contacts off their phones.

    Next time you get the urge to display your sausage to some new woman you’ve just friended on Facebook?

    Don’t. Just. Don’t.

  41. Can’t be bothered 2 read all these comments but u r all fucktards! “Rape Culture” is just tabloid bollocks. There is no rape culture, people don’t rape because there is some sort of acceptance in some walks of society, they do it becaus they are not mentally sound or have no consideration for other people and act on their own selfish desires. That’s like saying young women nowadays have a Slut Culture because a minority hold themselves in such low self esteem that they act like whores. He should b locked up 4 indecent exposure and she should b locked up under the new laws against revenge porn for forwarding explicit pictures against a persons will which have now gone viral. Can’t believe anonymous are getting involved in this petty bullshit when they have so many more pressing and important subjects to make people aware of. This is just an article to shock sheeple into an unnecessary debate over useless bullshit!

  42. A girl sends a guy a pic of her tits it is “flirting”
    A guy sends a dick pic and it is suddenly “rape”

    When you downplay rape (which is the act of having physical intercourse with a girl without permission) you basically make yourself look like an idiot.

    A LOT of guys send dick pics and that doesn’t mean they would take your vagina by force! Sure some guys do rape woman but not all guys. Just like some women rape men and others don’t. But not once have I ever received a nude pic from a girl and said “rape culture”.

    Sorry but the moment I saw her type “rape culture” I immediately thought Feminazi myself. And the moment I saw some guys defending those idiots (who think flirting is rape) I immediately thought “virgin white knights”.

    So yeah, this whole comment section is infested with the worst of mankind.

  43. This is my opinion…. GOOD FOR HER AND WHAT SHE DID!!! That man had no class as well as many of these men that posted that somehow this is about women’s liberation or that there is a double standard about women sending pictures of herself is the same as what he did. No women has ever sent me a even the slightest form of a seductive picture of herself without solicitation was on the up and up. It was a scam each and every time. To these men that think it is all right to send a picture of his manhood to a women to see if she likes it you’re a FOOL. If you find a women out there who likes that distortion of a conversation she’s no good for me and better you find her than I. If that’s what you have to do to find a chick, you’re an idiot, and any chick that goes for that perversion is disgusting to me. No offense ladies but I truly find it hard to believe that any good and respectable women would like a man to send a unsolicited picture like this man did in any case. What happened to being a gentlemen? What happened to a man having chivalry? Learn how to be a MAN. Learn some respect. At the very least, respect and value yourself enough not to stoop to such a distorted level as to send pictures of yourself or to anyone unless it’s between you and whoever your with, and even then, only do it if “they” want to see it. Gross… YOU NEED TO DO BEETER THAN THIS GUY DID MEN!!!

  44. 1st off why would she give her number to that guy and not know him therefore she is responsible for what happened no number given no penis taking. Plus you don’t just go for the kill we’re not in Jr high or high school anymore it’s the factor of being mature and having a brain. That is pretty stupid, so here is a heads up on people. For men we have low % on intelligent men population, a medium % average men intelligent population get ready for this, for men blow average is high
    For women in the U.S. average intelligence is very high. intelligent and blow average intelligences population is the same very low. Don’t just take my words for it the
    last time I’ve done research for this was in 2012 may have changed since then for the present im going to do more research

  45. From what I see, this entire list of comments is full of mostly men who are insecure with how to identify the distinction between disrespecting a woman (antifeminism) and action induced by testosterone (programmed behavior). Disrespecting women is wrong fellas, but in no way are you raping a woman every time you disrespect her. Animals show off their bodies as mating rituals to in turn reproduce and have their DNA survive the test of time. Should the guy have shown her a picture of his dick? It wasn’t a nice thing to do, but it’s not rape, it’s sexual harassment, a disrespectful thing to do. Can we really look at it as a reinforcer of rape “culture”? Not it’s not rape, it’s an attempt at attraction for survival by reproduction. The “dating game” is what actually encourages rape. Men must always buy the drinks and food. Many women go to bars and actively accept drinks from strangers; use your common sense and buy your own drinks. The amount of successful attempts to drug women with date rape drugs is caused by this stupid sexist tradition. Even people with no interest, desire, or compulsion to drug someone in this setting can see how this setting makes it very easy for someone with the wrong intentions to drug their victims. Other traditions that ACTUALLY perpetuate and encourage rape, not rape “culture” (that’s stupid) are things like men having to be the ones to ask women on dates coupled with men being exposed to the ideology from birth, that the more women you sleep with, the higher your social status is. These two traditions encourage desperate men to have sex by any means necessary for social acceptance and therefore self-acceptance. The whole dating paradigm is a detraction from and contradiction of true feminism. It reinforces the application of aggression as a method to bypass a female’s judgement criterion. It nurtures the animalistic sex drive of our species and another corollary of it is on average both men and women don’t feel that sex is any sort of special bond anymore. Why do we allow our rituals to define sex and dating as tawdry? We can’t just blame all of these problems on the men, because that’s ignorant and sexist. It seems these sexist dating traditions are the true cultivators of rape and unhealthy sexual identities. Being a feminist means one acts toward the equality of the sexes. Anything beyond the attempt at true equality by definition is not feminism; it is sexism. Unfortunately we all promote the difference in treatment of men and women. Until it’s just as much of a crime for a female to hit a male as the converse (self defense obviously not included) etcetera, do we really have the true definition of equality? Wouldn’t life be more pleasant if no one hit each other?

  46. i agree it is a dick move for him to send unwanted dick pics. no pun intended but its not sexual harassment or “rape culture” its an annoyance at most that can be solved with the block button. if its sexual advances from a boss, landlord, a person at work or someone with power over said person then it can be considered sexual harassment as well as other things as explained in this. still definitely funny what she did though although i think its overkill

  47. A long long time ago in my youth, a brazen fool tried shoving his dick toward my face. Over 30 years later I bet his dick still has the scar from my blade.


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