10 Countries That May Not Be Around In 20 Years



Top Lists created an interesting video, wherein it gives its verdict on which 10 countries may not survive the next two decades. This piece will attempt to examine the validity of its argument.

It should be noted that Top Lists does not seem to differentiate between events that could cause the end of a nation as it stands, and events that would only cause the overthrow of a government. These two are very different scenarios, and the assumption that the overthrow of a government would lead to the end of a country puts the cart before the horse- many countries have outlasted several governments, and indeed to some extent the election cycle of a Democracy  means the perpetual overthrow and reelection of a new incumbent.

10) Spain

The list starts with Spain, and it correctly points out the high debt to GDP ratio (93.9% in 2013, 86% in 2012), high unemployment rate, strong independence movement in Catalonia and Basque. There is a case to be made here, but it is likely that Spain would carry on being… Spain, even if it loses two regions.

9) North Korea

The video makes the assumption that at some point North Korea will need to leave its isolation because everyone else is much more technologically advanced than they are. This means that Kim, who cannot stay hip with the times, loses power.

However, as long as Kim receives the support of China, I doubt anything would unseat him, short of actual invasion.

8) Belgium

Cultural differences may play a role, with the South of Belgium being French-speaking. Calls have been made to have the south become independent, or join France. The north consists of ethnically Flemish people who also want independence- these people have allegiances with the Netherlands, not mentioned in the video.


7) China

Environmental destruction, pollution are supposed to bring about the end of China via social unrest according to the video- it should be noted that the end of the Chinese Communist Party does not mean the end of China, and thata the pollution angle is a superficial one.

China’s real cause for concern would be its restive Xinjiang province, Muslims in an otherwise secular nation. The sheer number of different ethnic groups that reside within. If cultural differences meant division, then that would be the cause of China’s end. China’s history is dotted with government overthrow and reallocation of power. As recently as 1916, a power vacuum in China led to its division between several warlord fiefdoms and rival governments.

On the other hand, all the ethnic groups have remained Chinese throughout China’s long  history- even when China had dissolved into warring factions, it would eventually be reunited into… China.

6) Iraq

Iraq was created by colonial powers without regard for the ethnic and cultural differences of its constituent people.- only Saddam was strong enough to keep the people together by using sheer brute force and oppression. Sunnis, Shiites and Kurds each have their own game plan and want their own faction to rule/ secede(in the case of the Kurds). With ISIS apparently working with the Sunnis, and the Kurds having a measure of autonomy, this apparent powder-keg could lead to the destruction of Iraq.

This one is already in the midst of being proven wrong, however- ISIS is currently being driven back by Russia, which has shown an interest in making sure that Iraq and Syria remain in one piece. Too much credit is given to “ethnic division” as being a root cause of  a country’s demise.

5) Libya

The video discusses the ethnic divisions between three factions in Libya as the root cause; this however, is not the main reason for Libya’s demise.

While Qaddafi was in power, Libya was one of the richest nations on the African continent. It was not ethnic divisions that unseated him but foreign intervention via NATO bombing and the arming of “rebels”.


ISIS isn’t a real country… anyway, apparently the US and Saudi Arabia are stated as threats to its existence… I would take issue with that.

The arrival of yet another “threat” is Russia, which more or less guarantees ISIS’s end by actually bombing it and not supplying it.

3) The UK

The Scottish independence movement… which has failed. Though wouldn’t the UK without Scotland still be the UK? Not much explanation is given as to why any other part of the UK would choose to secede.

2) The US

Tensions from the Civil War, and apparently the fact that hundreds of thousands of Americans have signed petitions to secede from the Union color this argument.

However, more pertinent and well-known points to note would be the growing rift between whites and blacks (income-wise, education-wise, and treatment at the hands of the police-treatment-wise), the growing rift between the rich and the poor as wealth gets redistributed upwards and the sheer level of debt the country possesses- 94.3% of GDP in 2012, higher than Spain’s 2013 number.

The growing police state counters this rift, and may be able to prevent greater division by suppressing dissent.

1) The Maldives

Swallowed by the ocean thanks to global warming, the only nation that actually (maybe) gets destroyed on this list.

Greece and Syria are obvious contenders for this top ten yet for some reason did not make the cut.

Sources:Top Lists, Global Research, Millitary

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  1. “Isis is working with the sunni and kurds”.
    “Russia is pushing back Isis”.
    Lol lol- hahaha haha

    Who needs Garfield, when we have CoNNs stories to read!!!???

    Thank you CoNN, you manage to make me laugh everyday with one of your stories.

    The one about russia pushing back isis was the best!!!!

      • Yes. Straight from the horses mouth….Putin.

        He himself admitted he is not there (syria) to fight isis. He is there for his own political gain…to ensure assad remains in power.

        Furthermore,actions speak louder than words. Who has russia been bombing?? The moderate rebels, of course. They have have gotten lucky and accidentally killed an isis member or two, but they certainly aren’t Moscow target. If that were the case, then what an embarrassment to the kremlin, that they can’t even hit their targets then, seeing as how BARELY any isis strongholds have been hit.

        Putin cries crocodile tears when saying he is in fear of isis and isis infiltrating russia. If he’s so scared of terrorists, then why the hell did he give kadarov so much power??? He is the worst terrorist of all…living in russia’s own backyard….WITH PUTIN’S BLESSING!!!!

        Come on…you may fool some, but you can’t fool us all.

        Even you guys know the truth but are too stubborn to admit it.

        You guys may think I’m just some stupid blonde American girl, and that fine. Truth be told, my grandmother is russian, I know first hand how fucked up and corrupted it is there….hence why my grandmother fled!!!!

        Russia is not your friend, my friend. Russia has been harboring dark feelings since the cold war and is only now finally executing those unresolved feelings.

        My husband is Armenian and has been lied to his whole life by russia (master liars), claiming russia is on armenians side, but then came to find out, that russia , the WHOLE time was supplies Azerbaijan with weapons and intelligence. The same group that russia claimed they were protecting Armenia from!!! How can anyone trust what putin says….because he does the opposite! So believe me, when putin says he’s bombing isis, you can bet your ass he’s bombing everyone except isis.

        I strongly urge anyone here from an ex soviet country to watch out! Putin wants your country back, that is his agenda and thst is exactly what he is slowly trying to execute. The very thing that you all fought with your lives for freedom from…he’s coming to take back.

        Putin is smart…I’ll give him that. Too bad it’s wasted on such evil though.

        • jeannette can u pls tell me how u can tell that ISIS is a sunni kurds?? they are clowns of americans cia former agents if u know supported by isreal is just a drama they are playing against muslims

          • Are you kidding me??? I don’t even know where to begin to explain to you how ridiculous your theory is. “Isis is supported be israel”?? Come on, really? The Jews hate everyone that isn’t jewish!! That’s so lame, Jews aren’t supporting isis.

            And as far as isis being crated by the US…well, thats even more inconceivable than the Jews supporting isis. You really think americans are supporting isis??? Really???
            Where do you get your logic from??…just because that’s what russian propaganda TELLS you to believe, so believe it?? Or are you basing it on the fact that America weapons are is isis hand?? If that’s the case, then you MUST claim that russia is supporting isis as well, seeing how they are in possession of russian weapons as well!!!

            No one side directly armed isis. The bastards stole those weapons and ammunition, from any side they could get their filthy hands on.
            But just keep watching russian media and turn you brain to mush even more. Russian bullshit propaganda has so many brainwashed! It’s beginning to be more concerning than isis itself!!!

            And yes, russia is definitely more corrupt than the US (not that it’s anything to brag about, don’t get me wrong), but russia is definitely worse than the US. What putin is doing to his country is, well, to be honest, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry for the Russian people. They are either too ignorant or too scared to speak up about what putin is doing!!! Putin is a dreamer!! He’s old and already has one foot in the grave anyway so what does he care what happens to russia in the next 20 years….he’ll be long gone!!! He’s going out with a bang at the expense of the Russian people!!! He’s trying his last ditch effort to rebuild his commie soviet union! He wants all those counties back in russia’s orbit under russia’s controll. But guess what???…it’s only just a dream. It’s NEVER going to happen!!! He’s been trying this shit with Armenia for years, but he doesn’t realize, even though aenia is a weaker country with a weak economy…what Armenia lacks economically they make up for with pride…with heart…and with strength!!!
            He lost armenia, but that’s not stopping him!! Watch out Latvia…he’s coming for you next!! But take a page from the armenia playboy and you will be just fine!!! Fuck putin…but God bless the poor oblivious russian people putin is fucking!!!
            Because of stain russia has a bad repitation. Then Gorbachev kinda earned repeat back from the American people, then fucking putin fucked it all up again. Now russia has a pathetic reputation amongst the American people.
            Good job pooptin!!!

            Oh yeah, and thanks for showing your two faced lying ass when it come to Azerbaijan!!!! You also lost all credibility amongst the armenian people as well….keep up the good work pooptin!!! Your people will be paying for your mistake long after you are gone!!!!

        • This is 2015 and Putin is not the bad guy. I am not sure where you are getting your information from. When you say your husband has been lied to by Russians – it doesn’t make sense. If he works in the CIA or some high ranked official in the government, it makes sense – but if he is working in a grocery shop with Russians and they lie to him, then that’s not a valid argument against putins motive. Similar to your Grand mother story. Russia was corrupt ages ago but that is not the case now ( I feel personally). If Every one were to live thier lives according to grandmotheres stories and judge the world then the British and Germans are trying to conquer the world, and US is a land of Freedom. Maybe I am wrong but the Underground media and videos point the other way. US and Saudi Arabia is the cause for all this ISIS and Wars to gain control of Gas / Fuel supplies and there is a lot of things that Media doesn’t tell the world about this.

          • Denver, please don’t tell me they have brainwashed you too???

            Yes…Putin is bad. Putin is the epitome of evil.

            Wow, I wonder how many starving russian families putin could have fed with the money he’s paying all these kremlin trolls to brainwash the world.

          • Really??
            Out of all the questions you could have asked me, that’s the one you’re going with???

            We are many.

            Satisfied now?

        • Ofcourse Putin needs to make sure Assad remains in power, caz the US made all shit ISIS to make sure that he will not. So that the US can take over Syria. US is the fault for every god damn wars going around. What was US doing all these years in Syria, nothing but bombing Civilians and Hospitals. And it’s on a month Russia is in Syria and 60% of ISIS is destroyed. There’s more to it.

  2. There is another region in Spain that also wants independent and have a big independent movement and actually the only armed terrorist group, this region names GALICIA. Another reason

  3. Belgium? seriously dude?!? ‘- these people have allegiances with the Netherlands’wtf are you talking about? flemish people don’t really like dutch people, we’re much more closer to walloons than to the dutch. Our country is never going to split because Flemish people and Walloons always have been connected whit each other and they both realize that…

    • Becoase my friend greece will bring back what its stolen from Maconians,u know wery well what and how… If need we take it with force…

    • Because their economy is on the brink of collapse? Because the citizens want to leave the EU and they’ve been duped into voting in a government who they thought would protect them from austerity and then ignored the result of the referendum to leave the EU. Something has got to give there. I think about hope their is a socialist revolution that then spreads across Europe and eventually the world.

  4. American negros are a bunch of worthless subhumans. They bring destruction to wherever they go. The more of them you have, the worse the problem. The worst idea in history was making slaves out of them retarded apes. The second worst idea was keeping them here after the civil war and sending their stinking asses back to africa.

  5. I object to the cynical tone of this piece and its objectionable and loose use of the word “countries” and the title “10 Countries that may not be around in 20 years” without definitions. Whether or not governments exist, the people of Spain, Belgium, China, Korea, the US, the UK, and the Maldives will obviously be around in 20 years.

  6. You forgot to add the Former Turko-Albanian Undemocratic Republic Of Greece and Kosovo (Independent part of Serbia occupied by Albanians) to the list.

  7. yo people being a Scottish man here and also being dyslexia. who ever has made this then posting on this web site need to go learn

    Main point UK is not a country, so as titles says at the top we should not even be listed, Scotland was a country before the UK came about. Be very long time before the others will leave the UK. yes I understand Scotland might be 1st, the biggest problem we going have to deal with main stream media, UK government and BBC other media companies lie to everyone, about what would happen to Scotland if we left. Then we got some silly american person who party’s on 4th july, oooo MR Obama tell the world yeah Scotland should stay in the UK, the only reason is cause we early nuke alarm for USA, oi we got nukes here to in Scotland which UK tory right wing government going rebuild nuke system where we buy them from the USA come on wake up world.

    next going say sorry just have a lot passion for our freedom better world to live in, get away from corrupt governments which found myself 30 odd years being here on earth is UK, USA.

    take care best wish not meant to offend it just way I have seen this life world we live in.

  8. Salam

    It is absurd, when seeing these kind of recognition on issues. Why is not zionism mentioned in the research or saudi arabia, both was created by britain

    And why are they fooled, by making isis so big, they are the same as al-qaeda and some taliban extremists that joined them, and we know al-qaeda and some taliban are wahabi and salafi with their mindset fruition in saudi. Look, when Russia went in Syria they did so much effort in one week, that US would not do in one year, because US support them and if they call for duty it is a joke war.

    The end of the Illegitimate Zionist regime israel in 25 years. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hzXAz3M7HsQ


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