Alcohol Kills Nearly 3x Time More American Each Year Than Guns


One of the most contentious political debates in 2016 is the fight over the second amendment and gun rights. Every political candidate has been asked to weigh in over the topic and candidates are literally spending millions of dollars over this one issue alone. Recently Hillary Clinton produced a new campaign video which inspired this article:



“How many people have to die before we actually act?”

Mrs. Clinton is absolutely right. How many people have to die before America stands together and takes action? Last year alone nearly 88,000 people died in America as a direct result of excess alcohol abuse:

In comparison only 33,000 Americans died last year from gun related violence, including terrorism:

These statistics are no anomaly. If you do your own research a quick online search will show you that alcohol kills nearly 3 times more Americans each year then guns. Still not convinced? Did you know that alcohol is the number 1 underlying cause/factor behind crime in the United States:

Similarly a study conducted by drug experts shows that alcohol alone causes more harm to society than heroine, cocaine and marijuana combined:

So where is societies outrage? Where are all the millions of dollars in campaign contributions and television ads trying to save peoples lives from the dangers of alcohol? If people like Hillary Clinton are so concerned about saving American lives why does no one talk about this issue?

It might have something to do with the fact the alcohol tax reveue nets the Unted States government 9.6 billion dollars:

Where as firearm tax revenue only nets the government 123 million dollars:

So there you have it, morality in politics is quite literally bought. The more money something makes, the more its dangers can be ignored and swept under the rug. I am using alcohol as and example to show people how society can be brainwashed into following a false narrative by manipulative political tactics. America needs to open its eyes and wake up from the stupor. If you do not want to ban alcohol, but you support banning guns you have to seriously ask yourself why people feel so strongly about this in the first place? It is nothing more then misplaced morality instilled in society by corrupt and manipulative political campaigns.


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  1. Yea, and I don’t see any laws requiring background checks to deny alcohol sales to people who are assholes when they drink. I also haven’t heard any requests for a national database or federal registry on who possesses or drinks alcohol.

    • Yeah, instead its multiple men, with a bottles of gin, in cars, wiping out the kids, one head-on collision at a time.

      • Guns and alcohol are all problems that have to be dealt with… with a combination of laws, education, and mental health issues. It is a group effort and we have to start somewhere… unfortunately the media focuses on the talking heads…headlines….

    • Or 24 who died on a Church trip when a drunk driver hit their school bus head on in Carrollton, KY were not counted as school bus fatalities.

  2. GREENVILLE, SC—Insisting there is no way anyone else would be able to get ahold of the weapons in his home, local gun owner Kevin Williamson told reporters Thursday he always keeps his firearms securely locked away where only he can access them during a severe mental breakdown. “Owning firearms comes with serious responsibilities, which is why I store each of my guns in a locked safe,” said Williamson, who assured reporters that no one but him could open the tamper-proof steel box and access the firearms in the midst of an overwhelming period of emotional distress that engendered a blind, psychotic rage. “I keep the key on me at all times, so I’m the only person who can get to them [in the event that I suffer a full-scale psychological meltdown and channel my derangement into a violent, blood-soaked rampage]. No one but me is laying a hand on those guns.” Detailing the further precautionary measures he takes, Williamson told reporters he would have to retrieve the ammunition from a separate location should he ever need to use his guns to take out a wild, all-consuming fury on a crowd of innocent bystanders or his family.

    • It sounds just like the law that they have in New York State.

      Not only that, but you cannot leave a gun in a car trunk, even if it is a gun safe, if you leave the car. If you do, it is considered a felony that you will go to jail for 10 years. Ammo must be kept in a separate safe from any firearms…..I could go on for a week…

  3. “In comparison only 33,000 Americans died last year from gun related violence, including terrorism”.


    No one dsputes the harm caused by alcohol, but that does not justify the possesion and use of firearms by anyone.

  4. Feeble article, with specious, cart before the horse, conclusion. Most any reasonably literate person knows alcohol is a primary killer, both for negative effects on health and in precipitating bad acts. That is why the U.S. actually changed the Constitution to try to stop it’s use. After a decade of creating “a nation of scofflaws” and underworld empires, the Constitution was changed again. It was a noble, but failed, experiment. Knowing alcohol was here to stay the US then laden it with taxes, to recoup some of the costs to society that alcohol consumption creates.

    If members of Anonymous are serious about affecting positive change in the world (and I hope you are), you’re going to need to get your facts straight.

    • You state the facts are specious but you fail to state which facts are specious, nor do you cite sources that prove the facts are specious. Hence, your connect is nothing but empty rhetoric. I am interested in reading credible sources that substantiate your conclusion, if you would be so kind as to provide them.

    • Not really seeing you would then have a nationwide industry campaigning against it to their heads of state (and the last thing a politician wants to lose is supporters). Not to mention the longterm consequences of hindering the industry in regards to businesses, jobs, product quality and tax, so it has to more constructive.

      I think we can agree that guns need to be taxed more but alcohol is already highly taxed. Its difficult to start up any business in the alcohol industry because of all the expenses, procedures and taxes they must go through in order to initiate as well as maintain it. I know for one there is little money to be made in beer making, people do it for the passion.

    • LOL it just murders children in utero, in drunk driving accidents, in post partum depression, in rape, and pretty much every other negative action visited on children. Because Alcohol impairs judgement, and sometimes that impaired judgement leads to children being hurt or killed.

      Tax the fuck out of it, and tax guns. They should pay for the burden they place on society.

      • Alcohol is already highly taxed nor is it innately dangerous like guns but it can be dangerous in the wrong hands. I think trying to compare the two is absurd because then you’re just focusing on all the negatives things relating to alcohol when its serves a far greater purpose. Weapons are designed to inflict suffering whereas alcohol is designed to bring pleasure which is does for billions of people, but when mishandled can also bring suffering.

        • Massive double standard… guns are used for self defense and have on countless occasions saved lives. They also bring people together when being used for target shooting and competitions. Are you seriously going to say that alcohol serves a greater purpose just because people like to get hammered, yet more people die because of it?

          • An excellent response that people tend to not to talk about or just like to ignore. “comparing the two is absurd”…yet they bring up the positives of Alcohol trying to make it the “better” alternative that brings more joy/pleasure (LOL,LOL)…but yet ignores these same/different positive affects of firearms that you just mentioned. Of course the protection firearms have provided isn’t talked about much nor just the sport, in it’s self, that involves millions of people

    • No, but alcohol murders children while they’re walking to school, or walking home from school, or riding the bus to and from school, or riding the bus to and from school trips, or playing, or riding in a car with their families. And alcohol murders children when they become young adults and binge drink at universities and colleges (see the many annual articles about this epidemic, especially at MIT). Or maybe it’s not the alcohol but the people who choose to abuse alcohol. Just like with guns. Hmmmm.

  5. This is a really bad comparison. The person who wrote this lacks education. In order for this comparison to make sense, the number of people who own guns have to equal to number of people who owns cars. If you have 2 groups in comparison and one have a million people while the other has 10, you don’t want to quote the number of people killed but a ratio/percentage.
    Second point I want to make is that while alcohol has the potential to kill others when a person drinks and drives, most of the deaths by alcohol is self inflicted.
    Third point I want to make is how many of those killed by alcohol are school aged kids?
    fourth point is there are many more sensible countries in the world who had long banned guns while in those same countries alcohol is not.

    • To be fair, while I agree that the majority of alcohol related deaths are self inflicted, the same can be said of firearm deaths. Of the deaths caused by firearms, about 2/3rds are suicides. Lumping them in is a common way to inflate the numbers.

    • you did read the stats. over 1/2…actually around 60% or more of gun related deaths are suicide (ah, that’s self inflicted) so 60% of 34,000 (around 20,0000 of the 34,000) is an interesting number to think about…so a bad comparison mentioning the “self inflicted” issue doesn’t go far

  6. I think its just a poor attempt by Hilary to divert attention away from guns and a rather tedious article by someone who evidently doesn’t understand the value and cultural richness of alcoholic beverages such as beer, whiskey, mead, wine, cider and even cocktails.

  7. Alcohol itself doesn’t kill people unless you drink copious amounts of it and choke on vomit or die from alcohol poisoning. Doing stupid shit whilst drunk eg drunk driving and other activities such as that. If you drink alcohol responsibly such as drinking in amounts that isn’t dangerous or not doing stupid shit whilst blindly drunk.

  8. Alcohol abuse isn’t just drunk driving, So enough with the “alcohol didn’t go in a class room and kill children”. Teens and children die constantly from alcohol poisoning.

  9. This is a great discussion. The people who advocate for making guns illegal and not alcohol are being intellectually dishonest.

    If you live in a safe area you’re much more likely to be killed by a drunk driver then by a lunatic with a gun. In fact, more people are killed each year by drunk drivers than people murdered by people using a gun: about 10k to 8k respectively.

    Some people say that making this comparison is like comparing apples to oranges. Not correct. The people that are killed by drunk drivers are no different then those that are killed by lunatics with a gun. Neither group wants to be dead and are dead as a result of someone miss using a legal product. Ask the 10,000 families if they would feel any different if their loved one was killed by someone using a gun versus a drunk driver.

    The reason why you don’t hear the drum beat by liberal Elites to make alcohol illegal (to save lives) is because, quite simply, they’re fine with you giving up your rights to own guns but they’re not fine with them giving up their rights to drink. People killed by drunk drivers each year is an acceptable loss for them so they can enjoy their right to drink alcohol.


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