Yes, Bayer Drug Knowingly Infected People with HIV


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In February of 1984, a division of the pharmaceutical company Bayer (Cutter Biological) knowingly sold H.I.V. infected medications to Asia and Latin America to prevent financial losses. After a discovered H.I.V. outbreak in America amongst small, hemophiliac children that was traced back to Bayer medications, the company began to sell a new, safe medication in the West, however they sent the old batches, many of which they knew were infected, to Argentina, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, and Singapore. The worth of this medication totaled more than $4 million.

As unbelievable as this report may seem, I was able to trace an original article to the New York Times. Published on March 18th, 1987, it states, “Bayer A.G., the giant West German chemical company, said today that it had been sued over its sale of hemophilia drugs that may have been infected with the AIDS virus.”

It continues that Bayer representatives stated that fewer than twenty patients filed liability claims against the company, however according to a later article from New York Times, published in 2003, there’s no way of really knowing how many people were infected. Most patient records are unavailable, and since the AIDS test wasn’t developed until later in the epidemic, it’s difficult to pinpoint when foreign hemophiliacs were infected. However, in Hong Kong and Taiwan, more than 100 hemophiliacs were recorded to have contracted the disease after taking medication from the old batches.

Bayer officials, of course, stated that they had “behaved responsibly, ethically and humanely” in selling the infected medications overseas. This was after they had promised the United States regulators that they wouldn’t sell it at all. They had apparently continued to distribute the old medications for three reasons—some customers doubted the drug’s effectiveness, some countries were slow to approve sales, and due to a shortage of plasma, which is used to make the medicine, they were unable to manufacture more of the new product.

The medicine, Factor 8, was made using donated plasma from 10,000 or more donors. Since there were no screening tests for H.I.V. at the time, taking the medication was extremely risky. In the United States alone, AIDS was ultimately passed on to thousands of hemophiliacs who had taken the medication before the infected batches were discovered. Many of them have died, and the incident is now considered one of the worst drug-related medical disasters in history.

Even though Bayer admitted no wrong-doing, they’ve paid out around $600 million in settlements. The Cutter Documents—a few of which have surfaced in the media—were produced in connection with these lawsuits and outline the company’s corruption.

These are the most incriminating internal pharmaceutical industry documents I have ever seen,” said Dr. Sidney M. Wolfe, director of the Public Citizen Health Research Group.

The documents indicate that the federal regulators helped to keep the issue out of the public eye. Dr. Harry M. Meyer Jr. asked that the issue be “quietly solved without alerting the Congress, the medical community and the public,” according to Cutter’s account of a 1985 meeting between officials of the company and regulators.

No criminal charges have ever been filed, and Bayer continues to sell Factor 8 in its medications.



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    • I can’t believe pharmaceutical companies can sell this and still make money. And all drugs carry side effects that they know about before selling the drugs.

  1. missing something here… stating the “official” version, HIV is a virus that dies after a few seconds of exposure to air if it can’t stick to some human cells (blood, sperm, etc.); stating “unofficial” versions, HIV doesn’t exist/is not the cause of AIDS/has never been isolated (only traces of it’s RNA on T cells but never seen the virus itself). So whether we believe in the official version or the unofficial ones… how could it be possible for HIV to be transmitted through drugs?!

    • Factor 8 is a derivitave of plasma, meaning HIV can live in it. Hemophiliacs in Canada were infected with Hep B the same way (my ex included). I heard about the HIV in factor 8 a long time ago, not “new” news.

    • Contaminated hemophilia blood products were a serious public health problem in the late 1970s through 1985. These products caused large numbers of hemophiliacs to become infected with HIV and hepatitis C. The companies involved included Alpha Therapeutic Corporation, Institut Mérieux (which then became Rhone-Poulenc Rorer Inc., and is now part of Sanofi), Bayer Corporation and its Cutter Biological division, Baxter International and its Hyland Pharmaceutical division.[1] Estimates range from 6,000 to 10,000 hemophiliacs in the United States becoming infected with HIV.[1][2]

      Factor VIII is a protein that helps the clotting of blood, which hemophiliacs, due to the genetic nature of their condition, are unable to produce themselves. By injecting themselves with it, hemophiliacs can stop bleeding or prevent bleeding from starting; some use it as often as three times a week.[3]

    • Any blood products can harbor HIV. You can catch HIV if you receive an infected blood transfusion, blood plasma, or Factor 8 to treat hemophilia. You can catch it from a dirty needle, too.

      Remember Ryan White, the kid from Indiana who had hemophilia? He contracted HIV from infected Factor 8, the medication used to treat his hemophilia. Nowadays we test blood products for HIV, but they didn’t have the test until they knew what HIV was and were able to develop a test.

  2. It really is horrible that these people got infected after using this medication. But I’m confused how, if there was no test for HIV, Bayer or anyone else could have known the plasma was infected? They were using donated blood, there was no way to know a donor would have HIV, and no way to test the extracted plasma. They then gave it to people, and it later turned out it was infected. The article, however, which I assume is very anti -pharma biased, then claims they did this “knowingly”. If somebody can explain to me how they would have known then I will happily accept it, just a bit confused about this!

    • Exactly. I didn’t understand that either. Plus the company never admitted guilt but settled for $600 million regardless. Now what would be the alternative? Get rid of private ownership of the means of production?

      Get rid of capitalism, like so many here seem to be advocating? Well then who’s gonna come up with medicines such as these, the collective?


      They sold those products in US. People got infected. Reports were made. Scientists searched and found those products were contaminated. Bayer made new drugs for US and the Western World but they kept selling the contaminated ones in Asia and the Eastern World. Thus, they knew their products were contaminated with HIV and Hepatitis but they consciously sold them in Asia and Africa.

      +answer: Factor VIII is made from human plasma. HIV was “alive” in the drug due to the fact that it was made from a body fluid (which has cells -plasmacells etc.-)

  3. Did you know they also where the first company to create Heroin from Opium then mass market it to the united states in the early 1920s. Big Pharma. Heres something else know one taught you in school, The Rapid spread of the AIDS virus in the late 80s was due to the RED CROSS- there blood banks where contaminated and get this folks a group of doctors figured it out and when this was presented to the RED CROSS the Red Cross response was it would be too costly to retest all there blood supply and continued to give the American Public Infected Blood for another two Years. Why Don’t you know this and why do I? I study Disease Control and your history books wont tell you the whole truth.

    • How can this be so? Most donated red blood cells can be stored for up to 42 days. Five days – donated platelets. One year – frozen plasma. So how could they have this contaminated blood for two years? Not plausible.

      • Keeps didn’t say it was the exact same blood. The infected blood was not a one-off. They continued to use the same methods procedures and sources to accrue blood, for at least two years. How difficult is it to figure out that’s what was meant?

        Not only that but if they stockpiled the blood and it became mixed it wouldn’t matter anyway because said blood would perpetually be infected. I doubt that’s how it works but still. The point is they didn’t fix it until fixing it wasn’t a major inconvenience on profits. That’s the point, not that they where using the exact same pool of plasma for 2 years which as you mentioned isn’t even possible.

  4. I believe population control to be a direct inverse proportion to a universal computer linkage. The device accounts to sentient beings and if we go over number “X”, we are brought into that community. so just like business with a small island is a logistics issue, the issue being the “illuminati” loses control to a higher order if that contact is made. Just like any dictator run society, they hate to lose control.

  5. This is an incomplete story: Yes HIV was discovered in the blood supply and also identified in “therapeutic” drug products that were manufactured from donated blood and blood plasma. On January 4, 1983 the CDC met with manufacturers to ask them to stop selling aids contaminated plasma and drug products. The manufacturers refused to comply. When the CDC vowed to publish the mounting death toll in the Federal Register, the Reagan Administration suppressed the publication. Within the decade, ALL patients in the United States with hemophilia had either died from their disease, or from the AIDS contaminated drug therapy. An Estimated 20,000 American children died. — The disease was wiped out by the death of ALL the children. (Since hemophilia is a genetic disease, it returned when the next generation of babies were born.) This article only highlights that Pharmaceutical Manufacturers tried to ‘dump’ the contaminated drugs onto third world countries as the AIDs crisis grew. (- One rumor at the time was that Israel made specific attacks against the blood supplies in Arabic countries so that they would be replaced by AIDs contaminated blood plasma, but I have no evidence that actually occurred.)

    • Yeah, no evidence, so STFU and stop trying to spread anti-Israel propaganda.

      All the Israeli hospitals HELPING the scum terrorists (and their own citizens at the same time) and you have to perpetuate that sick BS? Nothing more than “blood” libel on your part.

      Thanks for your expert analysis based on a supposed rumor. GFY

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    It was no less then Francoise Barré-Sinoussi of the French Pasteur Institute who revealed the criminal intention of Gallo. And not only she became an Aids dissident but also the discover of the HIV virus Luc Montagnier disputed Gallo, the fake discoverer of the HIV virus.

    In their opinion the major bursts in the common scientific approach lies in its ignoring that the pathogenicity of the HIV indeed is governed by multiple deliberate environmental factors. And one of these determinant factors is the PCR test (Polymerase Chain Reaction Test).

    Using and extrapolation of these kind of techniques we can conclude that almost all persons who have HIV in their bodies, were purposely infected with this virus which can lead to Aids. Biowarfare scientists are able to made black-skinned people artificially susceptible for HIV or Ebola by using controlable diseases as a cover-up.

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    • For an author, you can’t spell nor do you know how to use punctuation, so as if anyone can believe a word you’ve said.
      Plus, as a mother who has had her child vaccinated, I’d like to know why she doesn’t have autism and again why don’t any of my eight siblings or myself who have all been vaccinated have any spectrum of autism???
      There is absolutely NO evidence to support or prove anything you’ve said about autism and vaccines!!
      There will be signs if a child has autism before they have any vacancies!!
      I feel that you are very irresponsible for writing such things!!!
      Plus, this article was not about autism and vaccines!!!

      • You didn’t capatalize Autism. You used three ‘?’ instead of one. How can you possibly expect anyone to take a word you say seriously? Someone who doesn’t know when to capitalize and how much punctuation (hint: It’s usually just one) marks to use at the end of a sentence sounds like someone who might just actually have Autism despite without even realizing it.

        Also, generally we don’t capitalize every letter of a word in the middle of a sentence. Go back to school, maybe they only graduated your kid because they felt sorry for someone who clearly has Autism.

        • Ohhh nooo, I forgot to delete a word and now one of my sentences looks very awkward, I must not know what I’m talking about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. This has been happening for years… well, not the HIV bit…… but where do you think our recalled birth control pills and others go?…. Africa, Asia… nothing is regulated and that’s how they get away with it…..Keep the poor impoverished and uneducated and the rich will get richer! That’s our world! I don’t buy prescription pills of any sort… unless you have a medical illness (where it is essential) people need to stop purchasing unnecessary drugs, Tylenol, vitamin supplements…. we are weakening our own biology with all this crap (that’s why every year they need to make strong version as your bodies get used to it, what happens if a dependent individual no longer has access to these things.. nothing good, I can tell you that !)….I am not the healthiest person ever, but there are so many more natural treatments to your common daily ailments. Say no to drugs kids! lol


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