Zombie World Near: Yale Scientists Use Mind Control Lasers to Turn Mice into Fierce Killers [Video]


The world is currently running like never before; everything is moving fast. Many science fiction movies released in the past have become a reality today. And we’re still advancing.

Observers have argued that there are some discoveries and inventions we are craving for today that might have dire consequences in the future. From genetic engineering to human gene editing, we are gradually getting to a stage where we could use a Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation (Laser) to control the mind regarding its function.

Scientists from Yale University in the United States have announced in a new study that they have been able to use lasers to control the minds of mice for the first time. The study was led by Ivan de Araujo, a neurobiologist at Yale. It has been accepted into the journal Cell.


The scientists said they transformed the harmless mice into killing machines with the flip of a switch, using lasers to manipulate the rodents’ brain circuit, turning on their predatory instinct.

Mice are mostly prey for larger mammals. But during the experiment, the mice became predators. According to the researchers, they used a laser light to activate two sets of neurons in the amygdale – the area of the brain affecting emotions, behavior and motivation.

The scientists said they set out to find whether the amygdala actually controls hunting behaviors, using a process called optogenetics. This involved adapting neurons so they could be activated by laser light.

Two sets of neurons in the amygdala were identified by scientists – one set was responsible for hunting while the other set was responsible for biting behavior. The scientists revealed that when the laser was switched on, they observed mice launch an attack against anything in sight, even inanimate objects, and began biting at them ferociously. But when they switched the light off, the mice returned to their normal calm state.

The scientists used objects such as sticks, bottle caps, animate bug-like toys, as well as live insects for the mice to attack. The scientists said they also observed that if one set of neurons were blocked, then only the other behavior was activated in the mice. For example, when they lesioned the neurons associated with biting and killing, the animals would pursue the prey but could not kill.

“We’d turn the laser on and they’d jump on an object, hold it with their paws and intensively bite it as if they were trying to capture and kill it,” said Araujo.

Araujo admitted that the deadly mice behavior has sparked analogies with the zombie world depicted in TV series ‘The Walking Dead’. A zombie is a fictional undead being created through the reanimation of a human corpse through a magical process during ancient times. However, modern depictions of zombies depict science fictional methods such as carriers, radiation, mental diseases, vectors, viruses, and scientific accidents among others.


The scientists said they need further studies to examine the relationship between the two sets of neurons and the sensory input in the amygdala to establish what triggers predatory behavior. They also hope to manipulate the brains of the mice more accurately in subsequent studies.

“We now have a grip on their anatomical identities, so we hope we can manipulate them even more precisely in the future,” Araujo said.


Don’t be surprised to hear soon that human beings have been used in laser mind control experiments, or that soon we have super-humans who do extraordinary things. Artificial Intelligence is also being pursued like never before, with robots now working among humans in heavy industrial corporations such as automakers. Is it likely with this latest discovery that we’re heading towards an era of competition between humans and machines? What are your thoughts on the human race’s position?

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  1. Laser mind control the NSA is already doing it without the consent of the victim and who ever speaks out against it is labeled as crazy and put in mental hospitals or they just vanish and go to court the judges finda reason to throw it out I can understand they want to advance but at what cost it’s costing lives the radiation causes brain cancers and other types of cancers and health problems that’s made to look like natural cause. It’s unethical to do something to someone’s mind without there consent and our gov think they have the rights to our body’s and minds in which they don’t and conducting test with out consent is abuse of power, no man should have that much power of another humans body and mind it goes against the constitution and our rights as Americans then President Clinton spoke out about this gov program and apologized to the American people and said the program would be dismantled but it wasn’t it just went further underground and became apart of national security so they won’t have to talk about it. There’s more to this program than just mind control, the NSA use it to track Americans and also bypass nerves to see and hear what the victim does they can see inside of your home privacy as we know it they have said the hell with it. There are thousands if not millions of people are victims of this technology and it’s a gross invasion of our rights to privacy and our thoughts are ours and don’t belong to some gov agency all these people doing test but they are not using the technology on themselves because they know it can kill and it has along with our gov trying to keep it a secret I have wrote to congressman Russell at first he was willing to investigate until he found out that I was a victim, yes I’m a victim of this gov agency and not able to fight them because no one has the balls to stand up against the gov and the media has been told not to tell our CV story’s, just like this it won’t be where people can see it it will go away so that no one will see it but that’s OK if you want someone knowing what you are thinking and doing 24/7 and then using your thoughts to blackmail you later, this technology that’s meant for good is being used for evil CV and the ones that say it’s VB OK they have nothing to hide is missing the point our gov don’t have the rights to invade my or your privacy in this way and without your consent without you knowing it and them knowing seeing and hearing all of your private moments I have been a victim for 8 long horrible years I have had my life threatened, I suffer from health problems I’m battling cancer all from this technology and the ACLU and others don’t have the balls to help me and others stand up for our rights this technology that the NSA have is called remote neural brain monitoring and mapping I would tell you how I found out that I was a victim of this horrible thing that’s ruined my life but I have already said enough don’t be surprised if my life is taken for what I have said my life has already been threatened and I wrote to congressman Russell for help to get the threats to stop like I said he was willing to help until he found out I was a victim I asked him why was he there if he wasn’t going to be for the people and protecting our rights that’s his job and doing investigations against agency’s that over step there authority but he now ignores me or should I say us like all the other people do because they are afraid to stand up forwhat’s right I’m poor I can’t afford to fight them by myself and they no that and they also know they can kill me and I wouldnt be missed. So the American people can stay stupid to the facts or know an injustice any where is an injustice every where

  2. The first picture is a GERBIL!!! Why do so many people look at a completely different species and just call it a mouse or hamster? ARRGGH!


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