Women, STOP Inserting ‘Herbal Balls’ In Vagina – Your Womb DOESN’T Need Detoxing



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Health experts have warned women using the Herbal Womb Detox Pearls that claim to correct such conditions as endometriosis, ovarian cysts, thrush and fibroids. Sold worldwide by Florida-based firm Embrace Pangaea, the pearls are designed to be inserted into the vagina to ‘cleanse the womb and return it to a balance state’ by flushing out toxins.

But Dr Jen Gunter, a US gynecologist, has debunked the company’s claims saying these types of products – and the herbs used in them – have not been tested for vaginal use AND inserting anything into the vagina for too long was ‘dangerous and smelly’.

“Your uterus isn’t tired or depressed or dirty and your vagina has not misplaced its chakra. They want no real help from you unless there is something wrong and they will tell you there is something wrong by bleeding profusely or itching or cramping badly or producing an odor.

“These herbs (or whatever, because you really just don’t know – hey it could just be dirt from someone backyard) could be damaging to your lactobacilli (the good bacteria) or be directly irritating to the vagina mucosa (the lining) and both of these outcomes will increase your risk of infection.

“What happens when you leave something in a vagina for 3 days is that anaerobic (not good) bacteria grow. Bad bacteria smells bad – this smell alerts you there is a serious issue somewhere.

“The vagina makes excess discharge when there is A) irritation B) infection C) an absence of good bacteria. [Pointing to the pictures of what the website claims to be the “discharge” users have removed from their vagina while using the pearls]This discharge isn’t some toxic swill that the vagina was hiding that only the “pearls” could release, it’s a sign that these “pearls” are damaging.”

A leading sexual health charity has also warned women against using the product. Bekki Burbidge, the head of communications from sexual health charity FPA, told The Huffington Post:

“The vagina is very good at cleaning itself and using perfumed products can upset the balance of the normal bacteria, rather than help. Perfumed products have been linked to bacterial vaginosis, which is the most common cause of unusual vaginal discharge, and can also increase the risk of developing thrush.

“If women are concerned about the smell of discharge or notice a change from their normal discharge, it’s important not to try and mask this with products as it could be linked to an infection – instead, it’s a good idea to get checked out by a doctor.

“The best way to wash this part of the body is to use plain, unperfumed soap and water to clean the vulva (external female genitals). There is no need to use water or products to flush or detox inside the body. It looks as if someone has found an opportunity to make money by preying on women who worry about how they smell.”

In her defense, Tamieka Atkinson, owner of Embrace Pangaea, insisted the product is not a drug by any means, and she makes no claims of curing, diagnosing, or treating disease. She told The Independent:

“Embrace Pangaea is a holistic company that provides high-quality herbal detoxes and information to educate clients about natural living. Our Herbal Womb Detox Pearls is simply a natural herbal alternative that women can make a conscious and informed decision in using. With all our clients, we do advise them that we are not medical professionals, and that they should seek assistance from their doctor. As for our products doing more harm than good, there are various women that received positive benefits from using our product.”

Cost of one pearl, a small ball of perfumed herbs such as Mothersworth, Cnidium monnieri, Borneol, Rhizoma and Angelica, is $15 and it is intended for once-a-day use; a monthly womb maintenance package costs $75 to $180. Special packages are also offered to treat fibroids and bacterial vaginosis with another designed for ‘vaginal tightening’.


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