Cancer Curing Doctor Found Shot Dead shortly after Govt. Raid on Clinic


In recent articles the use of cannabis oil (THC) has been explored in the treatment of seizure, proving with literature that the oil can have a drastic and positive impact on patient quality of life. Big Pharma companies and ‘sponsored’ medical practitioners would prefer you believe in pixie dust than alternative medicines. In recent times, the demonization of chiropractors has also been spotlighted, with the American Medical Association portraying them as quacks.

The suppression of medical science is a history backdating over decades. Coupled with the oddity of several medical researchers who were on the cusp of medical breakthroughs, meeting with unexpected and sometimes violent deaths, one’s curiosity is piqued, to say the least.

One such medical researcher was the pioneering Dr. Bradsheet, found floating in a river recently, with a gunshot wound to the chest. Dr. Bradsheet was working on a molecule called GcMAF, a little known but potentially groundbreaking cure for cancer, and treatment for HIV and autism.


Autism researcher and vaccine opponent, Dr. Jeff Bradstreet.

GcMAF is a naturally occurring molecule in the body, and has demonstrated its healing properties over multiple studies, with little side effects on the patient. As with all treatments there are pros and cons, but the pros in this instance seem to outweigh chemotherapy for instance, costing less than US$2000 for a full 24-week treatment that is witnessing over 85% success rates, prolonged remissions, cure, and what appears to be a life-long immunity after treatment in a high percentage of cases.

Dr Bradsheet’s death followed a raid on his clinic by the U.S. government confiscating his research on GcMAF and halting his treatment of his patients. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration had outlawed its use, calling it an “unapproved drug.” However, in dozens of countries around the world, including Japan, GcMAF is legally practiced and with outstanding results.

GcMAF has been hailed by those who use it as the “universal cancer cure.” The blood product (Globulin component Macrophage Activating Factor) can treat a range of conditions including HIV, autism, and Parkinson’s disease. Where endocannabinoids can be mimicked by the use of THC at a molecular level; the GcMAF works by stimulating the immune system and activating macrophages “so they can destroy cancer cells and other abnormal cells in the body.”

According to a FAQ page of a treatment clinic in Japan, GcMAF can treat the following diseases where there is immune dysfunction or compromise.

Screenshot (45)

In a world where cancer and other illness’ are a lucrative business, a potential miracle treatment like GcMAF can be seen as a threat. Laws such as the 1939 Cancer Act in the UK, which makes it illegal to discuss the possibility of curing cancer with your medical provider, become part of the medical world’s monopoly on profiteering from disease. Lives can be saved each year simply by repealing this Act, let alone providing further funding for GcMAF research and THC repeal of prohibition.

Six doctors on the East Coast of Florida were found dead in one month, most in similar circumstances: single gunshot wound. Although some of these cases have presented open and close cases, in the context of the above, too many questions remain unanswered. As for the case of Dr. Bradsheet, his family are calling for answers, most of which are falling on deaf ears.

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  1. How can you describe a group of people who let thousands of people die for greed? If I could leave this planet behind, with all it’s greed and stupidity, I would leave tomorrow and never come back!!

  2. Im not in agreement in regards Reference to the 1939 cancer act. Im not a lawyer but there does not appear to be any wording there that suggest you cannot talk about alternative cures for cancer. I believe the act prevents “quackery” where some persons may make claims to be be able to cure cancer. Simply protecting the desperate I believe.
    As for the rest. totally agree.

    • But can those words in that law be used to silence all…? If you’re a studied person like the Doctor in-front of you, you’ll both know what’s-up… If you’re a non-studied person that believe what you believe, then what?

      • doctors are not studied persons they are psychopaths that have sold there souls, pharmaceutical medicine’s do not cure people and add in the fact that many pills are now having fluoride put into them as a binder then you will see why I know doctors are psychopaths

    • what about all the drugs that are pushed on individuals and the doctor knows their illness is mental, but they give them drugs anyway, Expand please. I see it ll the time, Bipolar blanket diagnosis, let’s start there. Many people are diagnosed with bipolar after leaving their messed up marriages suffering from depression after never having an issue, raising kids etc. Biolar is a serious disorder and people are being given drugs upon drugs approved by the FDA for Quackdors to dole out like skittles , the benzo’s hooked forever because they can’t get off because of side effects, (JUST GETTING STARTED!) qauckdors FDA decides what is safe as we smoke cigs drink booze and get busted for health. I CALL BULSHT

    • I don’t know who wrote it, but most of the items there are there because the government agencies regulating such things say there’s not sufficient evidence or study proving each one works or doesn’t. The same government agencies that bend over backwards for big pharmaceutical companies, so it’s no surprise that they’ll try to say nothing works except what the drug companies make money off of.

    • good question as these are false :
      “The US National Cancer Institute has concluded, “At this time, there is not enough evidence to recommend that patients inhale or ingest Cannabis as a treatment for cancer-related symptoms or side effects of cancer therapy.”
      taken from the site of this institute : “More recently, scientists reported that THC and other cannabinoids such as CBD slow growth and/or cause death in certain types of cancer cells growing in laboratory dishes. Some animal studies also suggest certain cannabinoids may slow growth and reduce spread of some forms of cancer.”

    • Some societies wrote it…

      Or better, another professionally designed article with lots of so looking “proof”

      Be careful, when you find something on wiki, which it is related with cash or politics and or both combined.
      The Mass would never go on alternative theraphy, therefore there will never be any proof, as the amount is to small.

      See -> “there is no reliable evidence showing that homeopathic remedies can treat cancer in humans”
      Clean and straigth answer you think?
      NO,it means it is proven that cancer can be treated by homeopathy, or they would not add, in humans! Means nothing else as, with Animals it works as it should.
      This is called flower power language of sellers, that’s why I say the article is designed by professionals…

      oh, and I don´t know if its right or wrong, or if its a lie, my job is developing E-commerce pages, not medicine. And this article there, smells!

  3. I’m not surprised by anything from this rigged government ,murder included. Money is this countries God. You can’t turn on the TV or radio without incessant commercials ,someone selling something. All money crazy people trying to get into our wallets So when it comes to cancer ,with all the money the disease generates ,i’m not surprised at the greed . Every treatment should by studied .If the doctor claimed n 85% cure, well let’s see it .Gcmac should be in a controlled study for effectiveness.

    • Obviously the gov isnt going to fund nor allow the results to be seen for such studies. Ive been conducting some of my own research. I fully believe and back that things like this are happening unfortunately.

  4. We gonna ignore the fact that this guy thought that vaccines caused autism? Not a real doctor. So I’m betting that his medicine wouldn’t have even worked.

      • The hell? It would do wonders if you would investigate the sources disproving this claim – vaccines by far outweigh their potential side effects, and autism is certainly not caused by vaccines.
        If you are looking for the causes of autism, go research gut microbes.

        • Ridiculous, vaccines are just our govt controlling another aspect of our not so free freedom! Why dont most media professionals receive vaccines? Or let their families? Because they are aware fist hand of the disgusting end results of far too many unsuspecting individuals.

        • Fleure F, please continue your research, you will find that vaccines are indeed part of the problem, in that they damage gut flora, which then (as you point out) can cause physiological changes in certain individuals, contributing to the development of Autism Spectrum Disorder.

          • But have you ever had polio?

            big pharma can capitalize on dead people. so some good science has to come into play every now and again to make it all seem like its all good. Vaccines being one of the good sciences.

            Also, if you would look at the original researcher who did the vaccines cause autism study, you would see that he had no falsifiability. He used all test subjects who already had autism. there was no chance he could not find what he was looking for, therefore his study is invalid.

  5. The genocide already started here with the twin towers. There are not terrorists who did it. We have the tertorists inside the country. Wake up America!!

  6. Think on this….what would happen to all the cancer research centers in this country alone if just 50% of all cancers were curable ? Then extrapolate that to the rest of the world & you can see why our wonderful govt would NOT want a cure. These money grabbers are all in bed together.

    • In fact, here in Canada, 60% of all cancer diagnoise is “curable ” meaning that The deasease dies not kill you and you are at least 5 years with nothing relative To The cancer.

  7. Whatever the facts about this particular tragedy, we now live in a world where honesty and good intentions can land you in serious trouble, while unbridled self-interest and lack of conscience is frequently and generously rewarded. Take the examples of Tony Blair and Chelsea Manning for instance. A monetary fortune in the first case and lifelong misfortune in the second.

  8. I’m currently a patient and have had 4 rounds of chemotherapy. I only have 1 left but i don’t want to do it. I have been cancer free since my 1st treatment. I just wanna recover already and get past this. Chemo is no joke.. Any opinions???

    • Finish ALLLL the treatments, not just the last one … IF you wanna be cancer free for the rest of your life! that’s my most precious advice!

  9. Doctors that find cures for cancer have been disappearing since the 70’s and this was a special on TV back then! Do not make donations to the Cancer Foundation! What alarmed me the most was that this was televised and no one did anything about it. I tried to. I spoke with a very confident attorney and I was told to leave it alone because I had no idea of whom I was dealing with and that it’s just a money making industry that will never let anything or anyone put a halt to it.

    • Sooooo true, they already have enough money to last them and their family a life time, and cannot it to hell with them! Greed is a spirit! An evil spirit.

  10. If only there was a way, a medium to get this kind of information in the faces of every sleep walking American, wake people the heck up! Strength in numbers, they can’t murder all of us!

  11. They are murdering bastards and this has been going on since the 1920. DR.RAMOND ROYAL RIFE. READ THAT STORY AND KNOW WE HAVE BEEN SLAVES TO UNCARING GOVERNMENT. FOR DECADES. They profit from sick but not yet dead people and will continue to do so until we the people stop them. Doctors are just waking up to the fact (not all doctors though) and when they discover something that can cure cancer in this day and age are murdered out right just as they were in the 20s. Since government became into exsistance and before the elite of the world has been using people as pawns fome cures to disease, unnecessary wars, cover ups on a host of things, to technology that would provide free unlimited power without the use of fossil fuels (The Nicola Tesla Story) right down to who blew up the twin towers (which was Bush so he could start war in Iraq to get a foot hold base in there to get their OIL). GOVERNMENT IS NOT YOUR FRIEND THEY ARE SCUM AND ALL THEIR SECRESTS ARE THAT WHEN THEY’VE DONE WITH US AND THIS PLANET THEY HAVE THAT TECHNOLOGY TO ENABLE THEM TO LEAVE THIS DEAD WORLD!

  12. I can speak from personal experience, my wife has been afflicted with many health issues for the last 12 years. She has been from one medical specialist to another. None of them has been able to arrive at a final conclusion regarding her many problems. A few doctors said she may have MS, while others threw up their hands saying, I have no idea what’s going on with your wife. To make a long story short, I decided to use CBD, which is Cannabidiol. She doesn’t smoke the oil, but rather takes a couple spoons full, twice a day. The change in her has been remarkable. There is almost no THC within the CBD oil, therefore she does not experience the high which many people enjoy from the THC. Does the Drug companies endorse or recommend CBD Cannabidiol? NO, NO, NO!!! Why, because it cures,and they would rather keep you on their DRUGS for a life time, thus bringing in those BIG BUCKS.

  13. They have demonstrated this same thing for anyone who comes up with an alternative energy source. We will never advance as long as these greedy corrupt family driven institutions are controlling us without consequence.

  14. Jesus is the answer. He is hope for the hopeless.this world system is failing fast. You have noting to loose, try Him. Might as well start trusting Him.

  15. Maybe if we can elect Bernie Sanders and get national health care they’ll start examining cheaper (and safer more effective) treatments for cancer and many other health issues. It would be like legalizing pot, remove the obscene profit and that removes the crooks.

  16. Guys listen if governments wanted phaRMA companies to become too rich why wouod they have provided treatments for HIV aids for free tell me why there are around 70 million people with HIV who have to take drugs for their whole life and these anti retroviral drugs are provided for free .If rate of daily dose would have veen just 1 dollar the evryday benifit for them would have been 70 milliondollars a day

  17. The Quran the Bible ,,just man made books to control humans.. I don’t take to any of the religious BULLSHIT…Get rid of politicians and religion and the planet will have peace.

  18. Await On the Lord……HE Is WAITING IN PATIENCE…..You Will Be REdeemed…..I PRAY FOR YOU and YOURS…..Halos of Love……I