How Social Engineering Hacked the C.I.A


This article is a follow up to the story of a young man who who used social engineering to hack the email account of the director of the Central Intelligence Agency. The video below features an interview with the man who has been credited with obtaining classified information about the CIA, White House, President, Iraq and Syria. For someone facing potential treason charges, he seems calm. Going on the say he wants to “go to Russia with Snowden and Chill.”



In my background I am familiar with cold reading; the ability to gain information about someone with out them realizing they have told you anything. It was not until very recently, within the last two weeks, that I heard about a new term referred to as social engineering. This is essentially the ability to manipulate people to execute a hack on your behalf.

As you can see from this video and from many other stories it appears that social engineering is the next evolution of computer hacking and identity theft. What is more ambiguous then a con artist using social engineering as an end to a means? They are using people within an agency/company against itself. The people being socially engineered are not even aware they are doing anything wrong. This is a scary scenario to think about for anyone who owns a business.

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  1. Wow, this site has really gone .

    From blatent copying entire articles form other sites (see “New Zealand Now Recognizes ALL Animals As Sentient Beings!”, copied from ‘True Activist’), to fear porn, to thinking that social engineering is a new hacking form.

    It is THE OLDEST form of hacking.

  2. Should do an article on how the CIA, FBI, and every other alphabet soup agency socially engineered “Anonymous” to do their bidding in helping hack and overthrow certain foreign governments, as well as running a social media propaganda campaign influencing everyone, they could, not only what they were doing was “right”, that it was a true organic social justice movement in doing so.

    One only has to look back at the foreign government targets of “Anonymous” alongside the nations our government helped overthrow or “regime change”. The only difference was the original country “Anonymous” went after, Bahrain, which happens to be an ally was not slated for “regime change” as a matter of official U.S. government policy…

    Idk, the movement was cool until you could tell Sabu was turned or a Fed himself, and your sitting their in the private IRC chats telling the same people entrapped by him and the Federal Government later what was going on only to be ignored. Actually might have started showing it’s flaws as it was calling for the overthrow of Egypt only to watch the Muslim Brotherhood takeover.

    Wonder if those stupid script kiddies ever saw the before and after pictures of the countries they were helping go to war with? Wonder if it ever dawned on them a large portion of the “movement” was infiltrated and became a free proxy army for our government? Guess you would have had to found the links between certain specific “Anonymous” websites and CIA sites to really appreciate it. “Radio Payback comes to mind, but it was memory-holed so fast after I pointed that out and proved it.

    The point is the Federal Government got deep into manipulating “Anonymous”, and they haven’t quit, and at this point anything claiming to be a part of “Anonymous” just feels like a dirty tainted ad campaign to sell masks for Warner Brothers and DC Comics.

    Oh and the site is milquetoast and dated at best, just really lame, obviously not directed at any demographic that knows sh!t about sh!t in regards to “Anonymous”.

  3. Straight up knowledge reaper, straight out your brain mofacka. Evolution. Guess what chicken butt bitch. PYYYAAAA CHI CHI CHI CHI CHIA.


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